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5 St. Patrick’s Day Ideas for Decor and Party Prep

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

5 St. Patrick’s Day Ideas for Decor and Party Prep

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s one of our favorite holidays. Besides all the festivities and happenings here in San Diego, it’s one of the most cheerful and bright days of the year in terms of decorating. St. Patrick’s Day decor is instantly recognizable and is also one of the easiest holidays to prepare for. Here are some St. Patrick’s Day ideas and themes to help you get ready!

Glitter: One of the Most Popular St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

Obviously, green is going to be the dominant color for all St. Patrick’s Day themes. In particular, green glitter has become wildly popular for sprucing up decorations for St. Patrick’s Day. Some great uses for the glitter include:

  • Outlining lettering and words
  • Creating awesome borders
  • Sprinkling on shamrocks
  • Jazzing up party invitations

Pro-tip: other metallic glitter colors look very good with the green glitter, especially gold and silver glitter.

Use Green Tinsel

Tinsel isn’t just for the December holidays. It also works really, really well for creating St. Patrick’s Day-themed decor. However, don’t just use it for hanging on walls! You can use green tinsel to form fun decorative shapes.

For instance, try your hand at making a funky St. Patrick’s day hat out of tinsel. Or, you can try shaping them into fun messages or a greeting banner for your guests. Wrap beer mugs with the tinsel for added fun! Also, metallic green tinsel will go super well with your glitter.

5 St. Patrick’s Day Ideas for Decor and Party Prep

Serve Green Drinks and Snacks

Food can be decor too! For St. Patrick’s Day, consider making or setting out some green drinks and snacks. Green cupcakes and cookies are a yearly favorite, and green-tinted cocktails can liven up your array as well. Green salads and finger veggies can also add some healthy choices to your spread. Whatever your choice, don’t forget the matching napkins and plateware!

Use Some Felt Backdrops

Along with the green tinsel that we mentioned, green felt is your best friend when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day themes and decor. You can use the felt to fill out plain background spaces, and to lay down as cover on your table or counter tops. Felt also looks really cool if you add some of the glitter for a touch of sparkly shine.

If you want to get really fancy, you can create a felt board with moveable felt cutout items on it. This is great for announcements, menus, games, and other fun uses.

5 St. Patrick’s Day Ideas for Decor and Party Prep

Deck Your Pets Out

Why do humans get to have all the fun? Don’t forget to deck out your pet’s areas with some decorations as well. Using the materials listed above, you can easily decorate your pet’s home with some special touches.    

In San Diego, many establishments are dog-friendly. So if you plan to bring your pooch with you to some events, it’s also a cool idea to deck them out in some green or other festive get-ups.

Prepping for St. Patrick’s Day is both fun and easy. Follow these tips to take some of the stress out of decorating so you can focus on the good times! If you needed more extensive decor and home presentation options, contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental. Our rental items and combos can help save you time and money. Give us a call at (858) 550-8009 or shoot us an email here — we love helping you get your home to look its best!