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It can be tough to strike a balance when it comes to your children’s rooms. On one hand, you want them to be happy – on the other, you’ve got to remember that they’ll outgrow their obsession with nailing posters into the walls, but your walls might not so easily recover. Here’s how to have fun and still make things look nice with some more “child-like” redecorating.

When redecorating your children’s rooms, you can maintain the overall modern look of your home while giving them the colors, vibrancy and fun they’re looking for and it can help when you use items from furniture rental San Diego.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Safety. Whether your child is five or fifteen, you can’t have too many potentially breakable items in their room, or you might end up with more of a mess than a redecoration on your hands
  • Storage. Kids have toys, books, CDs and loads of other things they tend to hoard in their room. While their closet is a good space for this, you might want to think about extra storage under the bed or by installing hooks in the wall.
  • Comfort. Although your children might want black walls or a small but stylish desk, you’ve got to remember that they’ll be using the room to play with friends, study and sleep.
  • Style. The big one for all of us interior aficionados. Any color scheme can be incorporated into your children’s rooms, but be sure that it is something they won’t grow out of within a year or two. And you can minimize costs while maintaining style if you renovate only the linens, bedspread, curtains and the like – keep the basics (the bed, the desk) as they are, and just dress them up!

If you can balance your desire for a modern home with some (but not all!) of the requests your children make of you, you’ll have a versatile, pleasing child’s bedroom that they will hopefully love for years to come – saving you on having to do another redecoration a year down the road!

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