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A Day in Mission Valley

If you’re going to spend a day in Mission Valley, San Diego consider spending two. In fact, while you’re at it, why not stay for a week? The area is ripe with lavish shopping centers, elegant restaurants, relaxing golf resorts and don’t forget the home of the San Diego Chargers, Qualcomm Stadium. Mission Valley also has the additional bonus of being incredibly close to two of the city’s most cherished destinations, Sea World and the San Diego Zoo. And no matter where you are in Mission Valley, you are fortunate enough to be in close proximity to the awe-inspiring Balboa Park.

san diego mission church

Image: Wikipedia

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Just about everyone knows that San Diego’s fish tacos and burritos are superb. Few places can top those two dishes. But the city’s sushi scene is highly underrated, and not to mention delicious. If you’re new to town or have just had your fill of tacos (we love ‘em, but it’s easy to get sick of them when you eat them every day), here are some of the best spots for sushi in San Diego:


Image: Steven Freeman

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The consensus among realtors is that the winter months tend to cause a dip in homes sales. While the numbers definitely back up that theory, and depending on what figures you consult, home sales are typically down eight percent in November and twenty-seven percent in January, that doesn’t mean that a winter home sale is impossible. In fact we would even argue, that if you properly home stage your place of residence during the freezing months, you’re more likely to stand out on the market place than during the busy season. Here are our thoughts on selling your home in the off-season…

for sale sign in snowImage: Serving St. Louis Realty

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DIY Décor For Children’s Rooms

DIY decor for children’s rooms is increasing in popularity. One of the strongest advantages of DIY décor is that there really is no limit to what you can create. Therefore, it’s always helpful to use your child’s boundless imagination when decorating their room. After all, they’re the ones who will have to live in it! Start by incorporating their creative sensibility in any of the design plans.

DIY-Kids-Room-Decor-Unique-DesignImage: MyTickerz 

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Smell is one powerful sense. Research even shows that scent is the strongest link to past memories. If you’re currently trying to sell your home, you may want to consider just how it smells.

After all, your potential buyers will want to make great memories at your home. Since you’re home staging, you already know how important it is to keep a tidy, neat home. But if you’re stuck on just what fragrances you should use to make your home more marketable, use this guide to help demystify this process.

Want to Sell Your Home? Use Scent


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5 Best DIY Projects Using Reclaimed Wood

Creating your own furniture is satisfying. Everyday, you’ll get to use something you made by hand and can admire your hard work.

Crafting pieces out of reclaimed wood can make you feel even better. You’re reusing materials that would otherwise end up the trash and you’ll have a great story to tell when guests ask you where you got it. With Earth Day upon us, we recommend reclaimed wood as a way to satisfy your creative itch and do something great for the planet. These five projects are a way to add a nice vintage touch to your home, and they’re not that hard to make either. So, find some used wood and get to work!

Best DIY Reclaimed Wood Projects

Image: Flickr

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Spend Your Tax Return on DIY Projects

Make That Tax Return Go Farther with DIY!

You finally finished your taxes and a sizable return has just landed in your bank account. It’s time to celebrate! If you’ve been to waiting for the extra cash to finally complete that home improvement project, you’ve got it. But if you’re fresh out of ideas about how to spiff up your abode, we have a few suggestions. Best of all, these projects can be completed over a weekend and will likely leave you with some extra money to spend on whatever else your heart desires. How about a new wardrobe for that new wardrobe?

Add Storage

If you’re always hunting for your keys right by the door or eternally searching for misplaced bath products in your bathroom, consider adding shelves. Mount a glass shelf on your bathroom beside the mirror to keep essentials like toothpaste and skin creams nearby. Additionally, consider adding a small side table to your entryway for added storage space. Besides, where else will your extra mail go? A mounted shelf complete with hooks to hang your keys is also ideal for storage too; check this example from Better Homes and Garden’s site

Make Your Entrance Shine

DIY projects for your tax return

Image: Flickr

Painting a door a bright color like cherry red or a bold blue is one of the easiest ways to take it from drab to fab, according to If you’d like to take it one step further, consider adding a welcome mat (DIY it with old sheets or those saved corks) or some potted plants. Those little touches can help your guests feel more, well, at home.

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How To Recycle Holiday Decorations

Don’t let the holiday season cause you to send your festive decor to the landfill – end the year in a green way with tips from Signature Furniture Rental!

As we de-holiday our house and transition into January, most of us are left with a mountain of items that we simply don’t know what to do with. It can be overwhelming to throw everything away, with the knowledge of the sentiment with which each thing was given, but we don’t always have the room to store everything from year to year. We know that recycling is a better option for the planet, but there are so many rules for what can be recycled and how that it can turn into just another overwhelming task to put off. Here is a quick guide to how best to reuse, upcycle, or recycle holiday decorations.

How To Recycle Holiday Decorations

Image: Flickr

Unfortunately, a mountain of traditional satin wrapping paper, shiny ribbon, tape and gift bags can’t be recycled. The kraft paper, newspaper and recyclable wrapping paper can be recycled, of course, but not everybody uses planet friendly materials when playing Santa. Even if you end up throwing everything into the recycling bin, it’s common to have one contraband item spoil the chances for the rest of the load to be recycled due to the sheer volume of garbage to be sorted through. The best thing to do in this case is to reuse the wrapping paper and ribbon for another gift, or to save it for another DIY project. Pinterest and the blogosphere are great resources for upcycling ideas and instructions for projects like framed art and wreaths.

Christmas trees are another issue. Buying a natural tree, which can be recycled into mulch or compost, is a greener option than purchasing an artificial or flocked tree. When artificial trees have ended their run, they cannot be recycled, and must either be donated or thrown away. However, the each local community has their own rules and methods for recycling natural Christmas trees and wreaths, and often if these strict guidelines aren’t followed, a perfectly compostable holiday plant will end up in the landfill instead.

Some communities have curbside pick-up for their trees, while others have collection stations at local parks or schools. Be sure to look up your city’s post-holiday procedures, because they might be limited time events held on just a few dates (and definitely don’t keep that totally brown tree around till Valentine’s Day…).

When in doubt, check out in order to find out how to recycle your household items, and learn new ideas for reusing your old things.

Whether you’re low on cash, time, or just decided to get into the spirit last minute, sometimes the holidays sneak up on you before you’ve had a chance to prepare. With just a few days until Christmas and New Year’s lurking right around the corner, there isn’t much time to deck the halls extravagantly, unless you hire a team of elves to do it overnight.

Here are a few ideas from Signature Furniture Rental for fun, easy and inexpensive do-it-yourself projects to make your home beautiful in no time flat this holiday season.

Last minute holiday decorations to DIY - Signature Furniture Rental

Image: Flickr

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You can make your dream Thanksgiving dinner, even in a small space. Here are some tips to maximize your time and space, host a full sized thanksgiving in a small kitchen, and even get to enjoy your family and friends’ company this holiday.

Host Thanksgiving in a Small Kitchen

Image: Flickr

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