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The Benefits of Renting Furniture

Renting furniture has its advantages when it comes to cost, quality and time. Whether you’re planning on selling furniture or just moving for work, read how you can benefit from furniture rental.

The Hassle of Moving
If you’re moving because of work, you will probably be wondering how to move all of your furniture and if you need to sell any of it. You may also wonder if you should just store it somewhere and buy new furniture for the move, especially if its only a temporary thing. This means postings ads, having potential buyers come by to look at your pieces and fielding phone calls or emails. Moving furniture means renting a Uhaul or hiring a company to transport it for you and buying new furniture means spending more money.

Signature Furniture Rental can provide all the furniture you need in your new home or apartment without you having to worry about how it will get there or what you have to buy. We deliver furniture across all of Southern California and you can schedule delivery any time.

Companies love to rent furniture with us for similar reasons. Rather than sending a delegate to furnish the employee’s temporary home or hiring a costly interior designer, a company can easily order furniture from our catalog online, schedule the delivery date, and have everything set up before the employee arrives. When the employee contract or apartment lease is up, the furniture goes right back.

Renting Furniture to Sell a Home
Furniture can set the mood of a room or home and real estate agents know this. That’s why they use Signature Furniture Rental for home staging before placing it on the market, because high quality furniture will help the home sell faster and often at a higher price.

Quality Furniture Means Quality Comfort
Traveling executives may need furniture that welcomes clients and makes them feel at home instead of feeling like they’re in a hotel room. Traveling nurses want to relax at the end of their long days and they need comfortable furniture to rest. Anyone who finds themselves in a temporary living situation deserves great furniture and Signature provides just that.

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