Home Office Decor: Get Organized

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If you work from home, chances are pretty good that you have a home office. Chances are also pretty good that it might be a bit messy. No need to worry, you can quickly get organized and become much more efficient with these home office organizational tips. If you don’t have a home office, we can help with that, too!

1. Get Dressed. Try not to wear workout clothes or your pajamas while working from home if you want to have a productive day. Casual work clothes are OK; just not weekend clothes – and put the sweats down! Even if you won’t see another person all day – you will find yourself feeling more focused if you outfit’s pulled together.

2. No Home Office? If you do have a home office or a guest room, set up shop in those areas. Make sure you have a desk, a lamp, and a chair.  If not, choose a corner of the kitchen or the living room, but stay clear of the bedroom. A computer or other electronics in the bedroom could interfere with future sleep.

3. Room Divider Musts. Use a bookcase or another piece of furniture as a room divider to create a space that feels separate from the rest of your home; you need borders to make this a success.

4. Boxes for Files. If you work from your dining room table, buy a couple of good boxes for supplies and files. Choose ones that you can pack up and put away at the end of your work day.

5.  Have a Schedule. Work with a detailed schedule as this can help you be productive and proactive.  Plan your day in two-or-three-hour periods, each dedicated to a different task/type of work. Spend the morning on a task that requires the most concentration and then stop for lunch. Divide the afternoon into two-three chunks, with short breaks in between.

6. Know Your Distractions. If you simply must get up from your desk, be aware that you are still on the clock and use the time purposefully to solve a problem. Or take the laptop to a coffee shop for the afternoon.

7. Stay Connected. If you’re part of a team, you run the risk of appearing invisible to the other members when you’re working from home. Check in at least once a day to let them know you’re alive and being productive. It’s also tough to go a whole day without socializing, so schedule a networking lunch or go for a run with a friend a few times a week.

8. Be Neat. Keep your desk clean, papers filed, and answering system in place and up to date.

9. Make It Yours. Add personal items to your home office just like you would if you had an office at a location. For example, to stay calm and enjoy the environment, keep the TV off, light candles, place family photos on your desk, hang framed art, place a vase of fresh flowers on your desk, or listen to a soothing CD.

Working at home can have its advantages, as long as you keep in mind that you still need to be productive. But why not make your home office environment a special place where it doesn’t necessarily have to feel like a sterile room? You’ll work more efficiently and be happy you got more organized!

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