Five Tools Every Home Stager Needs

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In order to make the home more appealing to buyers, some folks often hire a professional home stager but you can also D-I-Y if you’re not a home stager. Either way, here are five tools every home stager needs to get that ‘For Sale’ posted sooner rather than later:

  1. Cool Coasters Purchase some furniture coasters to help move furniture around so you don’t overexert yourself. You know that heavy sofa will likely have to be moved more than once, and coasters can help you move sofas, tables, and chairs easily. They’re also inexpensive and usually available at your local hardware and home goods stores.

  2. Quick Touch-Ups Touch-up markers are great for doing just that, a quick touch-up on table scratches, cabinet chips, and other notable and unsightly marks on furniture. They are similar to a felt-tip marker and are available in various shades to match most furniture. Find them at  hardware and home goods stores.

  3. Wire Brushes If you live in Southern California then you know many cities here have hard water and often leave behind ugly calcium deposits. Showers, bathroom and kitchen fixtures like sinks are often coated with a white film or sometimes even a turquoise-colored caked deposit. Use small wire brushes to clean up drains and other areas of the home that have been plagued with calcium and deposit leftovers.

  4. Tool Box. Have a good set of tools that include a hammer, screwdrivers, an all-purpose tool, tape measure, nails and general screws. You never know when something is going to break at the last minute and will need a quick repair.

  5. Aromatherapy. You always want the house to smell nice but not like a perfume factory. Make sure you have on hand air fresheners with light scents or those plug-in types that release a spritz of freshness every so often without overdoing it.

Staging a home to look its best can definitely help when it comes time to put a home on the market. You can also pick up additional accessories and furnishings if you run short on your own from places that specialize in staging materials.  Before you know it, your home will be sold and you’ll be packing up to start your new life in brand new digs.

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