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It’s common knowledge that giving your house an upgrade (whether it be a leaky faucet or a full bathroom remodel) is guaranteed way to increase the value of your house before you sell it. Another way to increase the value of your house (and be nice to the Earth!) is to make sure that your home is eco-friendly. That’s why making eco-friendly upgrades to your home is a double whammy for increasing your home’s value, and why we came up with these helpful earth friendly home improvement tips for selling your house.

 Solar house: Earth Friendly Home Improvement Tips for Selling Your House

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

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clean desk with laptop and mug

If you work from home, chances are pretty good that you have a home office. Chances are also pretty good that it might be a bit messy. No need to worry, you can quickly get organized and become much more efficient with these home office organizational tips. If you don’t have a home office, we can help with that, too!

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How to Decorate a Teen’s Bedroom

teen with legs crossedImage: Pixabay

It’s no secret that teenagers can be a testy crowd, especially when it comes to their bedrooms. It’s their personal domain, and it can be tough to find something you can both agree on – after all, it’s a part of your house. But take a deep breath and know that there are some quick and easy ways to make sure their personal space is one they’ll enjoy and will want to hang out in. Follow these tips on how to decorate a teen’s bedroom, and you’ll be well on your way.

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Five Tools Every Home Stager Needs

wrenches on white backgroundImage: Pixabay

In order to make the home more appealing to buyers, some folks often hire a professional home stager but you can also D-I-Y if you’re not a home stager. Either way, here are five tools every home stager needs to get that ‘For Sale’ posted sooner rather than later:

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orange_wood Image: Union Cowork

If you work from home, you know the struggles of staying in your house day in and day out. It can get isolating. Your pets or to-do list can get in the way of your important work. That’s where co-workings spaces come into play. With an area like this, you can network with other remote professionals, meet up with other writers and just have a very focused environment where you can finish your work. And you can expense it on your taxes. If you’re searching for the best great co-working spaces in San Diego, look no further:

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Easy Bathroom Storage Hacks

bathroom storage hacks

If you’re living in a small space or just want to have more storage areas, one of the easiest places to start is your bathroom. Chances are you’ve got a few extra bottles of hair care products, some nail polish, and way too much body lotion lying around. Why not put them in a few different sized baskets? But that’s just the start. Discover more easy storage hacks for your bathroom. Continue Reading “Easy Bathroom Storage Hacks” »

Home Staging on a Budget

We’d all like to live in a dreamy home that could be featured in Dwell. Or afford to buy only furniture that comes from Pottery Barn. But budgets are very real constraints and most of us make do with what we can afford. But don’t look at that negatively. With a little creativity, you can make your ho-hum place light up like one you’d see in Better Homes & Gardens. If you’re home staging on a budget, these tips can make your home look like a million bucks. Even if you only have $500 to spend.

bedroom with six pillowsImage: Flickr

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gaslamp quarter signImage: Wikipedia

Known for its great weather and myriad of outdoor activities ranging from boating to visiting the world famous San Diego Zoo, San Diego is also a great place to listen to live music. Whether you are a visitor staying at a vacation rental complete with furnishings, working in the city temporarily, or lucky enough to be a resident, the city has some terrific places to rock out. While we could go on and on, and list hundreds of places in the San Diego area to listen to music, we’ve chosen a few of the best spots to see live music in San Diego below:

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If some walls could talk they might say: “Decorate us.”

Empty walls — regardless if they are in a large McMansion, a luxury apartment rental, or a small bungalow — are downright boring.

Any way you look at it, they should scream “someone lives here” and reflect the resident’s individual style. Where do you begin? Choosing and arranging wall art can be daunting but it doesn’t need to be. Use your creativity and unique perspective to decide how it should be done. It’s easy and fun to make it happen with a few simple decorating tips.

blue walls with artImage: Pixabay 

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Forget what you think you know about home staging. Plenty of myths abound and can cloud your judgments. But fear not. We’re here to debunk those 5 myths about home staging and help your home sell in no time. Before you know it, you’ll be drinking Champagne to celebrate your home sale. Clink! Clink!

living room with televisionImage: Flickr

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