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5 Thrilling Things to Do In San Diego in June

Wednesday, May 25th, 2016

5 Thrilling Things to Do In San Diego in June

San Diego’s motto is “Ever Vigilant”, and we’re always on the watch for great things to do here.

Speaking of great things to do, June is one of the most exciting times of the year in San Diego. As the weather warms up, you can feel the energy in the air. Take advantage of the lovely California climate—there is just so much to experience!

Check out these 5 fun things to do in San Diego in June.


How to Build a Portable Office

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Since desktop computers have all but been replaced by laptops, work styles have changed to adjust with the times. For better or worse, work is no longer limited to a stationary office space, and people have the liberty of choosing when and where they are productive. Having all the necessary supplies ready when the mood or need strikes is imperative; why not build a portable office for the perfect solution?

Build a Portable Office

Image: Flickr


How Traveling Professors Use Furniture Rental in Temporary Housing

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

traveling professors at ucsd

It’s easy to see how a college professor can get caught up in the monotony of their everyday teachings within the confines of the same walls day after day. Being a guest professor, or visiting professor, affords many more opportunities to meet colleagues and others interested in the same field, and can be a great resume builder to help get that coveted full-time position at a better university. A traveling professor has the unique ability to choose from a multitude of assignments and projects for a more fulfilling career. Head to Paris, Peru, or England for  a switch of scenery, even if just for the summer courses. The bilingual instructor has even more ability to take traveling to other levels.

Oftentimes, research becomes involved in expanding on already existing educational concepts or to help create new ideas and content. Some professors are asked to speak as lecturers regarding information in their field. Rather than taking a summer break, many professional educators may take on a temporary teaching assignment. What better way to spend a typically dull time in a professor’s career than be a guest lecturer?

Regardless of the path a college professor chooses, all of the listed options can send an educator packing. An educational institution may not always provide the proper housing needs and sometimes, minimal at best (meaning a place to stay but no more). While it is great to have housing accommodations met, it is just as important to have the adequate furniture needs met. Furniture rental is often the only option traveling professors have, but fortunately there are plenty of options and it’s easy to create the right mood in a temporary home with furniture rental.

Do Ho Suh Fallen Star at UCSD

Make your temporary “home away from home” your comfort zone when you step into the door. Furniture rental can help an individual adjust quickly when in a new environment because it will be set up and taken away at your convenience, even before you arrive. Some of the most important options for educators and furniture rental fall into play with office furniture. Grading all of those papers can cause a cramped body faster than you can read them all. Getting the right office chair and desk can help alleviate the pain of reading through some of those papers you’ve assigned. Furniture rental also provides the opportunity to create a welcoming, professional space in which to entertain new colleagues, graduate students, or other faculty members right in your temporary home.

Don’t forget to choose a comfy couch to relax on after a long day of research, writing, or teaching on your feet. It may be hard to leave your temporary assignment (unless you get assigned to a house like the one above… then you might not be able to wait to leave!), but furniture rental with provide you with a no fuss move in and a no fuss move out! Whole home furniture rental packages take care of everything so you don’t have to fret.

San Diego in particular has a variety of universities, all of which accept visiting professors on their campuses. Getting to a new city to teach as a traveling professor is a career-smart way to experience a new city as a tourist, too – ask local professors or even students to recommend good places to visit during your downtime; this is a fast way to make new friends! Enjoy the time you have while in a new career destination and make it as breezy as possible with the help of our furniture rental services in San Diego.

Images courtesy of UCSD and the Stuart Collection

Furniture Rental Tips for Traveling Nurses

Friday, June 7th, 2013

Traveling nurses are a unique group of people: they combine the incredible commitment of helping people with the unusual lifestyle of traveling the country (and sometimes the world). To many, this seems like a glamorous lifestyle – getting to see and experience new cities and cultures every few months or years. However, the constant packing up, getting used to a new hospital, making new friends and learning new customs can definitely be draining. Throw in the stress of moving and finding a new place to live (and what about all your things?) on top of trying to maintain a growing career and it’s no wonder traveling nurses is a small but sturdy group.

There are many cases in which traveling nurses are not provided with temporary housing upon accepting a new assignment in a hospital, but are rather offered a housing stipend. While this can add stress to the process, it does also provide flexibility – temporary housing, corporate housing and furnished apartments are usually the go-to option because these buildings understand the unique needs of the traveling nurse. And should a corporate apartment or temporary housing unit come unfurnished the smart solution is furniture rental. Those in a situation of constant movement generally cannot be bothered to hold on to bulky furniture items, and furniture rental affords a more luxurious collection.

If you’re trying to cut down on costs, seek out a fellow traveling nurse as a roommate. Take the opportunity to choose furniture together with your roommate (this way your new roomie won’t turn their nose at that old recliner you’ve drug along – think Frasier Crane and his father). Furniture rental tends to be classy, modern and high end, making the selection process easy to fit differing tastes. Signature Furniture Rental offers deals by the room, as individual pieces, or as a whole package. Selecting items together could provide a great bonding experience for your new housemate.

furniture rental tips for traveling nurses

In addition to having fun decorating your new housing, Signature Furniture Rental makes for a smooth transition into your new place. Remember that couch you saw on Craigslist? How will you get it home? Who will help you to carry it? When renting furniture, transport and delivery is of no worries to you. Just select, order, and relax. When you are ready to relocate for your new assignment, we will pick up your rental items for you.

And lastly, we here at Signature Furniture Rental would like to say thank you to all of the ladies and gentleman that work hard in the nursing field to help others on a regular basis. We salute you and your commitment to making the hospitals of America  a better place.

Images courtesy of and SpareFoot

Decorate a Bare Refrigerator With DIY Magnets

Monday, April 29th, 2013

Magnets are one of those little touches we don’t realize how much we miss when they aren’t there. Over time, magnets have become much more purposeful than the mere refrigerator decoration to uphold family photos and schoolwork. Some of the first refrigerator magnets came in the basic rectangular or cylinder shape and have since transformed into small works of art accentuating your kitchen. We really like these DIY magnets to adorn your fridge in a temporary location and provide a respite from impersonal accessories.

DIY cork magnet

Go eco with these mini gardens made using wine corks. A simple and quick creation will add beauty and life to your kitchen with just a few items; corks, a knife, glue, magnets, and a screwdriver. You can even make these once you’re in your new location and store them in an empty travel mug when it’s time to go back home. Start by carefully carving out the center with a knife and finish creating the hole using the screwdriver. Glue the magnet to the back of the cork. Fill the hole with dirt and a small plant. Use plants that don’t require a lot of care and have a long life.

DIY tree branch magnets

Sticking to the “green” theme, we found these unique tree branch magnets. Using a small branch (preferably found on the ground), you can add an earthy theme to your décor. Customize the branches by painting patterns or initials on them. Short inspirational quotes would be a good way to start your day each morning. We think there would make great coasters too! (If you missed our DIY coaster post, check it out.)

 DIY bottle cap magnets

The blog How About Orange has created mini mod clocks using bottle caps. Of course, you can paint the caps in any design you prefer. Add a theme or mix it up. Due to the depth of the caps, it is important to glue something thick to the inside, such as a piece of cardboard, prior to adding the magnet. This way the magnet can effectively attach to the refrigerator or magnet board.

 DIY memo magnet board

Magnets have moved beyond the kitchen and into the office or living areas. Create a personalized board for the office using a large sheet of metal, some fabric or patterned paper, and a large wood frame. Supplies may be purchased from craft stores, found around the house, or for a unique find, check out yard sales and thrift stores.

 DIY magnet photo frame

Our final DIY magnet project is created in a similar fashion to the memo board, but on a smaller scale – a magnet photo frame. What a perfect way to switch out photos quickly without all the fuss of removing the layers from the back of the frame and constantly checking to make sure if the photo is straight prior to sticking the cardboard back in. Plus, this way, you don’t injure your fingers trying to pull up on those little metal tabs every time.

Get creative and don’t forget to share your projects with us! We can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with.

Images and instructions courtesy of Shelterness, Man Made DIY, How About Orange, Thrifty Decor Chick, and Shanty 2 Chic.

DIY Coasters for Your Temporary Corporate Apartment

Friday, April 12th, 2013

One of the great things about corporate housing is the modern, upscale furniture rentals you’ll enjoy. But one of the down sides is being away from the things that make your house your home. With Earth Day quickly approaching we’ve decided to celebrate our environment with some upcycled DIY projects. The kicker is that these ideas are also perfect additions to temporary housing decor because they add personal touches to your home away from home.

When staying in a temporary corporate apartment it is important to keep furniture rental items in the condition in which they were found, thus avoiding any additional fees. We’ve found some fun coaster projects to help protect tables from unwanted rings and stains. Plus, coasters take up almost no space in your luggage and are easy to transport!

The quickest and easiest coaster we found involves just a little cardboard and patterned duct tape. This idea is inexpensive, fun and creative, and if you leave one of these guys behind, you won’t be too disappointed.

DIY cardboard and duct tape coaster

We just love these wine bottle cork coasters. Save the corks from your next wine and cheese night, cut them in half, and glue together in any shape of your choosing and glue a ribbon around the edge. This is a simple, yet classy addition to your coffee table.

DIY wine cork coaster

Martha Stewart is always coming up with creative ideas and this one easy as pie with an elegant flare. Buy plain white tiles, lace, and spray paint. The possibilities are endless and the project is completed within minutes. Other lace options include using decoupage to adhere the lace to a tile for a 3D textile feel.

DIY lace spray paint coaster

The next coaster project brings fun to the table. Utilizing pieces of the classic board game Scrabble, glue letter squares onto a cork board and add felt to the bottom. Letters can be placed randomly, with words hidden, or personalized with names. Create a theme amongst your coaster set and make a game of it when guests arrive!

DIY scrabble coaster

The ultimate in coaster personalization comes with the addition of your favorite photos, wrapping paper, images from magazines, or your most memorable travels; that’s right, use a map! Using print outs or any type of paper, decoupage and tile, you can personalize to your heart’s content.

DIY map coaster

Alternatively, stamps may be used.

DIY stamp tile coaster

Drum roll please……we have found the most creative, Earth friendly, simplistic DIY coaster project for you. Are you ready for it? A cinnamon stick coaster! Just glue some cinnamon sticks together and trim with yarn or ribbon. Not only do you have a beautiful addition to your table which protects it, this crafty piece will make your place smell delightful. And it will certainly be an interesting conversation piece!

DIY cinnamon stick coaster

All of these ideas are a wonderful way to spruce up that coffee table, whether it’s rented or owned. Not only are these ideas great for your home, they make great personalized gifts for the people in your life. Sometimes do-it-yourself projects may seem overwhelming, but with a little imagination and some inspiration, DIY can provide you with a sense of accomplishment. Earth Day is almost here, get started now and share with your friends.

Check our blog often to find out about more projects from our DIY Series! We’ve already shown you our favorite DIY pallet furniture ideas.

Plan Your Vacation with Pinterest!

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Disney World Vacation

Did you know that Pinterest is the third most popular social networking site out there? The site has become so popular we suspect people have imprints on their fingers from clicking the “pin it” button so often.

Part of this popularity may stem from how easy it is to use Pinterest for fun and exciting things, like planning a vacation. When planning a trip, the first step is figuring out where to go. The Earth is covered with land and sights to be marveled at and Pinterest allows the user an attractive way to discover them. Take a look around at what your pinning friends have posted and see if any of their favorites strike your fancy.

Still looking for a destination? Choose from the variety of categories that Pinterest offers from the menu at the top of the page. Some of the following topics that may help to get the vacay planning on its way:

Travel: this category will give you ideas from all over the world. From anything your heart may desire, to the fully unknown. One click on this link and you’re sure to dedicate hours of cyber-traveling bliss.

Architecture: is a great topic for those that have a passion for unique buildings and history. This link will show you amazing sites around the globe and can ignite the urge to visit places you’ve never imagined.

Art: if you have an eye for art or are intrigued to learn more about it, view this category for ideas of where you favorite art/artists are located. Get inspired to visit your newest favorite art works.

Disney World Botanical Garden

Outdoors: allows you to feel out what you want the most. Is it a botanical garden you want to visit or are you more interested in basking on the sandy beaches of an exotic destination?

Sports: utilize this Pinterest category as a way to find new and involved sporting events around the globe.

Once you’ve narrowed down an idea of where you would like to go, create a board for your top location. Create a different board for each city to compare and organize. Additionally, create separate boards for activities and different things to do and visit in those cities. What would you like to do while on your trip? Use Pinterest to put together a variety of fun things to do and start planning out an agenda.

Disney World Lagoon

It’s also helpful to have an idea of what’s to eat locally while on vacation, especially for those with special diets and allergies. Search the restaurants close to where you will be staying and create a board for “eats”. You can link directly to the places you are interested in checking out and include their direct contact info within the pin. Do the same for your lodging options: have some hotels or home stay options pinned.

Be prepared! Pin important and useful information that you will need while on vacation. Include your flight info, local travel info (i.e.-bus lines, etc,), resort information, and maps of the town you will be staying in. This is all especially useful if you are traveling abroad and don’t speak the native language.

The best thing about all of this pre-pinning? If you have the Pinterest app on your phone, you will have immediate access to all necessary information! It’s never been easier to plan your vacation with Pinterest.

Once you have arrived to your destination and are ready for some fun, snap a bunch of pictures and – you guessed it – start pinning! Maybe you can help another Pinterest user to help plan their next vacation.

Learn more about using Pinterest for projects and our top 10 Pinterest boards for home design. Be sure to check out Signature Furniture Rental on Pinterest, too!