Staging a Home for Successful Sales: 4 Powerful Tips

Staging a Home for Successful Sales: 4 Powerful Tips

Staging a home is essential for maximizing home and property sales. It ensures that your home is presentable, and also allows you highlight your home’s strong points. Thus, you’ll be able to appeal to the broadest pool of buyers when your home is strategically prepared for the sales process. Read on to learn some tips that can really enhance your home staging efforts.

Be Intentional and Purposeful When Staging a Home

The purpose of home staging is not just to fill empty, awkward spaces at random, but to give a sense of what the home will be like when it’s in use. Thus, each furniture piece you place for staging should give some indication of the room’s purpose. This helps create a better sales process, because the potential buyer can begin to see the potential worth that each space can offer.  

Also, as you’re presenting the home, mention the staging (subtly) during the home tour. For instance, you can say something like, “Right here is a great place for a reading corner.” That way, your buyers can begin to visualize how they’re going to use the space for themselves. This puts them inside the home already in their imagination and visualizations, and increases your chance of closing a sale.

Staging a Home for Successful Sales: 4 Powerful Tips

Opt for Smaller Decor Items

When decorating tables and countertops, you’ll want to opt for many smaller items arranged neatly, rather than one big, imposing piece. Oversized decor arrangements can look “tacky,” and can crowd tablespaces, especially dining areas. And besides, who really eats dinner with huge centerpieces blocking your view during conversation? Keep it realistic and simplistic, and opt for a row of smaller items in the center. Candles or small jars will work very well in this regard.

Showcase the Closet Areas

Closet space is surprisingly important to people. You see it all the time in movies and television shows: a person walks into a house they’re eyeing to move into, and they say, “Oh my goodness! It has a walk-in closet!” To make them look more spacious, be sure the closet areas are clean and free of unnecessary items. You can also keep the closet doors open, as this also has the effect of making the room appear bigger.

Staging a Home for Successful Sales: 4 Powerful Tips

Be Mindful of the ‘Extra’ Room

If you’ve been using a spare bedroom as an “extra” room for storage, make sure you don’t leave it that way when staging a home. Every room and space in the house needs to have a defined, set purpose. So, be sure to stage it with the appropriate items to suggest a theme or space usage.

For instance, will it be a kid’s room? Can it be converted into a home office? Guest room? It’s up to you — the point is, make sure to stage all “extra” areas so buyers can begin thinking about how they will use the space. Basically, don’t leave it empty, and for sure don’t leave it junky.

That’s it! By following a few simple guidelines, you’ll be well on your way to quicker, more profitable home sales. These tips also work well for general, all-around home design and decor as well! Are you looking for comprehensive furniture rental options for your home staging and design needs? Contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental. We have complete furniture rental packages that are both beautiful and cost-efficient.


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