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4 Common Furniture Rental Myths Clarified

Furniture rental is a growing industry that allows you to rent various furniture items rather than purchase them. This type of arrangement presents large cost-saving opportunities for all types of people and businesses. Many people rent furniture to help them meet temporary needs while others rent furniture consistently on a long-term basis.

While it is a popular industry, there may be some misconceptions when it comes to furniture rental. Here are 4 furniture myths that we think could use some clarification.

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October is a great month to be a sports fan. The NFL is in full swing, the MLB playoffs are going on, and the NHL and NBA are just about to embark on their new seasons. That’s why it’s a great idea to get yourself down to a somewhere full of big flat screen TV’s, cold drinks, and tasty grub so you can fully enjoy all the action. Luckily there are no shortage of places like this in San Diego, but here are our 5 favorite San Diego sports bars to catch the big game (or all the games).

Top San Diego Sports Bars to Catch the Big Game | Signature Furniture Rental

Image Source: Bub’s at the Ballpark Facebook

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Renting furniture is a great option for so many reasons and for so many different types of people. Whether you’re relocating to a new city for work or just love to revamp your home’s look, furniture rental is the affordable, stylish, and smart way to go. It’s time to learn more about rental furniture and to see if you are one of the 5 types of people who rent furniture.

The 5 Types of People Who Rent Furniture | Signature Furniture Rental

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Between surfing, hiking, kayaking, biking, and running, there are so many ways to take advantage of the almost perfect San Diego weather during the day. But when the sun goes down in San Diego, what should you do? The answer is easy, head downtown! The regeneration of San Diego’s downtown areas (most notably the Gaslamp District and the East Village) has made these areas prime spots for nightlife and evening activities. From comedy to sports to a thriving bar scene, there is so much to do in downtown San Diego now that’s it’s hard to decide what to do when the sun goes down. That’s why we’ve made an easy guide to what to do in downtown San Diego at night.

What to do in Downtown San Diego at Night | Signature Furniture Rental

Image Source: Flickr

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The 4th of July – Independence Day, America’s Birthday, or whatever you like to call it – is almost here. Time to take a day off, enjoy grilling in the sun, and watch fireworks when the sun goes down (of course, when you live in San Diego, you can do that pretty much every day of the Summer thanks to the weather and SeaWorld’s daily fireworks). Still, thanks to its military history San Diego remains one of the best places to celebrate the 4th of July in the entire country because there are so many great things to do. So how to decide? Enter: our guide to the best places to celebrate the 4th of July in San Diego.

Best Places to Celebrate the 4th of July in San Diego

Image Source: Big Bay Boom

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Whoever came up with the phrase “good things come in small packages” was certainly dead-on in terms of living space and decorating. Not all of us can afford to live in a big mansion and there is nothing wrong with that. So, rather than dwell on the fact that your space is too small, why not make it look grand? Don’t get discouraged, get busy. Here are our best tips for staging tougher spots:

 home staging tipsImage: Wikipedia

Small Spaces Can Be Fun

In fact, decorating or staging for a small space can be a fun challenge that requires you to turn on the innovation. There are some advantages to a smaller space; namely it won’t cost as much to furnish. A smaller home is also warmer, and offers the true feeling of calling it “Home-Sweet-Home.”

Of course, storage in a small home/apartment/condo/townhome is extra tight, and this often means having to forego some of the things that you may have accumulated over the years. For each area of your home, you’ll want to go through your existing belongings to make the most of your smaller spaces before tossing out items.

Cool Kitchen

For kitchens, use over-the-cabinet space for storage of little-used items or perhaps a decorative display of collectibles. You can also hang pots from a rack suspended from your ceiling or open up cabinets and drawer space by placing cooking utensils and spices in pretty baskets, crystal bowls or colorful ceramic pitchers.

Bedroom Tips

If there’s enough space in your closet, move your dresser or set of drawers inside to free-up main area floor space. Instead of night tables, place a small, wall-mounted shelf on each side of the bed to hold nighttime items including a small lamp. However, if you’re low on closet space, use the space under your bed to store out-of-season clothing. If you need a set of drawers but can’t afford one, make or buy an inexpensive bookshelf and attach a colorful piece of canvas to cover up the clothing but still offer easy access.

Lofty Lofts

Also, try to use multi-functional pieces of furniture like a loft bed, which puts your bed off the floor. If it’s high up, it opens up the floor space for other uses; a sofa or desk can fit easily underneath for more space-saving. If you don’t have enough space for a loft bed, or you don’t like sleeping in high places, a futon or pull-out daybed can act as a sofa by day and your bed at night.

Bathroom Bliss

Use an over-the-toilet shelving unit to hold essentials if cabinet space is small. You can use several decorative hooks instead of a towel bar and hang up more towels (and robes) in a small wall area.

“Re”paint Job

Another important factor to remember when you have a small space to decorate is that dark colors make things appear smaller while lighter colors can make things appear bigger. If you’re bored with your white walls, add a neutral color like soft beige, or a pale yellow shade to change things up.

Staircases and Steps

Empty space under the steps or staircase space doesn’t have to go to waste. Besides using it for storage, set up bookshelves inside to hold books or display items. Also, install additional hooks on the walls to hang up clothes that won’t fit in other closets. Or add a small reading chair to curl up in the small, quiet space or use for meditating.

Happy Small Space Living

Finally, it is important to find the style that you like. Whether it’s modern or eclectic, the overall style should reflect your personality. After all, you’re the one who is going to be living there whether it’s a property owned or leased. With just a little creativity, you can make small space look homey, as well as impressive.

If some walls could talk they might say: “Decorate us.”

Empty walls — regardless if they are in a large McMansion, a luxury apartment rental, or a small bungalow — are downright boring.

Any way you look at it, they should scream “someone lives here” and reflect the resident’s individual style. Where do you begin? Choosing and arranging wall art can be daunting but it doesn’t need to be. Use your creativity and unique perspective to decide how it should be done. It’s easy and fun to make it happen with a few simple decorating tips.

blue walls with artImage: Pixabay 

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Forget what you think you know about home staging. Plenty of myths abound and can cloud your judgments. But fear not. We’re here to debunk those 5 myths about home staging and help your home sell in no time. Before you know it, you’ll be drinking Champagne to celebrate your home sale. Clink! Clink!

living room with televisionImage: Flickr

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Just about everyone knows that San Diego’s fish tacos and burritos are superb. Few places can top those two dishes. But the city’s sushi scene is highly underrated, and not to mention delicious. If you’re new to town or have just had your fill of tacos (we love ‘em, but it’s easy to get sick of them when you eat them every day), here are some of the best spots for sushi in San Diego:


Image: Steven Freeman

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The living room is heartbeat of most homes, the place where families and friends convene to relax and unwind after a long day’s work. The living room is also usually everybody’s first impression of a prospective home, which is why home staging your living room is so important!

living room

Image: Full Realty Services

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