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DIY Bedroom Organization Hacks

It’s a fact of life that bedrooms tend to get cluttered. Despite our best efforts, clothes, accessories, bedding, laundry, and more tend to pile up in the bedroom making for a cluttered space that just isn’t a peaceful place to rest. It’s time for that to change with these easy DIY bedroom organization hacks that will make your bedroom a great place to, you know, actually sleep again.

DIY Bedroom Storage Hacks

Image Source: Making Nice in the Midwest

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There is no doubt about it, working from home is great and it’s getting better every single day. That’s because of the ever growing number of home office gadgets being devised every single day that are making working from home more productive, more stylish, and (most importantly) more fun. So it’s time to up your home office game and work from home in style with the best home office tech for every type of worker.

Work from Home in Style: The Best Home Office Tech | Signature Furniture Rental

Image Source: SlashGear

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5 Hottest Summer Decor Trends of 2015

We don’t mean to scare you, but we’re already over a full month into summer. That happened fast didn’t it? At least there are still two months to go, which is plenty of time to take advantage of the hottest summer decor trends of 2015. This year it’s all about getting back to nature, staying simple (but functional), and focusing on the senses. Don’t wait until it’s too late, read on to see the 5 hottest summer decor trends of 2015.

5 Hottest Summer Decor Trends | Signature Furniture Rental

Image Source: Flickr

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You’re place is perfect. Exactly how you want it. Everything in its right place.

Well, except for one annoying detail. It’s loud. At first you thought it wasn’t that big a deal that the upstairs neighbors are professional tap dancers, the next door neighbor is an aspiring drummer, and that really busy intersection is right outside your window. But now the noise is getting on your nerves, and you don’t know what to do to make it better.

Noise pollution is a big problem in that affects a huge amount of apartments and homes around the country. That’s why we came up with these simple ways to minimize noise in your apartment or home:

Simple Ways to Minimize Noise in Your Apartment or Home

Image Source: WikiHow

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modern dining room with wood ceiling

The word “formal” often brings to mind images of fancy ball gowns, fine China, and portrays the bygone era of your grandparents. If the idea of a “formal dining room” bores you to tears, it’s time to change your perception. If you’re searching for a way to make a formal dining room look great without it looking like it should be in a museum, these tips will help. These un-stuffy formal dining room ideas will help you take your dining room from drab to glam.

Deck the Walls
Boring white walls are just that – boring. Slap a fresh coat of paint on the dining room walls. If you’ve got your heart set on that vibrant red or moody black, go with an accent wall for a less overwhelming ambiance. Hang up black and white photos to contrast with the wall color, or go old-school and put up wallpaper – but in contemporary prints and colors.

Change the Lighting
One of the easiest ways to completely change the mood in your dining room is by adding a new light fixture. Go for an industrial looking, ultra modern chandelier to make your space stand out. This modern island rectangular glass chandelier might just do the trick.  

Nab New Chairs
If your dusty, dark brown wooden chairs are singing the blues, consider buying new ones or placing slipcovers over the old ones. Signature Furniture Rental has plenty of modern, contemporary chairs that you’re sure to love. These snappy dining room chairs would probably go well with the tables you already own, and you can put Great Grandma’s heirloom chairs in protective storage.

Make it Casual
If you want to avoid a dining room that looks stuffy, go for a more relaxed look. Try putting a low snappy-looking armless couch up against one edge of the table. A bench or a few comfy chairs can also provide a more casual feel, and encourage dinner guests to linger. If you’re looking to sell (and not entertain) a set of  luxurious Camden chairs on either side of a large window will make a great impression on potential buyers.

Hang Up Curtains
This is where you get to have fun – curtains can range from floaty and “Great Gatsby-like” to Mid-Century modern-interesting. Just be sure that whatever you choose isn’t too heavy or overwhelming for your window/s. The lack of sunshine makes a dining room far more stuffy.


Not sure what to do first? Furniture’s a good starting point, as everything else complements the main pieces. Get in touch with Signature Furniture Rental today to secure high-quality, contemporary furniture that you’ll love. Consider trying it out, seeing if it fits and returning it if it doesn’t. You’ll love how the furniture will make your dining room look-  elegant, yet decidedly unstuffy.


Image: Flickr

If you think black and white is boring, think again. This unstoppable color combination is back. And it’s more stylish than ever. If you’re hesitant to implement this in your own home—you don’t want your house looking like a children’s museum, after all—you might want to try these decorative suggestions to refresh or update a room. From painting an entire wall to replacing cabinet handles, follow these tips both big and small to make your home look impossibly chic in black and white:

black and white room with yellow accentsImage: Flickr

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Feng Shui Basics

desk full of stuff

Image: Unsplash

No doubt you’ve heard of “Feng Shui”—an ancient Chinese art that involves arranging a room to create positive energy and supposedly supports good health and fortune—and chances are you’ve probably been intimidated by it. It does sound fancy. But we’re here to assure you that even if you’re not a historian or don’t want to read a million books about it, plenty of Feng Shui tips are very practical and easy to make in any home. We’ve rounded up some Feng Shui basics. Who knows? Maybe you’ll have good luck after you’ve rearranged your house. And who wouldn’t want that?

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One of the best parts about owning or renting a home is to decorate it to your liking. What describes you better than a brightly colored sofa, a Contemporary painting or a abstract floor rug? Or maybe you prefer an eclectic home filled with a variety of furnishings and accessories from different eras?

Like we said, tailoring a residence to fit your lifestyle can be fun and easy with a few simple tips. Grab your favorite color swatches and your notepad and let’s start mixing eras in furniture and decor:

eclectic family roomImage: Pixabay

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Home for Sale

2015 is a great time to put your home on the marketplace. But before you dive right into your sale, make sure to follow through on some necessary resolutions for every home sale. Sure some of these might sound hokey or cliché but they’re also the quickest way to get your home off the marketplace and into the hands of a buyer in one year.   Continue Reading “New Year’s Resolutions for Selling Your Home” »

Throwing a Last-Minute Dinner Party

Last Minute Dinner Party

The holidays are all about getting together. From work parties to family gatherings, your social calendar is probably packed beyond capacity. And that means you may have to play host, sometimes at a moment’s notice. Maybe your Aunt Gladis is sick and can’t host the annual Christmas Eve dinner. Maybe your friends want to have an “orphan” celebration since they won’t make it to their family’s homes. But before you panic, realize that with just a few quick fixes, you can whip your home into great shape and host that party. After following these tips, you’ll be hosting the most talked-about event in no time, and look like you’ve spent months planning.

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