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DIY Holiday Gifts for the Home

DIY Holiday Gifts for the Home

The holiday season is full of gift giving, gift getting, and lots of festive activities for kids and adults alike. However, it’s also the time of year we tend to spend the most money at retail shops. If buying gifts from “big box” stores isn’t your thing, or you’re trying to keep the spending to a minimum, or you just prefer to give something made with love, now is the perfect time of the year to try inventive, chic, and fun DIY gift ideas. Here are a few of our favorites. Continue Reading “DIY Holiday Gifts for the Home” »

Pinterest Boards for Home Design

Pinterest for Home Decor

Pinterest is an invaluable resource for all things decorating, especially for designing and spicing up your home. You can start your home decor quest by checking out our Signature Furniture Rental Pinterest profile! Keep reading to learn about some of our other favorite Pinterests!
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DIY Home Décor for Renters

Decorating a Rental Home

Some rentals don’t allow painting, or heavy overhaul on rooms like kitchens and bathrooms. But the good news is that there are tons of ways to make any space brighter and modern without tons of remodeling. Continue Reading “DIY Home Décor for Renters” »

The Hottest Interior Design Trends for 2014

We’re now about to begin the second quarter of 2014 (I know, already???), and if the first three months have shown us anything it’s that this year has some definite design trends we can look forward to for the rest of 2014. These top industry professionals and bloggers explain what they see as really making a big splash in 2014—and it includes everything from the return of vintage furniture to bejeweled kitchens. If you’ve always wanted to try a daring trend, but aren’t ready to fully commit to it, consider renting from Signature Furniture Rental to give it a “test drive” before you make that big purchase. Soon, you’ll have the most stylish home in town. Now check out these hottest interior design trends for 2014!

Hottest Interior Design Trends for 2014

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Feeling a little letdown after the glitz and excitement from the holidays? You’re not alone. Shake off those winter blues with a mini home makeover! By reusing a few key elements from your holiday decor in your everyday design choices, you can infuse a bit of sparkle into your life in 2014 and refresh your decor for the new year.

However, before you can assess the decor situation, you must be able to see clearly. That means putting away anything that is year-end holiday specific, from stockings to red tartan blankets, to Santa Claus figurines and tinsel. Definitely put away the tree and ornaments, because it’s time for a fresh start, keeping these elements in mind.

Flickr | January 9th | Shooting Beach Luxury | Dustin Bryson

Image: Flickr

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Whether you’re low on cash, time, or just decided to get into the spirit last minute, sometimes the holidays sneak up on you before you’ve had a chance to prepare. With just a few days until Christmas and New Year’s lurking right around the corner, there isn’t much time to deck the halls extravagantly, unless you hire a team of elves to do it overnight.

Here are a few ideas from Signature Furniture Rental for fun, easy and inexpensive do-it-yourself projects to make your home beautiful in no time flat this holiday season.

Last minute holiday decorations to DIY - Signature Furniture Rental

Image: Flickr

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Trendy Holiday Home Decor Ideas

Want to turn your house into a winter wonderland, but can’t quite spring for a whole new setup? As trends change from season to season, it can be cost prohibitive to buy brand new decorations year in and year out (not to mention finding space to store all those old decorations). Still, it’s easy to stay on-trend without the commitment with furniture rental. Fortunately, this year the best trendy holiday home decor ideas are easy to DIY and can be incorporate into year-round decorating. Check out Signature Furniture Rental’s top trends for this holiday season – how will you incorporate them into YOUR home?

Flickr | Christmas Tree Decorations | JasonDGreat

Image: Flickr

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San Diego just saw its first rain of the year, and that means we’re deep in the fall season. When you need to sell your home during fall, you’re actually in the perfect time of year to spice up your home decor and give it that warm feeling potential homeowners are seeking. As the air cools and the leaves begin to fall, follow these five tips for fall home staging and let the colorful autumn season assist you in selling your home.

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moving and furniture rental

Buying a new home is one of the most exciting things a person can do because it signals a big change. However, moving is recognized as one of the top three stresses in life, and there’s little to do to get around that. Furniture rental can be one small way a new homeowner can alleviate some of those moving stresses. It’s far easier to get settled with furniture rental in your new home than it is to pack, move, store and set up your old furniture; that said, furniture rental is not for everyone. Those with antique items they can’t bear to part with will obviously want to keep them for sentimental or valued reasons, and those with the means to pack and ship a whole home full of furniture will see no reason not to. But for the rest of us, especially those of us looking for a furniture upgrade to go along with our address upgrade, furniture rental can be just the thing to get you through the first few months.

First, lets look at the costs associated with moving. After buying a home (and all the costs associated with that, especially in San Diego), there’s getting to it. Those moving within the same city might not have such a big problem, but relocating from one city to another, one state to another, or from New York to San Diego, can find it’s more of a hassle than they bargained for. Relocating furniture can triple the cost of moving:

  • Hiring furniture movers is quite costly and more than twice the amount of renting a truck to move items yourself.
  • You’ll still incur fees of a truck rental in addition to filling that gas tank and buying insurance for your items/any damage to the truck. Hopefully you’ll be nice and also buy your friends and family dinner and drinks for helping you move, too.
  • If you’re in between homes and need to store all of your big items you’ll find high storage fees that sometimes require an additional monthly payment added to your bills.

Let’s say your furniture items would cost you $10,000 to replace if you bought everything new today. Shipping them a medium to long distance could easily cost almost as much as replacing them. But few brand new homeowners have an extra ten grand to throw down on all new furniture right away; not to mention, having to coordinate buying new furniture to have ready on move-in (so you aren’t forced to sit on the floor the first few nights) can be a bit much. Furniture rental takes this out of the equation: sell or donate your existing furniture, avoid the costs associated with shipping the furniture, avoid the physical stress of moving your furniture yourself, and sit back (or unpack) while a furniture rental service delivers and sets up your temporary furniture items in your new home. Keep them until you’re ready to buy new and you’ll won’t have to lift a finger again.

Second, let’s look at the time associated with moving. Moving is not a quick process, no matter how organized you are.  There are services that will come and pack your things for you, ship them for you, and set them up in your new home for you, but the average person just does not have that kind of money. At the very least, you’ll need to do your own packing and organizing before hiring a company to ship your boxes and furniture. But even then you’re relying on another company to deliver your belongings and furniture when promised – something that can be hard to predict and might leave you high and dry – for weeks. Few people take extensive amounts of time away from their jobs to move, which means being left without your things can be a huge tax on your time.

Furniture rental offers yet another solution to this predicament:  by not having to worry about big, bulky items during your move, you can travel more lightly. Rent a truck yourself or pack up your car with your personal belongings and ship the things you won’t need immediately. Schedule furniture rental delivery for the day you’ll arrive and you’ll be able to walk in to your new home with comfortable, quality furniture and have everything else you’ll need already with you. Not a day will be wasted.

Third, let’s look at the quality of your existing furniture compared to rented furniture. Often times, when renting, the customer is able to choose higher quality furniture than what they would purchase. Rented furniture pieces are in tip top shape and always current, and may be switched out for new pieces at the client’s request. Opt to have the rental items delivered prior to your arrival to provide a welcoming feel when walking into your new home. Choose the duration of time in which you will keep the selected items and if you get bored with them, just swap out for something different. This works great if you are in between selecting a theme for your home. Perhaps you and the spouse are in different places when deciding on your décor: use furniture rental as a substitution until the final decision is made, or as a way to help you come to a final decision. Once certain items are inside the home, choosing the design of your home becomes easier.

Image by Mojo Denbow Photo Studio

Best Places for Furniture Inspiration

red chair

Photo by Hank Woo

Decorating a new place, or wanting to redecorate a room to bring it to modern times, can be an exciting yet daunting prospect. Deciding what to keep, what to replace, and what to refinish or reupholster is enough of a worry without having to figure out a whole new style. If you’re lucky and you already know the color scheme you want – or you at least know it has to center around the awesome fuschia chair you got – you have a starting off point. Finding furniture inspiration is one of the hardest parts of redecorating, but you never know what might strike your fancy until you look around. Check out these great places for furniture inspiration – you’ll get a little more than you bargained for and might even come up with a whole new home decor plan!

Smart Furniture - These guys are all about the furniture! They have a Pinterest profile full of boards about interior design, furniture and decor (stuff they sell and stuff from around the web), and a Facebook page with deals and sales. Check out their blog for design tips for every room – even the outdoors. Pinterest board to pay attention toHave a Seat: All about chairs! This board has everything from modern to classic, eclectic to practical; if you can sit your tush in it, it’s here.

Remodelaholic - This is the place to look for inspiration that will make your house a home. This website is great because it’s a real family, really decorating and updating the home they live in. Plus, there’s a lot of DIY inspiration for the crafty among us. Check their Facebook page (and blog) for giveaways and contests – reader questions and comments are always answered, too! Pinterest board to pay attention toFurniture: Chairs, tables, DIY furniture, and even an old stump of wood that functions as a stool and/or side table. This board is seriously about style and it’s impossible to not get inspired.

Live Love DIY - Virginia behind this website is such an enjoyable DIYer. Seriously, read the blog. Not only does she take you through step by step with how she succeeds and fails (being hilariously honest along the way), she has great photos and links to the products she uses. This is an especially helpful website for those who are on their own in the decor department. Pinterest board to pay attention toFor the Home: This board is kind of a mish-mosh of different furnitures, colors, accessories, tips and organizers. Not sticking to one particular style, this board collects inspiration from everywhere.

Danielle Oakey Interiors - It’s definitely a good idea to find furniture inspiration from a professional interior designer, and Danielle Oakey Interiors is an excellent place to start. She shows you how you can get the professionally decorated look without necessarily having the price tag – and also provides tips on when might be a good idea to call a professional (just because you really love two things doesn’t mean they go together). Pinterest board to pay attention toAffordable Furniture: Focusing as much on fabrics as furniture, this board emphasizes the cost (because, let’s face it – you probably can’t splurge on everything). She even tosses in a few images of finished rooms so you can get the look in mind.

Barr’s Furniture - Another furniture company where you can actually buy the stuff you like, but they also have a Pinterest profile chock-full of inspiration from other sources. Their Facebook page is a collection of great ideas, blog posts, and helpful tips to get the home you want and need. Pinterest board to pay attention toDesign Tips: While their entire profile is full of furniture inspiration, this board is designed to get your thinking juices flowing. A picture of a modern sofa or chair is nice, but understanding how it will work in your home is a totally new concept. Easily one of their most populated boards, it has tips for arranging furniture, arranging fabrics, color coordination, and various other design tips.

Poppy Talk - This website isn’t just about interior decor or furniture – it includes inspiration for all things design related. This is a helpful source of inspiration to have because no well decorated home is just furniture – art, accessories, and personal objects are what make a house a home, and having inspiration for and from those items is important. Pinterest board to pay attention toFor the Home: Leaning towards the quirky side of design, this inspiring board is full of furniture items, whole room designs, clever furniture hacks and accessories.

These are all top notch furniture inspiration sources for your next interior design project, but there are also so many more that are also quite excellent. Check out our own Pinterest profile for furniture, home decor, DIY and so much more. Don’t forget to also take a peek at those we follow: we’re constantly amazed by the inspiration we surround ourselves with!

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