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April Shower Decorations for Homes and Parties

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

April Shower Decorations for Homes and Parties

A very popular theme around this time of the year is “April showers.” This is an excellent month to infuse your decor themes with all things rain- and shower-related. Also, the April showers theme is a fun backdrop for literal shower parties, such as baby showers. Decking out your home with April shower decorations is fun and easy. Here are some ideas you can try out:

Clouds With Raindrops April Shower Mobile

A simple April showers decor project you can make is a clouds + raindrops hanging mobile. All you need is a cluster of white balloons filled with helium, string, and some cutout raindrops to hang from the balloon string (the balloons will represent a rain cloud).  If you’re decorating for a party, you can also hang a sign from the mobile that says “Baby Shower” or another appropriate message. White tissue craft paper also works very well if you can’t get a hold of balloons.


Umbrellas are a perfect decor item for April showers themes. For decor, you can place brightly colored umbrellas in different places to add a showery feel. For more subtle, playful effects, you can outline or cut out silhouettes from construction paper. These can then be pasted on backdrops, used for table decor, or pasted in other places, like on give-away bags.

Note: Make sure your umbrellas have a curved “J”-shaped handle. This is what distinguishes the umbrella as a rain umbrella as opposed to sun parasols, which often have straight handles.

April Shower Decorations for Homes and Parties

Rain Boot Vase

Rain boots are another iconic symbol of the rainy season. A popular trend these days is the ceramic rain boot vase. These can be used as lovely centerpieces when you fill them with your favorite flower. They also look good outside on the porch or in the garden. You can use either one boot or both boots, and they sometimes come in miniature sizes for versatility.

If you can’t find a ceramic version, you can also make a DIY version out of actual boots! Kids’ sizes work particularly well for this type of DIY project, and ribbons will add a classy touch to the piece.

Cloud Cupcakes

A popular food decor item for spring parties is cloud cupcakes. Here, the frosting on the cupcakes creates a visual representation of fluffy clouds. You can use any flavor or color for the base cupcake, but we recommend going with sky-themed colors such as blue. For added pizzaz, you can place some rainbow candies or rainbow sprinkles on them as well.

April Shower Decorations for Homes and Parties

Rainbow Highlights and Accents

Speaking of rainbows, you can’t go wrong with rainbow decor to liven up your place. In this regard, there are a ton of ways you can incorporate rainbows into your April showers themes. Here are a few:

  • Rainbow candle decor
  • Paper mache rainbow wraps around posts and sign poles
  • Rainbow cutouts
  • Rainbow streamers
  • Multi-colored rainbow confetti

You can use these rainbow options as either the central theme or as highlights and accents. They work really well as finishing touches, but either way, they look great!

We trust that you’ll have fun using these April shower decoration ideas. Whether for a party or for regular home decor, these items and ideas can really liven up your place. If you need more extensive home options, contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental. We have furniture rental items and packages that can help you achieve the look for your home that you’ve always wanted.


Spring Themes for Awesome Indoor and Outdoor Decor

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

Spring Themes for Awesome Indoor and Outdoor Decor

Spring season is here! The spring season kicked off officially on March 20, which marks another important transition time for home decoration themes. Now is the time to clean out the house and incorporate all-new spring themes for your bedrooms and common areas. Here are some spring decorating ideas to get help you welcome in the new season:

Failproof Spring Theme: Flowers and Blossoms

Out of all the spring themes, flower themes are the most iconic. Nothing says “springtime” more than simple flowers like sunflowers and daffodils. The highlight of the spring season is when flowers come to bloom, and this should be reflected in your decor choices.

For instance, you can opt for floral pillowcase patterns for your living room throw pillows, or pick out some breezy flower-themed sheets for the bedrooms. Of course, you can’t go wrong with using real, actual flowers as centerpieces and accents in various places around the home!

Watering Can Decor

For springtime, your decor should make use of garden-themed items and tools. A perfect one to use is a watering can. These make excellent indoor decoration items, especially if you paint them over with a pastel hue. For a more vintage look, go for a turquoise or dark green paint job. They also make surprisingly cool pots for placing flowers in, especially taller ones like tulips.

Spring Themes for Awesome Indoor and Outdoor Decor

Ladybugs for the Kiddies

Ladybugs are another iconic symbolism of springtime, as they emerge in great numbers during the spring months. Many believe that ladybugs are good luck, especially if one lands on you. They represent the outdoors, blossoming flowers, and the cheery disposition associated with spring.

Ladybug-themed decor works especially well for children’s bedrooms and nurseries. You can make cartoon-like cutouts for wall decor, or get some bed covers with ladybug designs on them for the kids.

Birdhouses for Indoor and Outdoor Decor

Birds are another staple image of springtime. All things bird-related will do well as decor items, especially those related to the smaller, chirpier bird varieties. In particular, birdhouses make for some great decor items. You can paint them pastel or bright colors to signify spring, and maybe pair them with some bird nest decor as well.

Birdhouse decor goes well indoors, especially smaller ceramic models; they make great decor outdoors as well, and of course can be functional if you’d like them to be.  

Spring Themes for Awesome Indoor and Outdoor Decor

Bright and Sunny Yellow Hues

For overall decor themes, the color yellow is an outstanding springtime color. It adds a dash a vibrancy and shine to any room. Even just a dab of yellow will provide the space with a happy, free feeling. A favorite DIY project is to paint a dresser or a small nightstand yellow for the spring season. For the bathroom areas, yellow towels and throw rugs, along with some lemon scent, can really freshen up the room.

Window Treatment Decor

Finally, don’t neglect the window areas in your home, especially in the kitchen and the dining areas. Now is the time to remove the heavy drapes and replace them with lighter, more breezy window decor. This will let more light into the room and allow you to take advantage of the extra spring sunshine, especially now that Daylight Savings has kicked in.

As the days get warmer, make sure your home reflects the new life budding all around you. If you have more extensive home decoration and design needs, contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental. We have complete rental packages and individual items to help you round out your new spring look. Get in touch with us today for all-new options for your home.

The Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas for Dining Decor

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

The Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas for Dining Decor

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon! Are you ready for the big date? For many, staying in and dining at home is becoming more and more of a hot trend. It makes sense — why wait in lines and deal with all the other lovebirds when you can relax in the comfort of your own place? If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day ideas for dining decor, look no further. We’ve got you covered!

Read on to learn how to decorate to impress and create a lovely, beautiful evening to remember with your significant other.

Fancy Diningware is a Must

Now is the time to break out your absolute best in diningware. Think about it: you only have a few special occasions throughout the year that warrant your absolute best in China and place settings, and Valentine’s Day is one of them! No matter what the main entree is, presentation is everything. Even a humble dinner menu will certainly benefit from top-quality diningware and place settings.

DIY Custom Candles

Candles symbolize a number of things when it comes to couples. They can symbolize the light of love and the warmth of affection. To make your expressions stand out, try your hand at some DIY candles. You can make your own shapes, designs, and colors to create your own unique expressions of romance.

If you’re not feeling as adventurous, or if you’re pressed for time, you can always opt for more traditional candlesticks. The point is, don’t skip out on these dining table essentials — they’re practically mandatory.

The Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas for Dining Decor

Classic Red Roses

Like candles, these are also pretty much a given for Valentine’s Day dining decor. Classic red roses are failproof; you can also complement these with other colors, such as pink or white roses. Some ways to use roses:

  • Create a centerpiece with a bouquet of red roses
  • Lay down a single rose on top of a card or love letter for added touch
  • Sprinkle some rose petals around the plates or placemats

The Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas for Dining Decor

Personalized Wine Bottles

Wine is definitely an enjoyable aspect of Valentine’s Day dining. Besides pairing with your entrée of the evening, your wine choice can actually be a part of your decor theme. A neat trend that you can try out is to get your hands on some personalized wine bottles. These consist of personalized labels or engravings that send a message to your loved one. Think of it like classroom Valentine’s Day cards, but for grown-ups.

Here’s a tip: buy more than a few bottles — some for drinking, and some for keeping as a reminder of a special evening. Who knows — if it’s your first date, you might look back at the bottle in years to come and be reminded of your fond years of courtship. Personalized candies can also accomplish a similar effect.

Preparing for Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be stressful. Try out these Valentine’s Day ideas for your table setting and put your own special creative twist on things. If you need more extensive and comprehensive decoration and furniture options, contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental. We specialize in furniture rental packages and individual items that will help you achieve the look and feel that you’ve always wanted.


How to Manage Children’s Bedroom Decor Through the Years

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

How to Manage Children’s Bedroom Decor Through the Years

Decorating childrens’ bedrooms can be tricky. For one, they’re constantly growing physically and can have changing needs in terms of furniture and room space. Secondly, their tastes and preferences can change dramatically as the years go by. Here are some tips and guidelines on how to manage transitions for your child’s bedroom:

Be Aware of New Children’s Bedroom Decor Trends

New trends are something that can inspire re-decorating for a kid’s bedroom. For instance, your child be intrigued by a new cartoon, toy, video game, or comic character. You can incorporate some of these brands and merchandise into beddings, posters, pillows, and other decor items.

Your child might switch interests frequently when they’re younger, but most reach a point where they eventually outgrow pop media-based decor items (decorating for teens is a drastically different story!). In the meantime, enjoy decking out the room with cool and zany themes!

Choose Colors Wisely

Though their favorite toys and bedsheet decor might change over the years, chances are your child will have preference for a certain color or color combinations that will last. If you can identify these preferences, you can save some time and money in the long run by stocking up on items with these color combinations.

On the other hand, colors can change too though over the years. Brighter colors are typically more suitable for toddlers who need plenty of visual stimulation. As your child grows, transition into more subdued and muted hues.

How to Manage Children’s Bedroom Decor Through the Years

Plan Ahead and Get Bigger Furniture from the Get-Go

In a certain sense, children’s furniture can be like clothes — as the child develops physically, they’ll soon need bigger sizes. You may want to plan ahead and get slightly bigger furniture items so that they can grow into them more gradually. A excellent option is furniture rental, which can provide more affordable and practical options, especially during growth spurt stages.

Incorporate Functional Furniture for Specific Purposes

In addition, you can incorporate furniture that can be used for your child’s specific needs. For instance, you may want to set up a study corner with a desk and a nice chair for homework time. If you child loves reading, you can set up a comfy reading chair near the bed. These are activities that your child will be doing for years to come, so you likely won’t need to change these as often as other items, like bedding decor.  

Highlight Your Child’s Accomplishments

Your child’s achievements and accomplishments never go out of style. You can highlight your child’s greatest moments by decorating the room with their awards, trophies, certificates, and other meaningful trinkets. Even books that they have read can make wonderful decor items. Your child will feel a sense of pride each time they see these items.

How to Manage Children’s Bedroom Decor Through the Years

Get Your Child’s Input

Lastly, nothing is more direct than simply getting your child’s input when it comes to the appearance of their room. Who knows — they might have some very good suggestions and ideas of their own regarding aesthetics and design. You might be raising a future interior designer!

Also, some kids might be too shy or even embarrassed to say if they don’t like the way their room looks or feels. A little conversation can go a long way, and can help you and your child achieve a suitable bedroom look.

Your child’s bedroom will undergo numerous makeovers over the years. As time passes, you can be ready for all sorts of changes and adjustments by following these simple guidelines. Did you need more comprehensive home decor and furniture options? Contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental. We have furniture rental options that can save you time and money on upgrades for every room in your home!


5 Simple and Easy Winter Home Decor Ideas for 2016-2017

Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

5 Simple and Easy Winter Home Decor Ideas for 2016-2017

Just because it doesn’t snow here in San Diego doesn’t mean that you can’t get into the winter spirit! When it comes to winter decor trends, simpler is often better. Here are some easy-to-do winter home decor ideas that can really transform your home into a winter wonderland:    

Bring the Outdoors Inside

If you notice, a lot of winter decor has to do with the outdoors: trees, wreaths, mistletoes, snow, etc. Take things a step further and bring some actual outdoor items inside and rework them into lovely decor. Pine cones and twigs work especially well here, as do logs and small tree trunks. These can be painted, stained, varnished, or just left natural to add a bit of freshness to your indoor setup.

5 Simple and Easy Winter Home Decor Ideas for 2016-2017

Cabin/Ski Lodge Look

This theme is perfect for dens or living rooms! Transform your lounging space into a rustic getaway with some hanging antlers or a fur rug. Emphasize the fireplace and hearth with some hanging garlands to draw attention to the warm spot in the room. You may also want to consider adding more wood furniture, especially with your table and chair setup.

Finish it all off with a plaid throw blanket on the couch for functional, practical decor. Plaid scarves can also be used for some out-of-the-box touches.

Bring on the Brass

While the winter season is often associated with gold touches, brass works equally as well. The rich, deeper color of brass can really complement the evergreen candle holders, tea pots, brass reindeer and other figurines/sculptures, bells, and other items. It adds a touch of metal that is down-to-earth and not too gaudy.

Tip: Brass instruments can work well here too — put your old trumpet or flugelhorn on display!

Winter Treat Displays

It’s been a long-standing principle that food can be decorative as well as delicious. In particular, winter snacks can add a very charming and subtle touch to your living room or dining room. Set out some hot cocoa, S’mores, egg nog, or chocolate truffles to suggest a feeling of warmth and cozy toastiness in the space.

Tip: Throw some candy canes in your hot cocoa for added winter effect. The best part? You can eat the decor and come up with new ones everyday!

5 Simple and Easy Winter Home Decor Ideas for 2016-2017

Small Figurines

Ceramic figurines are making a big comeback this year. Well, they never really went anywhere, but they appear to be a hot item this season. We suspect that with all the technology and phones, people love to return to simple items that you can touch (but don’t break!) and observe without having to find in an app.

Popular figurine choices of course include reindeer, snowmen, and trees. A surprisingly effective figurine choice is a small ceramic log cabin (works especially well with the cabin theme mentioned above).  


As you can see, this year’s overall trend is to move towards a more traditional, old-time decor feel for the winter months. Try your hand at these ideas and see what variations you can come up with! If you need additional ideas for home decor and furniture, feel free to contact us at Signature Furniture Rental. We have lovely packages and individual furniture items available for rent, so you can achieve that look you’ve always wanted.

The Most Exciting DIY Front Door Ideas to Try Out

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016

The Most Exciting DIY Front Door Ideas to Try Out

The front door is one of the most important parts of the house, yet it is often overlooked as a factor in home decor. Your front door and porch area are the first thing that your guests and visitors will see, and they set the tone before anyone even enters your home. In order to put your best foot forward, check out these exciting DIY front door projects that you can start on today!

Easy DIY Front Door Project: Paint the Door a Bright Color

Bright, eye-catching front doors are super fashionable right now. They create a very hip, modern, and expressive effect for the house. Popular choices include fire engine red, sun yellow, ochre/orange, or bright blue. Experiment with contrast to emphasize the door even more.

Install a Traditional Door Knocker

A knocker can make your front door landing area look very formal and stately. The most traditional design for a front door knocker is the lion’s head. It creates a sense of security and safety for the home. Other choices include cherub faces, Celtic knots, family surname monograms, and ornate braids. Colors will usually be gold, brass, silver, copper, or matte black.

Note: some knockers can be large and imposing, which is good if you’re looking for that effect. A smaller knocker can create a more inviting feeling.

The Most Exciting DIY Front Door Ideas to Try Out

Customize the Handle to Your Liking

Door handles can also enhance your home’s personality. Looking for a more rustic feel? A black-matte pull handle goes well with neutral wood colors. Looking for a more urban effect? A ruby red or emerald green glass doorknob can add a charming feel. Also, some DIYers like to go by touch and feel — for instance, you might prefer a traditional round knob over one with beveled edges.

Experiment with Classy Address Numbers

A feature of the front door area that many people overlook is the address numbers. Besides being functional, the front door address numbers also provides another opportunity to express your individuality. You can go for a more modern, minimalistic design, or for more fancy, bubbly numbers.

It’s also a great way to incorporate themes. For instance, if you live by the beach, you can create a backdrop for the numbers with anchors, surfboards, a lighthouse, or other beachy items.  

Set Up Some Holiday-Themed Decor

It goes without saying that holiday-themed decor is a must for the front door and porch area. The porch is probably the most decorated area for holidays. Whether it be Halloween pumpkins, fall wreaths, or Christmas themes, decking up the front door lets you get in the spirit. It helps to liven up the neighborhood, and also provides a nice greeting for guests.

The Most Exciting DIY Front Door Ideas to Try Out

Bonus: Change the Porchlight

Sometimes, a change of lighting can have dramatic effects on the appearance of your home, including the front door. For example, moving your current porch light to a different spot can accentuate new aspects of the area. Installing a small spotlight can highlight a wreath. Even changing the wattage or filter color of the bulb can set a different mood for your guests. String lights can do wonders, too.

Nothing says “Welcome” like a newly decorated and upgraded front door area. If you need additional home decor, design, and furniture options, you may want to consider furniture rental. It’s quick, affordable, and allows you to really maximize your creative expression. Contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental for awesome selections for individual rental items as well as package deals.


4 Common Furniture Rental Myths Clarified

Wednesday, April 20th, 2016

4 Common Furniture Rental Myths Clarified

Furniture rental is a growing industry that allows you to rent various furniture items rather than purchase them. This type of arrangement presents large cost-saving opportunities for all types of people and businesses. Many people rent furniture to help them meet temporary needs while others rent furniture consistently on a long-term basis.

While it is a popular industry, there may be some misconceptions when it comes to furniture rental. Here are 4 furniture myths that we think could use some clarification.


DIY Hallway Decor Ideas to Enhance Your Space

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016


Hallways can be “forgotten” areas of the house when it comes to home decor and home staging.

However, they are very important to the presentation of the house, as they’re connected with the layout and flow of the floor space. Also, hallways tend to be regarded as common areas, and they can actually get more traffic than any other area of the home.

Read on for some easy but impactful hallway decor tips that will create a more inviting space.


6 Simple and Functional Valentine’s Day Decorations

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

6 Simple and Functional Valentine's Day Decorations

Valentine’s Day can be one of the funnest events to decorate for. This is a time where you can really express how you feel through the decor that you choose. Rather than just haphazardly throwing around red and hearts everywhere, it helps to create a few attention-grabbing projects that are also functional.

Try out these 6 simple Valentine’s Day decorations to add some fun and life to the room. These are low-cost and can be assembled quickly in time for the big day.

1) Floating Heart Backdrop

Hang some floating heart strings from the ceiling to create a Valentine’s Day backdrop. You can dedicate this backdrop area for couple’s pictures. Take things a step further and provide a few simple props for an instant photo booth. These can include red hats, Cupid’s bow and arrow, heart wands (of course), and wacky glasses. It also makes an excellent backdrop for dancing.

2) Message in a Frame

This one’s easy—just print or draw out a simple message, such as “You’re the Best” or “I Love You”, and hang it in a picture frame. If your Valentine’s Day party has a theme, this is a great way reinforce the night’s theme, such as “Dancing the Night Away” or “Lover’s Paradise.” Song lyrics work particularly well for this project as well, especially if the two of you have your own “special song.”

3) Centerpiece Jars

Jars seem to be all the rage no matter what the occasion. For Valentine’s Day, decorate any jars you have lying around with hearts, twine, paper doilies, paint—whatever you feel like! You can use these as centerpieces for your party and customize them with personalized messages. Also, what would Valentine’s Day be without candy? Fill the jars with small candies or lollipops, and they can instantly double as party favors for your guests to take home.

4) Valentine’s Love Letter Mail Pouch

This one’s great for the kids: Sew together some felt fabric to create Valentine’s love letter mail pouches. Hang them from chairs or on the wall so the kids can have a place to store all of their chocolate, candy and telegrams they receive at school. You can personalize them by name, and customize them by shape, such as a heart. For adults, you can surprise your loved ones by placing them in a car already filled with goodies and a love note.

5) Convo Cupcakes

Remember those little colorful heart candies with the messages on them? The ones that say, “Be Mine,” “You’re Sweet,” “Hug Me,” etc.? Recreate those using cupcakes for decorations that are fun and also delicious. Simply place little flags with messages in them in your chocolate or red velvet cupcakes. The flags can easily be made with lollipop sticks and label makers.

6) Paper Doily Garland

Spruce up the room with romantic paper doily garlands. All you have to do is fold some paper doilies in half, place a red heart in the middle, and attach them to streamers or other threads of your choice. This works especially well in conjunction with other decor ideas to create a border or outline. Like many of these ideas, you can also decorate these with Valentine’s-themed words.

As you can see, it’s easy to create Valentine’s Day decor that’s attractive as well as functional. If you’re looking for more comprehensive interior changes, you might need an update to your furniture. We have complete furniture rental packages, as well as various home staging options. Contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental and start choosing furniture and design options that you’ll absolutely love.

 Image Source: Pixabay via stux

Try These DIY Last-Minute New Year’s Decorations

Wednesday, December 30th, 2015


Well, 2015 is has come to a close and it’s time for the New Year! We’ve had an awesome time this year in 2015, and we hope you have too. This past year has been outstanding, and we look forward to continuing the fun in 2016!

Since the holidays are so busy, some may run out of time for preparing New Year’s decor. But don’t worry, there are plenty of quick and easy last-minute DIY decorations for New Year’s celebration. Here’s a list of some of our favorite ideas:

New Year’s Party Colors

For New Year’s eve celebrations, traditional colors include gold and silver. In particular, sparkling and glittering materials will work well no matter what your overall theme. Your guests will associate the metallic sparkle with prosperity, festivity, and fireworks. Black and white also work well and tends to add a bit of class to the atmosphere.

Spray Paint Jars Gold

This is a simple way to add some shine to your party. Gather up some empty jars and spray paint them gold. These can be used to hold streamers, noisemakers, confetti, or other items for the festivities. They also look fantastic on their own! Try using some gold glitter as well for added effect. This effect works very well with bottles and other glass containers also.

Confetti Balloons

Confetti balloons are super easy to make—use a funnel to get some confetti inside of a balloon while it’s deflated. Then, when you blow the balloon up, it will come alive with the confetti shaking around inside of it. This works best of course with translucent or clear balloons. Again, feel free to be generous with the gold and silver for this one.

Use Wrapping Paper Generously

Plain gold or silver wrapping paper is your best friend for last-minute New Year’s eve decorations. There are so many uses. For instance, wrap “2016” cardboard number cutouts for large welcome displays. Or, you can also create hanging cardboard mobiles in any shape you like, and wrap those with gold or silver—the possibilities are endless.

Dress up Your Champagne Glasses

If you’re using disposable champagne glasses, try adding some gold stickers on the sides of the glasses or on the stems. You can even have your guests add them so everyone knows which glass is theirs! For non-disposable glassware, try tying small pieces of black felt ribbons onto the stems for miniature velvet bow ties. Classy!

Candle Centerpieces

Adding  gold or silver candles to your centerpieces can really brighten up your table arrangements. This looks especially sophisticated when paired with black and white table settings—the candle will create the perfect touch of metallic accent.

2016 Candles

Set aside 4 candles—preferably wider ones—and decorate each of them in glitter with the numbers 2-0-1-6, so the set spells out 2016. These will look charming wherever you decide to put them. You can even have a celebratory lighting ceremony when the ball drops!

The main thing is to have fun and enjoy the festivities! Right now is also the best time for new changes. If you’d like to usher in the new year with some brand new interior design options, furniture rental may be the best option for you. Visit us today at Signature Furniture Rental to learn how you can benefit from our furniture rental selections and packages.

 Image Source: Pixabay via Wokandapix