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4 Spring Home Staging Trends to Try Out Now

Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

4 Spring Home Staging Trends to Try Out Now

We always enjoy observing which trends are peaking when it comes to home staging. Like interior design trends in general, home staging trends tend revolve around seasons. This spring, several new trends are emerging that you can take advantage of to help boost your home sales. Here are some spring home staging trends that you can experiment with for quick results:

Try Out Some Rose Gold for Home Staging

Rose gold is a metallic color that gained popularity with the introduction of iPhones that used that color scheme. The color choice soon spread to everything from kitchenware to home and garden decor items. It’s here to stay, and is a popular warm color this spring for staging.

Rose gold is basically a traditional gold color that has a touch of copper to give it a hint of rosy pink. Thus, it’s much warmer and softer than traditional gold, and also less dramatic than regular copper. We find that it works very well in areas where you’re trying to create a hospitable, inviting atmosphere. like the bedroom, living room, and den areas.  

Select Pastels for Warmth

It almost goes without saying that pastels are a go-to choice for home staging color options. You can use pastels in broad strokes to create a softer, warmer environment in the room. For instance, a pastel tablecloth can work wonders for a dining area. Or, opt for pastel options in the bedrooms for blankets and pillowcases.

Using complementary colors like purple and yellow or reds and greens are an easy way to highlight the color spectrum without using too many colors. Pastel buckets and watering cans are also classic spring items.

4 Spring Home Staging Trends to Try Out Now

Use White for Trim

Regardless of your overall color choice for the interior design and staging, white trim can add a touch of freshness and breeziness that are associated with springtime. Swap out those heavy dark winter curtains for some lighter white ones, and incorporate some white throw pillows here and there.

You can also try out some white placemats for the dining table, and some white towels in the bathroom. These small additions can really brighten up a room and add a splash of spring cheer.

4 Spring Home Staging Trends to Try Out Now

Utilize More Plants

This spring, bright, vivid green plants are a hot topic item for home staging. In particular, climbing plants like philodendrons can create a lush environment that fills the home with life and vibrancy. Broad, leafy elephant ear plants are also popular this season. Hanging plants are also ideal, as they don’t take up any floor space.

Artificial plants also work quite well in this regard. The idea is to counteract any feeling of blandness or starkness to the property, and artificial plants can accomplish this quite nicely. They’re also easier to take care of!
We’re excited about all the opportunities that spring brings for everyone. If you have any questions regarding home staging for the spring season, contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental. We have a wide variety of furniture rental options for home staging needs. Check us out now!

5 Simple Home Office Staging Tips to Boost Your Profit

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

5 Simple Home Office Staging Tips to Boost Your Profit

Home offices are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people pick up work from home and telecommuting options. When selling a residential property, home office staging is very important, since that space is often a major selling point for the entire property. There are some basic home office staging guidelines that you should follow for maximum results. Here are a handful of pointers:

Increase the Lighting for Home Office Staging Purposes

Having the proper lighting is essential for a home office. When staging a home office, you’ll want to make sure that the area is bright and inviting. If you can, pull back the curtains or draw the blinds to let natural light in.

Also, you can place a table lamp or a floor lamp in strategic places for additional lighting. Even if these are not on during a home presentation, it still sends the signal that the office is well-lit and suitable for work.

Use Neutral Colors

The use of color is very important when staging a home office. You’ll want to avoid jarring colors and color combinations such as bright red or bright yellow, as these can create a sense of hurriedness or even stress.

Instead, opt for neutral, calming colors like beige, white, grey, or greyish-blue. For a touch of classiness and executive professionalism, you can use gold or silver for trim and accessories in the room.  

5 Simple Home Office Staging Tips to Boost Your Profit

Display Some Books for an Intellectual Feel

Books always send a visual signal of studiousness and productiveness. It’s nice to set up a small bookshelf behind the desk if you can. A hanging shelf on the wall can also look nice, while at the same time saving floor space.

Just make sure that your bookcase and book collection are not daunting and don’t take up too much space in the room. Too many books or too large of a shelf can make the room feel stuffy and uptight. Also, you might want to choose only books that are in good condition, as really worn-down book selections can simply appear as clutter.

Decorate with Stationery and Supplies

One of the main purposes of staging is to show how the room might look when it’s in use. When it comes to home office staging, you’ll want to make sure the room isn’t bare. You can do this by placing a few stationery and supply items on a desk or cabinet.

For instance, you can place a few pens in some places and maybe a notepad near a computer. This gives the impression that the room is in use and allows the buyer to begin visualizing themselves in the home.

5 Simple Home Office Staging Tips to Boost Your Profit

Emphasize Mobile Workstations

Finally, it’s worth noting that a home office space doesn’t necessarily need to be a separate room dedicated for office work. This is especially true with more people working from laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices. Your “home office” could just be a small corner in one of the main rooms, or even a small workstation near the kitchen. It’s all about emphasizing the use of the space and creating a visual picture of how the space can be used.

Thus, you can use mobile accessories to accentuate smaller work spaces and create a more futuristic feel. You can have some tablet stands, laptop stations, and other gadgets that suggest a feeling of productivity for the space.

As we have often repeated, a well-staged home can decrease the amount of time a house spends on the market, and can help sellers net higher profits. Be sure not to overlook the office areas in a home when staging and preparing for the sales process.

If you need additional furniture items for the office or for the entire home in general, contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental. We have tons of furniture rental options for you to choose from to help increase your return on investment and close sales more quickly.


April Shower Decorations for Homes and Parties

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

April Shower Decorations for Homes and Parties

A very popular theme around this time of the year is “April showers.” This is an excellent month to infuse your decor themes with all things rain- and shower-related. Also, the April showers theme is a fun backdrop for literal shower parties, such as baby showers. Decking out your home with April shower decorations is fun and easy. Here are some ideas you can try out:

Clouds With Raindrops April Shower Mobile

A simple April showers decor project you can make is a clouds + raindrops hanging mobile. All you need is a cluster of white balloons filled with helium, string, and some cutout raindrops to hang from the balloon string (the balloons will represent a rain cloud).  If you’re decorating for a party, you can also hang a sign from the mobile that says “Baby Shower” or another appropriate message. White tissue craft paper also works very well if you can’t get a hold of balloons.


Umbrellas are a perfect decor item for April showers themes. For decor, you can place brightly colored umbrellas in different places to add a showery feel. For more subtle, playful effects, you can outline or cut out silhouettes from construction paper. These can then be pasted on backdrops, used for table decor, or pasted in other places, like on give-away bags.

Note: Make sure your umbrellas have a curved “J”-shaped handle. This is what distinguishes the umbrella as a rain umbrella as opposed to sun parasols, which often have straight handles.

April Shower Decorations for Homes and Parties

Rain Boot Vase

Rain boots are another iconic symbol of the rainy season. A popular trend these days is the ceramic rain boot vase. These can be used as lovely centerpieces when you fill them with your favorite flower. They also look good outside on the porch or in the garden. You can use either one boot or both boots, and they sometimes come in miniature sizes for versatility.

If you can’t find a ceramic version, you can also make a DIY version out of actual boots! Kids’ sizes work particularly well for this type of DIY project, and ribbons will add a classy touch to the piece.

Cloud Cupcakes

A popular food decor item for spring parties is cloud cupcakes. Here, the frosting on the cupcakes creates a visual representation of fluffy clouds. You can use any flavor or color for the base cupcake, but we recommend going with sky-themed colors such as blue. For added pizzaz, you can place some rainbow candies or rainbow sprinkles on them as well.

April Shower Decorations for Homes and Parties

Rainbow Highlights and Accents

Speaking of rainbows, you can’t go wrong with rainbow decor to liven up your place. In this regard, there are a ton of ways you can incorporate rainbows into your April showers themes. Here are a few:

  • Rainbow candle decor
  • Paper mache rainbow wraps around posts and sign poles
  • Rainbow cutouts
  • Rainbow streamers
  • Multi-colored rainbow confetti

You can use these rainbow options as either the central theme or as highlights and accents. They work really well as finishing touches, but either way, they look great!

We trust that you’ll have fun using these April shower decoration ideas. Whether for a party or for regular home decor, these items and ideas can really liven up your place. If you need more extensive home options, contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental. We have furniture rental items and packages that can help you achieve the look for your home that you’ve always wanted.


4 Awesome April San Diego Events You Won’t Want to Miss

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

4 Awesome April San Diego Events You Won't Want to Miss

April is one of the best times to get out and attend events in San Diego. The weather is warming up, flowers are blooming, and there are plenty of happenings to choose from. The more you participate and mingle, the more you can learn about one of the greatest cities to live in. Also, by attending San Diego events, you can often glean some really cool ideas and trends for home design and decor.

Here are a handful of awesome April San Diego events to check out:

The San Diego Watercolor Society Presents “Seeds of Inspiration”
April 7

Stop by the Art Galley in the The ARTS DISTRICT at Liberty Station to view some awesome watercolor paintings. The San Diego Watercolor Society is presenting an exhibit entitled “Seeds of Inspiration”, juried by award-winning artist Helen Schafer Garcia. Watercolor paintings have long been a source of inspiration for home decor and design projects. Be sure to check out this display for ideas! There will be 95-100 original paintings for sale, which you can also use for decor, of course.

Opening reception is Friday April 7 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., with wine, food, and good times. Runs through April 29. Gallery will be open Wednesdays through Sundays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and is free to the public.

4 Awesome April San Diego Events You Won't Want to Miss

Red Bull Air Race World Championship
April 15-16

For a more exciting, exhilarating San Diego event, check out the Red Bull Air Race World Championship. The San Diego coast provides the perfect backdrop for small, lightweight, maneuverable planes to race. The event was last held in 2009 and was super popular with spectators and fans. Nicolas Ivanoff won the event that year, and will be returning this year to compete again for the title.

Who knows when the next one will be held in San Diego? It might not be for years to come, so be sure to grab tickets this year if you’re interested! You can pick up some unique souvenirs at the event, which make excellent decorations for kids’ rooms.

“Art Alive”: The Museum in Full Bloom
April 28-30

The San Diego Museum of Art celebrates its 36th year of presenting “Art Alive.” Stunning works of art will be on display, with over 100 floral interpretations personally made by local and national art designers. This event is a great way to meet other artists and to gather ideas for home decoration and interior design.

Be sure not to miss the Floramorphic Sky of Colors, which showcases the inventiveness of designer Carlos Franco, who will transform the John M. and Sally B. Thornton Rotunda into a spectacular botanical work of art.

4 Awesome April San Diego Events You Won't Want to Miss

SDCDM Roots Series Presents the Pacific Islands
April 29

The San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum (SDCDM) is hosting a celebration of the cultures and communities of the Pacific Islands. The festive afternoon will include storytelling, Polynesian, Tahitian and hula dancing, and live music performances. Learn about traditional arts and snacks from the Pacific Islands as well. This is a great event for the kids! April 29 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at 320 North Broadway, Escondido.

There is so much to do and see in San Diego during this time of the year. You can learn so much at these events, and can meet fellow members of the art community. If you had additional questions regarding interior decorating and home furniture arrangements, contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental. We have tons of options and complete packages to choose from, so you can get started right away on your dream decor theme!