Renting Furniture For International Travelers

Living abroad for any amount of time can be an incredible experience–but it can also be an unknown and potentially arduous process. For those students, professors, and professionals looking to make it in a new country, there are several steps needed to ensure that your transition into a new territory is as smooth as possible. How about making your temporary living space more homey with furniture you’ve handpicked? Here are our tips on renting furniture for international travelers:

Live Abroad Apartment

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When students go to a foreign country they often seek out temporary housing options. Oftentimes, international student housing comes equipped with limited amenities. To create a warm, comfortable and inviting home environment, an ideal place to start is by renting home furniture. Begin by furnishing your bedroom with aesthetically pleasing nightstands, bookcases, beds and dressers. Each of these items that is available to rent, look brand new, and provide an excellent foundation for a homey bedroom.

Rental furniture is also available for the living room, dining room, kitchen and home office. Of course, building your apartment from the ground floor up isn’t strictly limited to students, as the method is often used in housing for traveling professors. Many professors and businessmen and women can build a substantial home office by renting furniture like rich finely crafted three-drawer desks.

Many choose to rent instead of purchase furniture because of the cheaper price tag, but the perks of renting home pieces extend far beyond the cost savings. By renting furniture you are able to access the pieces immediately instead of waiting out the hassle of delivery and or assembly. Renting home pieces also gives you flexibility, because by adding a couch or a guest bed you are able to have visitors come stay and explore the local sites with you. If you do purchase furniture in a new country you also have to figure out how you will get the piece to and from your apartment and most significantly, what to do with the piece when you leave the country.

Furniture rental is the best option for students or professionals living temporarily in the United States. What are your favorite ways to make your US study abroad home feel cozy and comfortable? Let us know in the comments!


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