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There are many different types of people who rent furniture, especially when in temporary living situations, and Signature Furniture Rental appeals to the many individuals and groups who value their time and don’t want to sacrifice style or comfort.

Stylish Furniture for Professionals
Furniture rental can be a great resource for those with a taste beyond what IKEA offers and who desire elegant and functional pieces of furniture for a shorter period of time. These unique individuals fall into several professional categories: executives, contract professionals, athletes, grad students, visiting professors, entrepreneurs, members of the military and medical professionals to name a few. Furniture rental is also ideal for extended stay vacations or already furnished vacation homes that need extra pieces to accommodate a larger group.

Corporate Furniture Rental
Companies hire corporate housing professionals to handle the temporary housing needs of their traveling or relocating employees and they love working Signature Furniture Rental. An apartment or house is rented for their relocated or transferred employees which makes purchasing furniture a hassle, especially when the locations are hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

Insurance Housing
Insurance housing professionals, working with a home insurance company, arrange temporary housing with rented furniture for families affected by natural disasters while their homes are rebuilt, allowing them to return to a sense of normalcy. We can assist in the process by providing quick delivery of full furniture packages that have everything a family needs after an unfortunate natural disaster.

Residential Furniture Rental
While the furniture rental industry mainly targets temporary residences, new Southern California homeowners also use the services provided by Signature Furniture Rental. When buying a home for the first time new homeowners who don’t have the resources to properly furnish a new house rent furniture for a few months while they settle in. Transporting old furniture items can be far more costly than the items are worth and relocating to an unfamiliar area means not knowing where to get the best new furniture. Homeowners who aren’t comfortable investing in cheaply constructed furniture or purchasing risky used items find a temporary solution in renting furniture.

Similarly, real estate agents and homeowners rent furniture to help a house sell faster using home staging techniques. Making a house look its best with newer, more modern rented furniture can work wonders, especially compared to old, outdated furniture or an empty house.

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