Decor Ideas: Black and White

If you think black and white is boring, think again. This unstoppable color combination is back. And it’s more stylish than ever. If you’re hesitant to implement this in your own home—you don’t want your house looking like a children’s museum, after all—you might want to try these decorative suggestions to refresh or update a room. From painting an entire wall to replacing cabinet handles, follow these tips both big and small to make your home look impossibly chic in black and white:

black and white room with yellow accentsImage: Flickr

 Use the Contrasting Colors to Make a Statement

Looking to really make one wall pop? Then consider painting one wall black and accenting it with a few white photos. Check out how striking this bedroom looks. A black sofa in a white room will have the same effect. Signature Furniture Rental has a fine selection of black coffee, end and sofa tables that you can choose from. Just be creative with the colors.


Consider Chalkboard Paint

One of the most fun ways to use black in décor? Consider a chalkboard wall. It’s great if you have kids or just like making to-do lists. You could even create your own artistic masterpiece on the walls.


Try Accessories

OK, so maybe you wouldn’t feel comfortable painting an entire room wall black. We get it. But a few black accessories might make a smaller statement. Try black jewelry holders or wire accessories like baskets. A few black and white pillows are also a great way to accent your bed.


Buy a Few Paintings

The easiest way to incorporate this design trend into your home is by purchasing a few black and white photos. These almost always look classy. Consider having a few taken or buying a few prints. We’re partial to this black and white photo of Venice.


Highlight Accent Pieces

Try replacing cabinet handles with black ones. Likewise, a black kitchen backsplash can stand out without making too much of a splash (pun intended). If you’re really feeling bold, you could try a kitchen with all black cabinets. Just make sure the kitchen’s not too dark already.  This dark framed mirror or lamp with a black base also would look great in most homes.



Sure, stripes can give a young girl’s room perception. But they also can make a room look classy. Consider stripes in the bathroom for a classy vibe.


Take it Outside

You might not feel comfortable with bringing black and white into your home. But you’ll probably be OK with taking the color combo outside! Just check out how chic this outdoor patio looks.


If you’ve been dreaming of black and white furniture, make those dreams a reality with Signature Furniture Rental. You can rent a variety of chic, modern pieces that will look great in your home. Get in touch with the company today to decorate your home like you’ve always wanted.


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