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Experiment with These 5 Fun and Easy DIY Bathroom Projects

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

Experiment with These 5 Fun and Easy DIY Bathroom Projects

Do-it-yourself (DIY) bathroom projects are a fun and easy way to liven up your bathroom space.  Bathroom items tend to be inexpensive, and the space is relatively small, so the projects also tend to be cost-effective. Also, you can do several projects all at once for a complete makeover, or stick to just one or two DIY projects.

Here are few DIY bathroom projects that you can try out and have fun with:

Message Candles

For this project, you’ll need some thicker candles that come in a glass case. Simply choose a message, and write in on the glass! Greetings and inspirational quotes work very well for bathroom message candles. You have several options here — you can paint directly onto the glass, use metallic paint pens, or use stencils. If you have a set of candles, you can paint one letter on each candle to form a word (sort of like baby blocks).

Experiment with These 5 Fun and Easy DIY Bathroom Projects

Bathroom Pallet Shelves

As we’ve mentioned before, DIY upcycled pallet projects are super easy, and are a fun introduction to basic woodworking. The good thing about pallet projects is that you can size them perfectly to fit in your bathroom space. You can make them wider or taller as needed, and can pretty much design the shelf space as you please.

DIY Industrial Pipe Bathroom Shelves

Along with DIY pallet projects, another upcycling project that’s perfect for bathrooms is industrial pipe shelves. Industrial pipes are strong, sturdy, and functional. You can saw them short to make little hanging nubs on the wall, or you can use them as the framing for a more traditional shelf. And, of course, the wood that you use for the shelf can come from pallets as well!

Industrial pipe shelves work excellent for bathrooms with lots of wood or stone accents and can add a nice rustic, vintage touch.

Mason Jar Storage

One of the things that can make a bathroom look messy is when supplies are strewn about all over the place. To remedy this, you can use mason jars to organize items. These are perfect for loose supplies like Q-tips and toothbrushes; they also work well for storing lotions and creams, soaps, and other liquid items. These can also be decorated with paint and other materials, and many of them now come in different colors.

If you’re not feeling the whole mason jar thing, you can opt for other jars — just make sure they’re uniform and you’ll get the same effect of eye-pleasing orderliness.

Experiment with These 5 Fun and Easy DIY Bathroom Projects

Ceramic Milk Jug Plant Pot

Milk jug plant pots are a popular item nowadays, and they look absolutely great in a bathroom setting. They work well for both real and artificial plants, and create a nice country/home-style vibe for your bathroom area. As with the message candle project, you can also paint a message on this jug-pot creation of yours!

Another idea is to have several small milk jug plant pots instead of just one. This creates a more distributed, less imposing look that’s perfect for smaller bathrooms.

With just a little bit of care and attention, your bathroom can benefit greatly from a few DIY projects. It’s also an excellent way to practice and hone your crafting and decor skills! If you need more extensive arrangement and furniture options, contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental. We have complete room packages as well as individual items to help you renovate and improve your home spaces as needed.   

Easy DIY Projects for Nightstands

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

Easy DIY Projects for Nightstands

Besides the coffee table, nightstands are some of the most highly used surfaces in the whole house. They’re located right near our bed, so it’s often the go-to spot to place our phones, glasses, books, and other items. Thus, any nightstand DIY projects should take into consideration both the aesthetic look of the furniture piece as well as its function.

The following are a handful of easy-to-do projects for your nightstand(s).

Alter the Height

Most of us use our nightstands as places where we can lazily reach for our phone or reading glasses while still half asleep upon waking up. An easy DIY project is to adjust the height of your nightstand to make it easier for you to reach your belongings. If your nightstand is too tall, you might want to consider sawing down the legs, if that’s an option. For nightstands that are too short, you can install furniture raisers.

You’d be surprised at how much more comfortable you can make that reach over from your bed!

Use a Valet

You can make it easier to find your stuff by using a small valet (a tray for holding miscellaneous items). That way, your items will always be in the same place every time — hopefully you won’t need to rummage through couch cushions looking for your phone anymore! It’ll also keep your nightstand relatively free of clutter.

Valet trays can sometimes get cluttered too over time. Try out a standing valet and limit it to just a few items to keep things neat.

Easy DIY Projects for Nightstands

Decorate the Top

Decorating a nightstand is similar to decor for a dresser: feel free to add some nice flowers or a photo frame, and keep them relatively centered. However, it may be a good idea not to overcrowd the nightstand surface. That way, you can still use it as a place for placing your wallet, etc.

Lay Down a Doily or Crocheted Towel

Speaking of decor, a simple DIY improvement is to cover the nightstand top with a doily. These crocheted works of art create a simple, non-intrusive pattern on the nightstand top and are great for putting under lamps, pots, fans, and other round items. You can also use a square or rectangular doily to cover more of the surface area. Lastly, they have the added bonus of preventing items from slipping off the nightstand!

Easy DIY Projects for Nightstands

Repaint the Nightstand

And of course, a final DIY project to consider is to repaint your nightstand. This is an easy one, since most nightstands are relatively small and don’t involve that much surface area to cover. Popular colors include turquoise or lavender; another option is to re-stain it to preserve the natural wood-grain textures. Adding in some gold trim is also a nice touch, especially if the nightstand is a neutral color, like white or black.

These super-easy DIY projects can really help you dress up your nightstand. You can also apply these tips to other similar furniture pieces located throughout your home. Are you looking for more comprehensive changes to your interior decor and design themes? Renting furniture can provide you with additional options for your home. Contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental — we have complete room packages, as well as individual items, including nightstands.


7 Easy-To-Make DIY Flower Projects

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

7 Easy-To-Make DIY Flower Projects

April showers bring May flowers—both outdoors and indoors!

May is the opportune time to put together some awesome flower-themed decorations for your home. As mentioned in our previous blog post, flowers can be a mainstay for spring decor. Get creative with these DIY flower projects that you can put together in no time.


5 DIY Window Treatment Projects

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

5 DIY Window Treatment Projects

Interior decoration ideas that focus on windows are called “window treatments.” These are a very important aspect of home design, as they can greatly affect the interplay of light and color in the room. You can use window treatment projects to express your creativity, while maximizing the practical functions of your windows.

Here are 5 DIY window treatment projects that you can try:

1) Roman Shades

Regular plastic venetian blinds can sometimes feel a bit “sterile” and can also be a pain to clean and maintain. A more interesting shades option for window treatments? Roman shades. These cloth panels that fit over functional blinds add a nice muted atmosphere by filtering light entering the room.

Pro tip: use materials that you already have in order to create your own Roman shades. The best part about these is that you can change the cloth design, color, pattern, without changing the entire blind system. Plus they’re much easier to clean!

2) Stencil your Drapes

A quick way to spruce up the drapes that you already have is to decorate them with a stencil and spray paint. You can create repeating patterns and designs or place a monogram stamp directly in the middle of the drapes (this works particularly well on thicker fabrics, such as canvas or burlap). In terms of stencil designs and paint colors, it’s up to you and your imagination! You can also create silhouettes of popular cartoon characters for the younger set.

3) Bamboo Placemat Valance

Window valances, also called “window top treatments,” cover the top portion the window. Typically, this is done with some form of short drape hung across a bar. However, you can put a nice twist on your valance by using bamboo placemats instead of cloth. This lends a room an natural outdoorsy feel, and is great for areas like the kitchen or for windows overlooking a patio. You can also trim and shape the place mat to create shapes like arches.

4) Team Pennant Valance

Here’s another cheap and easy valance idea: you can use sports team pennants to create a fun valance for windows in the kids’ rooms! This is basically a no-sew project, as you can just tie the pennants in order to hang them up. You can rotate pennants as the sports seasons change (basketball, softball, football, etc.).

5) Fashion Accessory Curtain Tie Backs

Curtain tie backs are what you use to hold the curtains open when needed. These are basically “accessories” in the same way that you have accessories for clothing. And you can use actual clothing accessories! You have several options here- men’s neckties, ladies belts, gold chains, pearl necklaces, or fancy shoelaces can do a great job. Strips of fabric with velcro can also be a fun option. You can also use other materials, such as rope or gold yarn to create different effects.

Hopefully these ideas can get you started on window treatment variations of your own. If you’re looking for more complete interior design options, consider furniture rental ideas with Signature Furniture Rental. We have exciting complete package options as well as individual rentals to help you create the room of your dreams. Contact us today to get started!

 Image Source: Pixabay via mattabattadatta

DIY Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

Give thanks because it’s Thanksgiving time yet again. While we all love sitting around and stuffing our face silly with Thanksgiving dinner, it takes some work to get your home ready for the festivities this fall. But don’t worry, a little work goes a long way when it comes to DIY Thanksgiving decorations, because just a little love and time will transform your home into a Thanksgiving paradise. See our six favorite DIY Thanksgiving decor ideas right here.

DIY Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

Image Source: Flickr via HomeSpot HQ


Creepy DIY Halloween Decor

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

We’re only 10 days away from Halloween, is your home ready to be the creepiest one on the block? Go beyond the standard store-bought decorations that aren’t actually creepy at all and DIY your Halloween decor this year to create some actually scary decorations that are super fun to make. Read on to see our 5 most creepy DIY Halloween decor ideas that are sure put a fright into your guests or trick or treaters.

Creepy DIY Halloween Decor | Signature Furniture Rental


5 Best DIY Projects Using Reclaimed Wood

Monday, April 21st, 2014

Creating your own furniture is satisfying. Everyday, you’ll get to use something you made by hand and can admire your hard work.

Crafting pieces out of reclaimed wood can make you feel even better. You’re reusing materials that would otherwise end up the trash and you’ll have a great story to tell when guests ask you where you got it. With Earth Day upon us, we recommend reclaimed wood as a way to satisfy your creative itch and do something great for the planet. These five projects are a way to add a nice vintage touch to your home, and they’re not that hard to make either. So, find some used wood and get to work!

Best DIY Reclaimed Wood Projects

Image: Flickr


Spend Your Tax Return on DIY Projects

Monday, April 14th, 2014

Make That Tax Return Go Farther with DIY!

You finally finished your taxes and a sizable return has just landed in your bank account. It’s time to celebrate! If you’ve been to waiting for the extra cash to finally complete that home improvement project, you’ve got it. But if you’re fresh out of ideas about how to spiff up your abode, we have a few suggestions. Best of all, these projects can be completed over a weekend and will likely leave you with some extra money to spend on whatever else your heart desires. How about a new wardrobe for that new wardrobe?

Add Storage

If you’re always hunting for your keys right by the door or eternally searching for misplaced bath products in your bathroom, consider adding shelves. Mount a glass shelf on your bathroom beside the mirror to keep essentials like toothpaste and skin creams nearby. Additionally, consider adding a small side table to your entryway for added storage space. Besides, where else will your extra mail go? A mounted shelf complete with hooks to hang your keys is also ideal for storage too; check this example from Better Homes and Garden’s site

Make Your Entrance Shine

DIY projects for your tax return

Image: Flickr

Painting a door a bright color like cherry red or a bold blue is one of the easiest ways to take it from drab to fab, according to If you’d like to take it one step further, consider adding a welcome mat (DIY it with old sheets or those saved corks) or some potted plants. Those little touches can help your guests feel more, well, at home.