DIY Dorm Room Decor

School is almost back in session and its that time of year when we begin to think of decorating our dorm rooms or off campus apartments. Dorm rooms can be small, and its a bit more challenging to decorate with a limited amount of space, but with a few helpful hints and ideas you can rock DIY dorm room decor and create the room of your dreams!

Dorm Room Decor


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The top three goals for your dorm room are making it feel like home, maximizing space, and keeping it organized.

Make it Feel Like Home


Incorporate elements that make your space feel cozy and private.

  • Try adding different textures and textiles.
  • Drape gauzy fabric over your bed to create a private space that also makes you feel like you are in a luxury hotel.
  • Add a fur rug to bare floors to add the comfort of carpet at home.
  • Try adding plants anywhere there is space to bring life and energy into your room.
  • Put small potted plants on a bookshelf, window ledge, or even hang terrariums from the ceiling.
  • A great way to liven up the walls is to create your own tapestry. Walls in dorm rooms can look industrial and sterile, but with a quick DIY tapestry you can turn a boring white wall into a work of art. Check out the tutorial here.

Maximize Space

To get the most out of your dorm room space, it is important to utilize every inch.

  • Make use of vertical space.
  • Use walls and even the ceiling to store items or adding colorful décor.
  • Use a hanging shoe rack on the back of your door to store shower supplies, snacks and even school supplies.
  • If your dorm room or your apartment has a loft bed this gives you tons of space to add a desk, cozy chair and even a bookshelf.
  • If you have an existing bookshelf use it as a headboard behind your bed to store all your school books, computer and anything else you can fit in there.
  • Make your own chair organization pocket to store your computer, books or school supplies. You can resize it to hang it off your bed, side of the desk or closet as well. Find the tutorial here.

Stay Organized

In a small space like a dorm room or studio apartment, keeping everything clean and organized is key.

  • Bulletin boards are a great way to keep all your important papers organized but there are ways to maximize their use. Try using a large cork board and separating it into sections. Add a small white board, calendar and to do list.
  • If you have a mini fridge in your room, use old soup cans and magnets to put condiments, writing utensils or odds and ends. This way you are using every bit of space you can for storage.
  • If you have a large collection of shoes and don’t want to take up any floor or closet space, tuck a hanging shoe organizer under your mattress. This uses vertical bed space to store your shoes. To hide it, just cover it up with a bed skirt.

Using these tips its not so hard to turn your boring dorm room or apartment into a livable and comfortable space. Hopefully these DIY dorm room tips on organization and décor can help you achieve your perfect dorm room. If you don’t want to DIY-it, consider using Signature Furniture Rental’s home decor to add a stylish touch to your dorm room.

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