Top 10 Most Bizarre Couches

The living room is the focus point of any home when it comes to furniture and often times the couch is the centerpiece.

Any time you have guests over or just want to relax, chances are that’s where you’ll end up. So what happens when people take their couches to the extreme? They end up on our list of the Top 10 Most Bizarre Couches.

10. Coin Sofa

Penny Couch

9. Climbing Wall Couch

Climbing Wall Couch

8. Folding Couch

7. Cactus Couch

6. Spider-ish Sofa

Spider Sofa

5. Bike Seat Sofa

Bicycle Seat Sofa

4. Pig Couch

Pig Couch

3. Toothbrush Couch/Bed/Thing

Toothbrush Bizarre Sofa

2. Stuffed Animal Couch

Stuffed Animal Sofa

1. Giant Kitty Couch

Giant Kitty Couch

Which of these gets your vote for the strangest sofa?

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