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7 Easy-To-Make DIY Flower Projects

7 Easy-To-Make DIY Flower Projects

April showers bring May flowers—both outdoors and indoors!

May is the opportune time to put together some awesome flower-themed decorations for your home. As mentioned in our previous blog post, flowers can be a mainstay for spring decor. Get creative with these DIY flower projects that you can put together in no time.

3-D Flower Cards

Create 3-D flower decorated cards for greetings, quick messages, and indoor decoration. You can create various abstract 3-D flower shapes using materials like cardboard, felt, popsicle sticks, and other materials. Just gather your materials, and glue them onto plain cardstock. The best part about these is you can arrange them and place them in any location around the house for quick and easy decor. This easy project is great for kids!

Origami Flowers

Origami is not only a decoration, it is an art technique in itself. Once you make your first origami project, you’ll realize that it’s a skill that you can improve on for a lifetime. Hone your skills by making some origami flowers for your home or office. You can use set patterns, or if you’re up to it, invent your own folding sequences.

Tissue Paper Flowers

Using a combination of tissue paper and contact paper, you can create some very beautiful tissue paper flowers and flower designs. This technique works well for creating naturally translucent and lighter flowers like cherry blossoms or delicate lotuses.

For the stems, you can use anything from straws to pipe cleaners, wire wrapped with green tape or other flexible materials. This is another excellent project to get the kids involved with. 

Dried Flower Embedded Candles

You can decorate candles with dried flowers by embedding them in the surface of the candle. These look absolutely stunning, especially with spring colors like lavenders, off-whites, and pale pinks. Choose different colored candles to provide the framework for your favorite dried flower selections.

Flower Wreath

Wreaths aren’t only for the winter holidays—they look lovely during the spring as well, using your favorite flowers! Pro-tip: Two colors should suffice to keep the flower wreath clean and simple. You can use one as background color and sprinkle the other color for accent. Or, you can have a nice, even mix to create a more neutral, homogeneous look.

Floral Throw Pillows

Replace your old throw pillow cases with a fresh new spring floral pattern. This is great for adding just the right touch of flowers to your couch and seating area. This just goes to show you don’t need a ton of flowers to brighten up a room. Just a dash here and there can go a really long way!

Mini Bouquets

This one’s probably the most fun and innovative out of the bunch. Mini bouquets are cute, charming, and super easy to make. Just form a bouquet using tissue paper, cellophane, and small flowers, except in micro-mini proportions! These can be affixed to greeting cards, pens, garlands, window treatments, table settings or other places. Go wild with these!

These are just a handful of different flower projects that you can put together this month for your place. As you continue to decorate and design through the seasons, your skills and creative eye will continue to unfold and improve. If you need more extensive interior design and furniture options, you may want to consider furniture rental. Contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental for premium rental items and packages for your home this spring!


Fresh Spring Decor Ideas to Beautify Your Home

April showers bring May flowers—and along with them, heaps of innovation and inspiration!

Spring is one of the best seasons to get the creative juices flowing and let your imagination run wild. Warmer weather, fresh air, and blossoming flowers provide the inspiration for your own unique spring decor and designs. Read on and learn some tricks for spring decorating this year:

Use a Lot of White and Pastel (Pale Palette)

For an open, airy, breezy feel, use lots of whites and pastels. This is also known as a “pale palette, and it creates a nice fresh feeling in whatever room you’re working with. In particular, green hues work very well for spring-themed decor colors. These signify budding leaves and green grass returning after winter.

Specifically, lighter greens, like yellow-greens or mint greens work very well. Think grassy green rather than the darker, dense forest-type greens.

Flower it Up

Flowers are the ultimate spring symbol. Whether you choose to use actual flowers, flower cut outs, or abstract flower paint shapes, you can’t really go wrong using flowers in the springtime. Some favorite flower shapes to work with include sunflowers, daffodils, tulips, and lilies. Also, blossoms work well for creating centerpieces and pieces for end tables. For most people, cherry blossoms are a non-intrusive choice, as the smaller pink buds are not so dominating.


To create an old-timey feel, rustic and vintage antique items can really freshen things up in a room. One project you can try is to take an old antique cabinet and paint it a soft white or soft yellow. This will add a splash of color and a warmer vibe to an otherwise drab room. Certain antiques also tend to remind your guests of being outdoors due to the worn and weathered look. This is great for creating a springtime porch or gazebo feel indoors.

Chintz Tablecloths

Chintz is a pattern originating from India that showcases different colored flowers, typically on a white or light background. This is perfect for spring decor! You can use them for anything from runners to pillowcases, curtains or even spring dresses. They also work really, really well as tablecloths. For traditional, American homestyle fabric choices, check out these southern chintz designs.

Spring Doily Projects

Doilies are fancy, ornamental mats that are used to protect surfaces, much like a round placemat. They are often made of paper or crocheted out of fabric. Most doilies that you see will be the traditional white color; however, if you can put together a pastel or light-colored doily, they make very charming spring-themed decorations. Two-tone (pastel with white edges) doilies look particularly clean. If you’re in the mood, you can also connect colored doilies of various sizes to create a grand spring doily table runner, perfect for porch picnics.

Spring time is a favorite decorating season for many people, as there are so many different options you can apply to your themes. Whether you’re adding a few touches here and there, or going for a full makeover, spring decor is always a blast. If you need additional furniture and accessory options for spring, contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental. We have entire rental packages as well as individual rentals to help you achieve that custom design you’re looking for.

Fun and Amazing DIY Earth Day Projects

Person holding a globe

This year, Earth Day is on Friday, April 22. Earth Day is a special day that is set aside to celebrate environmental protection and to increase awareness of various issues affecting the planet’s health. It is one of the most “active” holidays, in that many people choose to perform various acts which contribute towards the betterment of the environment. For instance, classic activities include planting a tree or biking to work instead of driving.

Here are a few great DIY earth day projects that you can do to help decorate your home and increase awareness for guests and visitors. Most of these Earth Day projects feature eco-friendly materials, and can easily be recycled or repurposed after their use.

Use Recycled and Reclaimed Materials

Before you start, it helps to gather up an inventory of materials that you can use. To maximize conservation of resources, use items that you already have around the house or yard. For instance, jars, buckets, planters, and cans are great materials for Earth Day projects. These create a theme/feeling of “outdoors”, as well as recycling.

For binding or tying items together, opt for twine, hemp rope, and other natural looking lines rather than bright ribbons or plastic items. In addition, wood is another great base material for your DIY projects. Remember that wooden palette that’s just sitting in the backyard? Those are good planks that can be used for tons of decorative projects!


Terrariums are a favorite DIY Earth Day project. In short, terrariums are any glass container that can be filled with soil and small plants, and then sealed for display. Think of it kind of like a ship in a bottle, except for plants. The transparent glass allows for transfer of light, and the glass keeps in the heat needed for growth- kind of like a miniature greenhouse.

These can be used for decoration, or you can use them year-round to grow your own green collection. You can fill them with pebbles, figurines, and other items for more scenery. Also, you can use all kinds of glass shapes- orbs, cylinders, jars, vases- whatever you like!


Dioramas aren’t just for grade school projects. You can pour your heart and soul into them and create some really accurate and detailed sceneries. Common Earth Day diorama themes include tropical rainforests, the deep ocean and beaches, mountain scenery, or arctic scenes. Let your imagination run wild! For these projects, old cardboard boxes and indexes cards can be repurposed for your building materials.

Also, if you’re into spreading awareness, these can create some moving pictures of environmental issues like deforestation, mining, or pollutions and spills.

Globe Projects

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than to build your own globe? Make a globe with paper mache, cardboard, or other similar materials. You can also modify existing globes to create globe clocks, globe night lights, and other fascinating objects. Your project can even be as simple as marking where you’ve traveled with thumb tacks on a globe, or marking places you’d like to visit.

These are great for kids, too! It’s a fun way to teach them geography and topography.

Herb Garden

Finally, starting an herb garden is an easy way to celebrate Mother Earth. Many herbs can be grown easily indoors with very little care involved. These also serve as great decorations, especially hanging herb planters. The best part, of course, is that these decorations are not just practical and useful—they could also be delicious (depending on what you plant)! If you want to go big, you can always move your operation outdoors and start an actual outdoor herb garden. For now, a mini-garden can provide some cheer and sunshine in your home.

Let’s keep our planet in mind this month as we continue to improve and decorate our homes. Another resource-saving option for larger home makeovers? Furniture rental. Renting furniture helps you avoid the cycle of furniture purchase and disposal. If you’re interested in some beautiful furniture rental packages and options, contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental. We have a wide range of items and accessories to help you achieve the dream look for your home that you’ve always wanted!

5 Super Easy DIY Stair Decor Projects

5 Super Easy DIY Stair Decor Projects

In many houses, the staircase is immediately visible as soon as you walk through the front door. Unlike the attic or the backyard, not a day goes by when we don’t pass by the stairwell.

As you can see, it’s important to give this area of the home the attention and creativity it deserves—particularly if you’re attempting to sell or stage a home. Here are five super easy stair decor projects that you can do yourself!

Add Some Greenery

Low maintenance small potted plants can add color and depth to a relatively enclosed area and can fill up some of the voids on the steps themselves. Other options can include hanging plants, or a plant placed strategically in a recess in the wall along the stairs. Just be sure the walkway isn’t blocked and that the plants (and any other decor for that matter) don’t fall down! This is especially true if you have pets who make use of the staircase as well. Another tip: artificial decorative plants also work well for this application.

Souvenir Display

The staircase is one of the best places to display items and pictures that you want to see often. Similar to hanging things on the fridge, you can hang pictures from previous vacations, family trips and other mementos for you and the family to see. It’s also a great place to display all those little souvenirs and knick-knacks you picked up on the road. Rather than keep these tucked away in a box somewhere, you can set up a small table nearby and show them off for all to see!

Tip: If you have space at the end of the stairs, a small end table can work wonders, both for decorations and practical uses (placing keys on, etc.). Even a small sofa table can double as a landing table, working wonders for the area.

Patterned Carpet Runner and Paints

Patterned carpets for staircases are all the rage these days. You can secure all types of patterns, including colorful striped patterns or darker neutral colors, The best part about these is that you can have them set up and secured down in no time. Also, if you want to change them out over time to match the seasons and holidays, replacing them is simple.

Alternatively, painting the steps in different colors is a fun option. This also allows for more personalization and color choices and works particularly well for outdoor staircases.

Art Gallery

If your stairs are built up against a wall, that wall space is the perfect place to display your favorite art pieces. Whether you’re a serious collector, a casual weekend enthusiast, or if you paint your own works, hanging art near the stairs is classic DIY technique. The sense of vertical movement of the stairs can also accentuate the lines in your existing pieces. Depending on the layout of your home, that wall might be the most immediately visible areas in the whole house.

Daily Reminder/Whiteboard/Chalkboard

The bottom of the stairs is an excellent place to set up a daily reminder board or a friendly message board. It’s very simple—all you have to do is hang up a small chalkboard or whiteboard, and voila—you have your daily message board! This is great for jotting down notes to yourself, writing a grocery list, rattling off chores for the kids, thank you notes, I love you notes, and more! As mentioned, this the one spot that everyone tends to pass by multiple times a day. And, if it also happens to be near the front door, even better!

Everyone loves a well-decorated home, especially those who pay attention to detail. You can get immediate results in your home’s appearance by spending some time on crucial areas like the stairways and surrounding spots. If you need additional guidance or ideas, or more extensive home decor options, furniture rental can be of great assistance to you. Contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental for home furniture packages and accessories to spruce up your home.


Hallways can be “forgotten” areas of the house when it comes to home decor and home staging.

However, they are very important to the presentation of the house, as they’re connected with the layout and flow of the floor space. Also, hallways tend to be regarded as common areas, and they can actually get more traffic than any other area of the home.

Read on for some easy but impactful hallway decor tips that will create a more inviting space.

Add a Sitting Chair

We often associate hallways solely with traveling from one area to another. But, hallway space can also be used for other purposes, such as reading, chatting, or waiting for a bathroom to open up (great for guests and parties). Adding a small bench, chair, or ottoman to your hallway can create novel places to sit and can add a touch of sophistication to your hallway spaces. This works especially well for wider hallways or landing areas at the end of the hallway near bedroom doors. Depending on the style, the seat can also be used for storage!

Set Up a Standing Work Station

Adding a small ledge to a section of the hallway allows you to create a standing email station with a laptop or small device. This station is helpful for guests or people who need to hop online for a quick search. As a bonus, this might be a clever way to reduce time spent on the computer, since it’s a standing station and not meant for sitting for long periods of time.

Don’t log online frequently? Showcase photos, mirrors, or art.

Colorful Runners

Hallways tend to be slightly darker because they generally don’t have windows. You can lighten up darker hallways by laying down some bright runners or carpets along the length of the hallway. These can add a touch of color to make your hallway looks more spacious and lively. Plus, the have the added benefit of keeping the original floor or carpet clean and free from wear and tear.

Decorate the Walls with Frames

Hallway decor you choose for walls can also brighten things up. Hang collages of pictures on the hallway walls, but don’t overdo it. Too many pictures can make any space look cramped and stuffy. Choose only a few meaningful photos, preferably those with a common theme, like black and white images or the same colors for frames.

Alternatively, hang frames with prints or abstract artwork to create attractive intellectual designs that work well for any season.

Use Bookshelves to Create a Smart Look

Another idea for a functional DIY hallway project is to place some minimalist bookshelves along the hallway walls. This can be as minimal as a small cubby shelf to place a few books, or a more elaborate bookshelf if your hallway has recessed wall areas. Again, just make sure the shelf doesn’t clutter the hall space or obstruct the walking areas.

Add Some Functional Mirrors

Mirrors can also break the monotony of a plain hallway, and create the illusion of more spaces. Of course, mirrors are also functional and are perfect for quick last-second glances as you’re making your way out of the door. Choose a size that suits your needs. Small mirrors are excellent for checking hair or applying makeup on the fly while full-sized mirrors allow you to see your whole outfit at a glance.

By focusing a bit more on these crucial areas, you can free up space in other rooms, and can also add more life and energy to the hallways. If you need additional decoration or furniture rental ideas, contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental. We have tons of options to help you rework your hallways, bedrooms, living room, and other areas. Get started today on a fresh new look for your home!

 Image Source: Pixabay via JamesDeMers

6 Simple and Functional Valentine's Day Decorations

Valentine’s Day can be one of the funnest events to decorate for. This is a time where you can really express how you feel through the decor that you choose. Rather than just haphazardly throwing around red and hearts everywhere, it helps to create a few attention-grabbing projects that are also functional.

Try out these 6 simple Valentine’s Day decorations to add some fun and life to the room. These are low-cost and can be assembled quickly in time for the big day.

1) Floating Heart Backdrop

Hang some floating heart strings from the ceiling to create a Valentine’s Day backdrop. You can dedicate this backdrop area for couple’s pictures. Take things a step further and provide a few simple props for an instant photo booth. These can include red hats, Cupid’s bow and arrow, heart wands (of course), and wacky glasses. It also makes an excellent backdrop for dancing.

2) Message in a Frame

This one’s easy—just print or draw out a simple message, such as “You’re the Best” or “I Love You”, and hang it in a picture frame. If your Valentine’s Day party has a theme, this is a great way reinforce the night’s theme, such as “Dancing the Night Away” or “Lover’s Paradise.” Song lyrics work particularly well for this project as well, especially if the two of you have your own “special song.”

3) Centerpiece Jars

Jars seem to be all the rage no matter what the occasion. For Valentine’s Day, decorate any jars you have lying around with hearts, twine, paper doilies, paint—whatever you feel like! You can use these as centerpieces for your party and customize them with personalized messages. Also, what would Valentine’s Day be without candy? Fill the jars with small candies or lollipops, and they can instantly double as party favors for your guests to take home.

4) Valentine’s Love Letter Mail Pouch

This one’s great for the kids: Sew together some felt fabric to create Valentine’s love letter mail pouches. Hang them from chairs or on the wall so the kids can have a place to store all of their chocolate, candy and telegrams they receive at school. You can personalize them by name, and customize them by shape, such as a heart. For adults, you can surprise your loved ones by placing them in a car already filled with goodies and a love note.

5) Convo Cupcakes

Remember those little colorful heart candies with the messages on them? The ones that say, “Be Mine,” “You’re Sweet,” “Hug Me,” etc.? Recreate those using cupcakes for decorations that are fun and also delicious. Simply place little flags with messages in them in your chocolate or red velvet cupcakes. The flags can easily be made with lollipop sticks and label makers.

6) Paper Doily Garland

Spruce up the room with romantic paper doily garlands. All you have to do is fold some paper doilies in half, place a red heart in the middle, and attach them to streamers or other threads of your choice. This works especially well in conjunction with other decor ideas to create a border or outline. Like many of these ideas, you can also decorate these with Valentine’s-themed words.

As you can see, it’s easy to create Valentine’s Day decor that’s attractive as well as functional. If you’re looking for more comprehensive interior changes, you might need an update to your furniture. We have complete furniture rental packages, as well as various home staging options. Contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental and start choosing furniture and design options that you’ll absolutely love.

 Image Source: Pixabay via stux


The ceiling and airspace above can be one of the most overlooked aspects of room decor. It’s one of those subtle factors that can be easily missed; yet, when done properly, it can really round out the feeling and theme for the entire room.

The ceiling is similar to flooring in that it covers the entire span of the whole room; however, it’s not as immediately obvious. Thus, it’s important not to overdo it—ceiling decor should serve to accentuate the room rather than distract. Here are some suggestions for quick and easy ceiling decorations that you can implement in no time.

Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are great for adding a touch of warm light to the room. This works especially well for situations that call for low-lighting, such as a casual dinner, an intimate dance setting, or an open-mic event. White or off-white lanterns can create a feeling of ethereal spaciousness, while pastel lanterns can add a touch of festivity. The best part is that these are usually cheap and can be replaced or changed without much hassle.


These have become very popular for formal events like weddings, cotillions, and balls. When hung from the middle of the room, it feels like you’re inside a breezy tent or beneath a canopy. Experiment with different drape colors and lighting effects behind the drapings to create different moods.

Mini Chandeliers

Full-sized chandeliers can sometimes be gaudy and intrusive. This is less-than-ideal for smaller spaces and rooms. Instead, opt for a mini-chandelier. This is a practical way to enjoy the formality of a chandelier while maintaining a feel of space and openness above. This is especially good for dining areas where a large table is already occupying much of the vertical room space.

Hanging Fans

Similar to paper lanterns, hanging tissue fans are a quick and inexpensive way to decorate the ceiling area. They provide some movement and look really nice when a slight draft or breeze travels through the room. They’re also excellent for nurseries and children’s rooms, as they can provide visual stimulation for babies and toddlers. These can also be changed or removed at a moment’s whim when needed. Try making your own with paper plates or other materials.

Compass Rose

A compass rose is the the figure on a compass or map that is used to display the four cardinal directions. Sometimes called the “Rose of the Winds” or a windrose, this figure can be used in many ways on the ceiling. It works particularly well for a nautical-themed room, such as a nursery or a reading/hobby room. The image conjures up feelings of old-fashioned travel, exploration, and adventure.

You can make the rose functional (i.e., actually lined up with north/south, etc.), so you always know the directions in your home. If the room isn’t exactly lined up, you can also just line it up with the corners or walls. Also, you don’t always need to label it—you can keep it a discreetly painted image, or expand it to look like a highly decorative motif piece.

Ceiling decorations can really tie an entire room together due to the abundance of space involved. It’s an easy way to add some detail in a subtle yet effective manner. For more extensive decor and furnishing ideas, you may wish to explore furniture rental options. Furniture rental has quickly become established as an exciting and efficient option for interior design. Contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental for complete rental packages or to check out individual items.

Image source: Pixabay via schaerfsystem


It’s always fun to look ahead and anticipate the changes that the new year will bring. Overall, we’re seeing a definite shift in people’s lifestyles towards a very health conscious, environment-friendly, natural lifestyle. We believe that this theme will be running through many of the upcoming interior decor trends this year.

However, it will be done in a more subtle, less in-your-face way than has been attempted in the past. With that in mind, here are some interior design trends to look out for in 2016:

Handmade, Locally-Sourced Artisan Goods

Decorators are now embracing and celebrating the work of local artisans in the community. This is a great idea, as it helps to support local artisans. Handmade goods can be found at places like arts and wine festivals, or at stores, such as Make Good.

In particular, hanging fabrics are expected to be successful this year. Also popular this year will be imported artisan goods, such as Guatemalan craftwork and blankets.

Add a Desk

Lying in bed with a laptop trying to do work gets uncomfortable sometimes. Working at a desk promotes good posture and adds a touch of intellectual work ethic to your living space. It also gives you another aspect to decorate! Folks are opting more towards a simplistic, minimal desk design with darker colors to project a more professional, modern feel.

Lush Greenery

Succulents were wildly popular in 2015; however, these sometimes create a feeling of desert-like dryness to your place (which can be good depending on your aim). What we’re expecting this year is the use of plants that create more feelings of lush coolness—think broad, leafy plants with deep jungle green hues.

Potted plant baskets are already taking a hold as we speak. Short, hardy herbs and green onion bulbs also look good as decorations in the kitchen- the greener, the better. In addition, we expect to see fewer flowers and more greenery.

Minerals and Gems Galore

Minerals, precious stones, and gemstones can be used in many ways. For instance, you can display bowls of minerals, bare chunks of raw agate, or hanging pyrite pendants. The good thing with these is that the colors can easily be swapped and manipulated to your heart’s content. For instance, use lapis lazuli when you need blue, amethysts for purple, etc.

The Fight Against Off-Gassing

Off-gassing (or outgassing) is when manufactured products emit chemicals and vapors that are thought to be detrimental to our health. Sometimes you can even smell the chemicals; this is very common for new electronics, or for cheaper furniture that uses particle board.

The choice to avoid and reduce offgassing in the home will inform many people’s decor choices in 2016. This may be why many are gravitating towards hand-made items, green plants in the home, and open, airy spaces.

Renting Furniture

Rearranging furniture is a healthy practice to do regularly, as it can be very uplifting. But sometimes it’s even more refreshing to completely replace old furniture for a full makeover. Doing this regularly can be financially implausible for most. However, renting furniture is one way to completely change your home’s look without breaking the bank. There are many other benefits of renting furniture, such as easy availability and quick delivery.

You can be a trend-setter this year by creating your own versions of popular techniques and ideas. If you need more options for interior decoration or furniture rental, visit us today at Signature Furniture Rental. We have a wide selection of furniture rentals and packages for your interior design needs this year in 2016.

Image source: Pixabay via tookapic


Well, 2015 is has come to a close and it’s time for the New Year! We’ve had an awesome time this year in 2015, and we hope you have too. This past year has been outstanding, and we look forward to continuing the fun in 2016!

Since the holidays are so busy, some may run out of time for preparing New Year’s decor. But don’t worry, there are plenty of quick and easy last-minute DIY decorations for New Year’s celebration. Here’s a list of some of our favorite ideas:

New Year’s Party Colors

For New Year’s eve celebrations, traditional colors include gold and silver. In particular, sparkling and glittering materials will work well no matter what your overall theme. Your guests will associate the metallic sparkle with prosperity, festivity, and fireworks. Black and white also work well and tends to add a bit of class to the atmosphere.

Spray Paint Jars Gold

This is a simple way to add some shine to your party. Gather up some empty jars and spray paint them gold. These can be used to hold streamers, noisemakers, confetti, or other items for the festivities. They also look fantastic on their own! Try using some gold glitter as well for added effect. This effect works very well with bottles and other glass containers also.

Confetti Balloons

Confetti balloons are super easy to make—use a funnel to get some confetti inside of a balloon while it’s deflated. Then, when you blow the balloon up, it will come alive with the confetti shaking around inside of it. This works best of course with translucent or clear balloons. Again, feel free to be generous with the gold and silver for this one.

Use Wrapping Paper Generously

Plain gold or silver wrapping paper is your best friend for last-minute New Year’s eve decorations. There are so many uses. For instance, wrap “2016” cardboard number cutouts for large welcome displays. Or, you can also create hanging cardboard mobiles in any shape you like, and wrap those with gold or silver—the possibilities are endless.

Dress up Your Champagne Glasses

If you’re using disposable champagne glasses, try adding some gold stickers on the sides of the glasses or on the stems. You can even have your guests add them so everyone knows which glass is theirs! For non-disposable glassware, try tying small pieces of black felt ribbons onto the stems for miniature velvet bow ties. Classy!

Candle Centerpieces

Adding  gold or silver candles to your centerpieces can really brighten up your table arrangements. This looks especially sophisticated when paired with black and white table settings—the candle will create the perfect touch of metallic accent.

2016 Candles

Set aside 4 candles—preferably wider ones—and decorate each of them in glitter with the numbers 2-0-1-6, so the set spells out 2016. These will look charming wherever you decide to put them. You can even have a celebratory lighting ceremony when the ball drops!

The main thing is to have fun and enjoy the festivities! Right now is also the best time for new changes. If you’d like to usher in the new year with some brand new interior design options, furniture rental may be the best option for you. Visit us today at Signature Furniture Rental to learn how you can benefit from our furniture rental selections and packages.

 Image Source: Pixabay via Wokandapix

Warm Color Decor Ideas for Winter

Warm Color Decor Ideas for Winter

The “visual temperature” of your home should typically contrast with what’s going on outdoors. In the summer, when it’s hot outside, you want the inside of your home to look cooler. During the colder winter months, you may want a warmer, cozier indoor atmosphere.

Thus, winter is the time to use warm colors to evoke a feeling of warmth, comfort, and security. This week, we’ll show you can use colors to create the type of atmosphere you’re looking for.

General Color Principles

So, just what are “warm” colors? The palette of colors is divided into “warm” and “cool” colors. Warm colors include reds, oranges, yellows, and beiges. Cool colors would include blues, greens, and greys. For winter months, you’ll want the room to be predominantly filled with warmer colors.

The hue of the warm color is important as well. For instance, when selecting a red, you might not want a Ferrari red as that might be too hot. Instead, you may opt for a darker red hue that indicates a more earthy feel. You don’t need to limit yourself to a specific color or shade; it helps to think in terms of a predominant color and corresponding accents.

You’re in Control!

Choose which colors you want in order to create the feel you’re looking for. Here’s a key for some warm color winter associations and symbolizations:

  • Red = fire, bright warmth, Santa, Rudolph, mistletoe

  • Orange = security, glowing warmth, embers, pumpkin pie

  • Yellow = cheer, joy, gold, gifts, festivity, optimism (great for New Year’s)

  • Beige or off-white = comfort, satisfaction, eggnog, cream

  • Browns = earthiness, hot cocoa, reindeer, chocolate

Also, it helps to use some touches of cool colors, as these will provide balance to your themes. Using only oranges and yellows for instance, might create a look that says “fall and Thanksgiving” instead of winter. Certain color combinations are distinctly associated with winter, such as red and green, or gold, silver and white—don’t be afraid to mix things up!

Specific Ideas: Accentuate Sources of Heat

Now that you have a grasp of color principles, here are some specific ideas to try:

  • Emphasize the hearth or fireplace—Metallic objects and earthenware tend to retain heat longer than other substances. Place bronze or chocolate vases near the fireplace or on the mantle to accentuate the idea of warmth coming from there. You can also decorate the mantle with pots that are red, yellow, or orange—the colors of a flame.

  • Focus on the windows—Light is another source of heat. Your eye will “color” the light coming from the windows depending on what type of curtains or blinds you use. Using browns or reddish oranges can help tone the entire feel of the room down to warmer and more muted; if you want the room to feel more ethereal, use a lighter shade like a yellow.

  • Cover your chairs and sofas—Bare chairs and seating areas often create a feeling of emptiness and a space that’s too open and breezy. By tossing a caramel or orange throw blanket across your couch, you can make the area appear to be warmer.

  • Introduce more pillows—Pillows and other small items are great for use as complementary color decorations. For instance, if your sofa is brown, red pillowcases on your sofa’s throw pillows can create a nice contrast and balance in your living room.

Warm colors can transform your home’s interior into a quiet refuge from the colder winter elements. If you need more extensive interior design options, contact us at Signature Furniture Rental for furniture packages and room design selections. We have furniture rental options to help you create stunning looks for the winter season. Stop by today and experience the benefits of renting furniture.

Image Source: Pixabay via JamesDeMers


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