Storage Solutions: Making the Best Out of Small Spaces

If you just moved to a new city, particularly one in a heavily populated urban area, chances are you’re going to have to make due with the limited space of your apartment. Maximizing space and area is always a good idea for efficient, cost-saving living, but it’s especially essential in an apartment that is less than massive. The good news is that modern technology and furniture make it easy for all of us as we’re all working on making the best out of small spaces!

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Simple Steps

It’s always a good idea to start simple and easy. For example if you don’t need a desk or office space, you can easily use a bookcase or bookshelf as a storage area for office supplies like a computer, printer, pencils and stapler. Book cases that double as workstations frees up surface area and saves you on the taxing hassle of buying and loading in a desk.

 Storage-Minded Furniture

One of the best overall tips we can give you about maximizing the space in your apartment is to incorporate pieces of furniture that include storage space or leave room to expand. Some furniture comes with extra storage space connected to the piece itself, always an extremely helpful feature. Furniture like this light-finish dining set comes with expansions pieces so you can just replace it when you move to your next apartment.

 More Space Saving Tips

An excellent way to save space in the multimedia department is to invest in a pull-down screen instead of purchasing a gaudy massive television. This feature is key because it removes the space used by a TV and it really frees up any room to give it an earthy, homey feel. To save on the space taken up by floor lights and cords, incorporate ceiling lighting as much as possible. Lastly, make your bed as mobile and adaptive as possible by either putting it on wheels or building a couch that can easily be transformed into a bed.

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