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Office Furniture Planning for Maximum Productivity

Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

Office Furniture Planning for Maximum Productivity

Having the right office furniture can really boost work productivity in ways you may not have considered. A little office furniture planning can do tons for the comfort and morale of your team, and can boost the professional appearance of your workspace as well. Here are some tips and guidelines when selecting and arranging office furniture:

Office Furniture Planning Top Tip: Consider Ergonomics

A common feature of all office furniture is that you’re likely to use it very frequently and in a repetitive manner. Think about it: you’ll probably be spending a great deal of time in the same chair and workstation for most of the week. Thus, you’ll want to make sure that your chair, desk, and computer are especially set up to support your health.

Consider ergonomics, which is the way that your furniture and items cooperate with your posture and natural body movements in the most physically efficient way. For instance, you should opt for the chair that feels most comfortable over a more decorative piece that only looks nice.

Office Furniture Planning for Maximum Productivity

Utilize the Functionality of Office Equipment

Rolling and swiveling chairs aren’t just fun to sit in; they can actually be very useful when you’re navigating around your desk. Make sure to select office furniture that is functional as well as beautiful. In addition to ergonomics, many office furniture items are made in ways that make office work easier. An example of this are desks and computer stations that have adjustable monitor height capabilities. This allows you to go from sitting to standing or other height levels as you please.

Create an Invigorating Work Atmosphere

Nothing will put a drag on productivity more than a drab, cluttered, or unsightly office. You might not realize it, but having old, worn furniture or unpresentable items in the office can seriously put a damper on the team’s work spirit. Maintaining a bright, cheery office vibe is important for day-to-day operations (not to mention professionalism and presentation when meeting with clients).

You should do your best to keep all furniture in proper upkeep, and to update your style occasionally to keep the place from being too stagnant. Also, choice of color and adequate lighting are very important for productivity.

Office Furniture Planning for Maximum Productivity

Work With Negative Space

The concept of negative space is commonly used in visual arts like drawing and painting. This is where the eye sees the patterns that are created in between the drawn objects and lines. You can also use negative space when arranging office furniture to maximize work productivity.  For instance, having a smaller, more streamlined desk can help you create negative space patterns and make room for larger items such as bookshelves and more seating.

As you become more advanced in working with negative space, your eye will naturally begin to see shapes and patterns in the negative space. For instance, the corners of desks might form a triangle, or you might see a rectangle emerge as negative space. Use this to your advantage to create aesthetically pleasing designs for the office!

Interior design and decoration for offices should be both artistically pleasing as well as efficient in terms of function. If you need additional insights or options for your business, contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental. We have tons of furniture packages and items for rental, and our team loves helping people reach their goals for both home and office.


Work from Home in Style: The Best Home Office Tech

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

There is no doubt about it, working from home is great and it’s getting better every single day. That’s because of the ever growing number of home office gadgets being devised every single day that are making working from home more productive, more stylish, and (most importantly) more fun. So it’s time to up your home office game and work from home in style with the best home office tech for every type of worker.

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How to Create a Calm Office Environment

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

As anybody who has tried it can attest, getting work done at home isn’t as easy as you think it would be. Endless distractions, household clutter, and sub-optimal workspaces all contribute to stress and anxiety in your home office. Luckily it doesn’t have to be this way and having a relaxing home office is within reach if you take the right steps. Read on to see our easy tips for how to create a calm office environment in your home:

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Monday, August 25th, 2014

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As the summer draws to a close, it means it’s time for college and university life to start back up again. Now you might be disappointed in knowing that returning to college life means you have to put down the hot dogs and beach towels and pick up the ramen noodles and Dave Matthews band posters. But we have a surefire way to make sure your transition back to scholastic life is fun and easy. We’ll show you how to get ready for the new semester with a new workspace! (more…)