6 Simple and Functional Valentine’s Day Decorations

6 Simple and Functional Valentine's Day Decorations

Valentine’s Day can be one of the funnest events to decorate for. This is a time where you can really express how you feel through the decor that you choose. Rather than just haphazardly throwing around red and hearts everywhere, it helps to create a few attention-grabbing projects that are also functional.

Try out these 6 simple Valentine’s Day decorations to add some fun and life to the room. These are low-cost and can be assembled quickly in time for the big day.

1) Floating Heart Backdrop

Hang some floating heart strings from the ceiling to create a Valentine’s Day backdrop. You can dedicate this backdrop area for couple’s pictures. Take things a step further and provide a few simple props for an instant photo booth. These can include red hats, Cupid’s bow and arrow, heart wands (of course), and wacky glasses. It also makes an excellent backdrop for dancing.

2) Message in a Frame

This one’s easy—just print or draw out a simple message, such as “You’re the Best” or “I Love You”, and hang it in a picture frame. If your Valentine’s Day party has a theme, this is a great way reinforce the night’s theme, such as “Dancing the Night Away” or “Lover’s Paradise.” Song lyrics work particularly well for this project as well, especially if the two of you have your own “special song.”

3) Centerpiece Jars

Jars seem to be all the rage no matter what the occasion. For Valentine’s Day, decorate any jars you have lying around with hearts, twine, paper doilies, paint—whatever you feel like! You can use these as centerpieces for your party and customize them with personalized messages. Also, what would Valentine’s Day be without candy? Fill the jars with small candies or lollipops, and they can instantly double as party favors for your guests to take home.

4) Valentine’s Love Letter Mail Pouch

This one’s great for the kids: Sew together some felt fabric to create Valentine’s love letter mail pouches. Hang them from chairs or on the wall so the kids can have a place to store all of their chocolate, candy and telegrams they receive at school. You can personalize them by name, and customize them by shape, such as a heart. For adults, you can surprise your loved ones by placing them in a car already filled with goodies and a love note.

5) Convo Cupcakes

Remember those little colorful heart candies with the messages on them? The ones that say, “Be Mine,” “You’re Sweet,” “Hug Me,” etc.? Recreate those using cupcakes for decorations that are fun and also delicious. Simply place little flags with messages in them in your chocolate or red velvet cupcakes. The flags can easily be made with lollipop sticks and label makers.

6) Paper Doily Garland

Spruce up the room with romantic paper doily garlands. All you have to do is fold some paper doilies in half, place a red heart in the middle, and attach them to streamers or other threads of your choice. This works especially well in conjunction with other decor ideas to create a border or outline. Like many of these ideas, you can also decorate these with Valentine’s-themed words.

As you can see, it’s easy to create Valentine’s Day decor that’s attractive as well as functional. If you’re looking for more comprehensive interior changes, you might need an update to your furniture. We have complete furniture rental packages, as well as various home staging options. Contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental and start choosing furniture and design options that you’ll absolutely love.

 Image Source: Pixabay via stux

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