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If you think black and white is boring, think again. This unstoppable color combination is back. And it’s more stylish than ever. If you’re hesitant to implement this in your own home—you don’t want your house looking like a children’s museum, after all—you might want to try these decorative suggestions to refresh or update a room. From painting an entire wall to replacing cabinet handles, follow these tips both big and small to make your home look impossibly chic in black and white:

black and white room with yellow accentsImage: Flickr

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Feng Shui Basics

desk full of stuff

Image: Unsplash

No doubt you’ve heard of “Feng Shui”—an ancient Chinese art that involves arranging a room to create positive energy and supposedly supports good health and fortune—and chances are you’ve probably been intimidated by it. It does sound fancy. But we’re here to assure you that even if you’re not a historian or don’t want to read a million books about it, plenty of Feng Shui tips are very practical and easy to make in any home. We’ve rounded up some Feng Shui basics. Who knows? Maybe you’ll have good luck after you’ve rearranged your house. And who wouldn’t want that?

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One of the best parts about owning or renting a home is to decorate it to your liking. What describes you better than a brightly colored sofa, a Contemporary painting or a abstract floor rug? Or maybe you prefer an eclectic home filled with a variety of furnishings and accessories from different eras?

Like we said, tailoring a residence to fit your lifestyle can be fun and easy with a few simple tips. Grab your favorite color swatches and your notepad and let’s start mixing eras in furniture and decor:

eclectic family roomImage: Pixabay

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Home for Sale

2015 is a great time to put your home on the marketplace. But before you dive right into your sale, make sure to follow through on some necessary resolutions for every home sale. Sure some of these might sound hokey or cliché but they’re also the quickest way to get your home off the marketplace and into the hands of a buyer in one year.   Continue Reading “New Year’s Resolutions for Selling Your Home” »

Throwing a Last-Minute Dinner Party

Last Minute Dinner Party

The holidays are all about getting together. From work parties to family gatherings, your social calendar is probably packed beyond capacity. And that means you may have to play host, sometimes at a moment’s notice. Maybe your Aunt Gladis is sick and can’t host the annual Christmas Eve dinner. Maybe your friends want to have an “orphan” celebration since they won’t make it to their family’s homes. But before you panic, realize that with just a few quick fixes, you can whip your home into great shape and host that party. After following these tips, you’ll be hosting the most talked-about event in no time, and look like you’ve spent months planning.

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Holiday Curb Appeal

Poinsettia Flower

Even though it’s tough to sell your home in the winter, Christmas miracles do happen. Plus, this is a great time of year to showcase your home’s cherry holiday spirit. When else is it acceptable to hang tinsel and have lights up? Just during the holidays. Follow these patented tips and tricks from Realtor magazine to get your home off the market in the chilly months. Before you know, you’ll be celebrating with a tall glass of egg nog, and if you’re lucky, under the mistletoe with someone special. Continue Reading “Holiday Curb Appeal” »

Creative DIY Vases

Crafting DIY Vases For the Home

Thanks to the Internet, there are literally thousands of resources of how make the perfect DIY vase. Making a vase yourself lets you explore the creative limits of your imagination and invent a unique flower container that has never been made before. Continue Reading “Creative DIY Vases” »

DIY Holiday Gifts for the Home

DIY Holiday Gifts for the Home

The holiday season is full of gift giving, gift getting, and lots of festive activities for kids and adults alike. However, it’s also the time of year we tend to spend the most money at retail shops. If buying gifts from “big box” stores isn’t your thing, or you’re trying to keep the spending to a minimum, or you just prefer to give something made with love, now is the perfect time of the year to try inventive, chic, and fun DIY gift ideas. Here are a few of our favorites. Continue Reading “DIY Holiday Gifts for the Home” »

Pinterest Boards for Home Design

Pinterest for Home Decor

Pinterest is an invaluable resource for all things decorating, especially for designing and spicing up your home. You can start your home decor quest by checking out our Signature Furniture Rental Pinterest profile! Keep reading to learn about some of our other favorite Pinterests!
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DIY Home Décor for Renters

Decorating a Rental Home

Some rentals don’t allow painting, or heavy overhaul on rooms like kitchens and bathrooms. But the good news is that there are tons of ways to make any space brighter and modern without tons of remodeling. Read on to learn about the best DIY Home Décor for Renters! Continue Reading “DIY Home Décor for Renters” »

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