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Home Staging with Furniture Rental

Regardless of what the economic landscape is like, furniture plays a major role in the overall impression of a house for sale. Home staging with rental furniture that looks great can help a house sell more quickly and at a higher price. Unless a home already has stylish, classic furniture pieces in every room, Signature Furniture Rental can be a major asset to a home seller or real estate agent.

Rented Furniture Appeals to Home Buyers
Seeing classy, contemporary furniture pieces in a home can influence the potential buyer to make a higher offer more quickly. It’s a tactic commonly used in models of new tract developments, and it’s effective for a reason: prospective buyers see the chic and tasteful furniture and imagine themselves living there. High end furniture subtly implies a simple, comfortable lifestyle the future owners will want for themselves, encouraging them to see enough value and appeal in the house to make an offer.

Higher ROI with Signature
Using Signature Furniture Rental for home staging, especially when compared with the price a home can fetch, makes for a potentially high return on investment. We’ve been part of the process since we began and we’re happy to show you how your home could benefit from great looking furniture.

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