Furniture Rentals over Craigslist: Why Choose Renting?

If you’re in need of some furniture, you’ve got options. And if you’re considering whether to rent a few pieces or try to track them down on Craigslist, you probably want to pick the more convenient option. And rental furniture is the way to go. The customer service is top-notch and you’re guaranteed to get quality, modern pieces.

Craigslist Furniture

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Why Choose Furniture Rentals Over Craigslist

Quality Concerns

If you rent furniture, you can rest assured that you’ll get high-quality, modern furniture. While some Craigslist listings feature photos, we’re all familiar with a little thing called Photoshop. And let’s face it: the pictures always look better than the real thing. Save yourself some time by renting furniture. Instead of traveling to various homes around town to see furniture that might not be so stellar, you just work with one rental furniture company to get your top-notch pieces. They’ll be no need to see it in person since it’s guaranteed that you’ll be receiving good furniture.

Moving It

If you purchase a piece on Craigslist, you’re usually responsible for moving it. This means either recruiting your friends to help you or paying movers to haul it. Those fees can add up fast. Plus, you don’t want to throw your back out doing this. The doctor bills will be even higher. When you purchase rental furniture, the company will take care of moving it for you. This is especially a big concern if you’re moving larger pieces like dressers or beds.

Getting Rid of It

When it comes time to swap your pieces out, you typically have to take care of selling it or finding out where it goes next. This can be a real pain depending on what you’re trying to get rid of it. Shelve your worries if you rent. When you’re done with your furniture, just call the company and have them take it away from you. It really is that simple.

Not Having to Deal With Crazies

Sure, not everyone who lists on Craigslist is crazy. But some of them are. And when you’re dealing with people personally, you might not exactly have the most professional experience. Maybe the person insists you take the furniture or owns a sketchy home. Whatever the case may be, if you rent furniture, you’re dealing with a professional company that cares about its reputation. That’s more than the average Craigslist user has going for them. The experience is guaranteed to be a good one.

So next time you’re consider Craigslist or rental furniture, know that renting furniture is a convenient process that is guaranteed to satisfy.

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