Last Minute DIY Gifts

DIY Gifts

The beauty of last minute DIY holiday gifts is that you don’t have to rely on stores to have the items you need or online retailers to deliver the goods in time. Anyone can cook up the perfect holiday gift in a matter of minutes using creativity and a few very common supplies.

Let’s start simple by making some delightful braided leather bracelets. This last minute gem is ideal for younger members of the family and is made with scissors, pliers, a few jump rings and pinch crimps and some basic leather suede chord. The process of constructing the chic bracelets involves intertwining the leather for a quaint fashionable accessory.

One of the best ways to honor a traditional family recipe is by etching on a cutting board. You can place the exact instructions for the recipe on a cutting board by contacting a wood-burning artist on Etsy. Incorporate the sights and smells of the holiday season in a peppermint sugar scrub. The ingredients for the inviting scrub are sugar, unscented oils and 25-30 drops of Young Living Peppermint essential oil that can be purchased here.  A handy and fashionable DIY holiday gift that’s fit for any gender and any age is embroidered gloves. You can customize the gloves to your liking by using a pastel chalk pencil and six-strand embroidery thread.

Speaking of customizing, use your honed chemistry skills to make a variety of healthy, sweet-smelling bath salts. These artisanal salts are made with essential oils, cork-stop bottles and of course salts. There’s never an inopportune time for hot chocolate especially during the holidays. Fortunately, there is a DIY hot chocolate mix that would satisfy the entire family. And for those of age, try making a homemade Irish Crème Liqueur that’s a satisfying compliment to any wintery warm beverage. Another way to make the holidays even brighter is with cozy and decorative furniture. Visit Signature Furniture Rental for the very best in classy rented furniture.

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