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3 Simple Themes to Boost Your Dining Room Inspiration

The dining room is the heart of the home. This is where families gather for dinner, family reunions, homework help, and everyday chatting. Undeniably, there’s something special about the dining room — maybe it has to do with mealtimes, fond memories, and special moments.

No matter how you use your dining area, your room decor speaks volumes about you. In many cases, dining room inspiration overflows into other areas of the house, especially open communal areas like the living room and the hallways .

These themes can help foster specific ambiences in your dining room:

Vintage Feel for Classic Dining Room Inspiration

For more old-fashioned, down-to-earth types, a classic look is always in style. This dining room decor emphasizes that the room is a gathering area for mealtimes. Choose furniture and accessories that employ a balanced feel, and avoid major extremes. Create a timeless sense of contentment by using earth tones and lighter woods — this will instill a feeling of ease and comfort, and create a neutral base for elegant flourishes.

For a classic look, try out the Hyde Park collection, available through Signature Furniture Rental.

3 Simple Themes to Boost Your Dining Room Inspiration

Hyde Park Dining Table

Space-Saving Essentials

Sometimes a simpler, more streamlined look can really open up the dining area. Sleeker decor facilitates a more spacious, comfortable vibe that will encourage socializing, mingling, and chatting — all important aspects for quality bonding time!

To accomplish this look, opt for a less-bulky table, smaller place settings and centerpieces, and open space in the walkways to the kitchen. This allows for free flow of traffic and is great for when you have guests. For this look, try the Camden Picadilly Table or the Soho Pub Table, with matching seating options!

Formal Family-Style Design

For important gatherings and events like holidays, reunions, and other milestones, a sturdier dining table conveys an atmosphere of permanence and rootedness. It says, “This is where we always meet,” reminding diners of the long-lasting bonds of friends and family. Darker colored furniture and accessories channel a more formal vibe, just like a darker suit is often required for a formal dinner.

For special occasions and everyday presentability, the Soho Dining Table makes a lovely centerpiece for the dining room. It features a rich espresso-colored frame and an elegant carmel onyx top. The Knightsbridge chair series complements the Soho table beautifully, creating a sturdy look.

3 Simple Themes to Boost Your Dining Room Inspiration

Soho Dining Table and Chairs

These are just a few themes you can use to express your individuality in the dining room, and renting furniture is a quick, hassle-free way to change up the ambiance in no time.

Contact us now at Signature Furniture Rental if you’re looking for a wide selection of furniture that can be rented for personal use or home staging purposes. We have various rental packages and individual items that you can use to furnish your dining room as you please.

Three people busy rearranging furniture.

Your environment has a huge emotional and psychological impact on you. From the color on the walls to how you use the space (think: furniture arrangement) our environment influences our thoughts, moods, and perceptions. It also has a direct impact on how we work. Surgeons and accountants, for example, work better in low-ceiling rooms (it promotes focus and concentration), according to feng shui expert Ariel Joseph Towne. Creative people generally work better in large, open spaces with lots of natural light.

Our home interior, in particular, has a great deal of influence on us because of the amount of time we spend there and because it is truly our own space. Not only that, other people see our personal spaces as a reflection of who we are. This is why taking the time to design your space, or rearrange furniture, on a regular basis can actually make you feel better.

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27841432715_5dc07f121e_z (1)

San Diego Comic-Con goes down this month on July 21-24. Like a Charger’s or Padre’s game, Comic-Con can cause San Diego to get all riled up in the participation spirit. People flock from all over the country to dress up in their favorite costumes, attend seminars, and meet their favorite actors. What many don’t realize is that this grand event has become an epicenter of artistic creativity and handiwork, as many participants make or build their own costumes, props, and sets.

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5 Easy Ways to Increase Space in Your San Diego Residence

No matter what the home layout or floor plan, one thing’s for sure- everyone could use some extra space in their home. Whether it’s in the living room, bedrooms, or even the dining room, the feeling of spaciousness is always welcomed. It can help make the place more comfortable, and can help you be more productive and at the same time more relaxed.

There are several easy steps you can take to create more space in your home. Check out these fun and easy ways to increase space inside the house:

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3 San Diego Museums to Visit for Artistic Inspiration

Art museums can be a source of inspiration for home decor and design. Even seeing different fabric and clothing patterns alone can provide ideas around the home (for instance, with window treatments). Visiting a museum and viewing some displays is an excellent, out-of-the-box way to receive inspiration and to get into an “artistic state of mind for your next project. There are many San Diego museums to visit in the area—here are 3 of our favorites.

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7 Easy-To-Make DIY Flower Projects

7 Easy-To-Make DIY Flower Projects

April showers bring May flowers—both outdoors and indoors!

May is the opportune time to put together some awesome flower-themed decorations for your home. As mentioned in our previous blog post, flowers can be a mainstay for spring decor. Get creative with these DIY flower projects that you can put together in no time.

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Fresh Spring Decor Ideas to Beautify Your Home

April showers bring May flowers—and along with them, heaps of innovation and inspiration!

Spring is one of the best seasons to get the creative juices flowing and let your imagination run wild. Warmer weather, fresh air, and blossoming flowers provide the inspiration for your own unique spring decor and designs. Read on and learn some tricks for spring decorating this year:

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Fun and Amazing DIY Earth Day Projects

Person holding a globe

This year, Earth Day is on Friday, April 22. Earth Day is a special day that is set aside to celebrate environmental protection and to increase awareness of various issues affecting the planet’s health. It is one of the most “active” holidays, in that many people choose to perform various acts which contribute towards the betterment of the environment. For instance, classic activities include planting a tree or biking to work instead of driving.

Here are a few great DIY earth day projects that you can do to help decorate your home and increase awareness for guests and visitors. Most of these Earth Day projects feature eco-friendly materials, and can easily be recycled or repurposed after their use.

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5 Super Easy DIY Stair Decor Projects

5 Super Easy DIY Stair Decor Projects

In many houses, the staircase is immediately visible as soon as you walk through the front door. Unlike the attic or the backyard, not a day goes by when we don’t pass by the stairwell.

As you can see, it’s important to give this area of the home the attention and creativity it deserves—particularly if you’re attempting to sell or stage a home. Here are five super easy stair decor projects that you can do yourself!

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Hallways can be “forgotten” areas of the house when it comes to home decor and home staging.

However, they are very important to the presentation of the house, as they’re connected with the layout and flow of the floor space. Also, hallways tend to be regarded as common areas, and they can actually get more traffic than any other area of the home.

Read on for some easy but impactful hallway decor tips that will create a more inviting space.

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