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How to Design for a Small Bathroom

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

How to Design for a Small Bathroom

A common inquiry that many homeowners have is, “How do I decorate a bathroom that has limited space?” Now, whether your bathroom is truly small, or you’re just being modest, there are some principles and guidelines that you can apply to help maximize your small bathroom space. Also, there are some tricks you can do to create the perception that your bathroom is bigger than it really is. Read on to learn how:

Small Bathroom Storage is Key

One of the biggest challenges for small bathrooms is managing the storage space. If at all possible, the best thing you can do here is to do most of your storing outside of the bathroom. For instance, if you can store your stock of items like towels, napkins and toilet paper, and other items in a hallway cabinet, that frees up extra space in the bathroom.

If you’re pressed for storage space, consider these storage options:

  • Baskets under the sink: wicker baskets can hold a variety of bathroom supplies, while at the same time adding a stylish touch to the space under the sink
  • Some sinks can accommodate a small cabinet underneath them, complete with drawers for stowing your hygiene products. Again, the space under the sink is prime real estate for space-saving
  • Medicine cabinets don’t come standard in all bathrooms; you may want to install one, as they are truly space-savers

Keep the Floor Clear — Especially Tiles With Designs

Try to keep the floor clear of too many items; you can probably choose only one or two free-standing racks or shelves. Choose wisely and be sure the items are functional according to your needs.

Also, it’s not just a matter of space being occupied — if your decor clashes with the design on the floor tiles (or the wallpaper/tiles), the bathroom can look too “busy.” If it’s not physically cramped, too many conflicting patterns and themes can overwhelm a smaller space and create interference.

How to Design for a Small Bathroom

Go For a Monochrome Color Scheme With Slight Accents

Along the lines of not being too “messy,” stick with one or maybe two colors for the main, overall bathroom theme. Then, add some slight accents (gold, chrome, and brass make great accents here). The idea is to “tie the room together” with the main color, which will create the impression of a space that is more open, less cluttered, and clean. The slight accents will serve to break up the space while still retaining the open feel.

Mount Towel Racks Strategically

In addition to medicine cabinets, towel racks are bathroom items that don’t always come standard. If you’ll be installing your own towel racks, find a spot where it won’t take up too much additional space in terms of the room’s layout. Ring/hoop style racks can be more space-saving than traditional horizontal bar racks. They’re great for hand towels!

Also, huge, fluffy towels can take up precious real estate in the bathroom; you might want to opt for slimmer micro-fiber type towels, and save the huge hotel-style fabrics for special occasions or when you have guests.

Large Mirrors Add Depth to the Room

A large or medium-sized mirror can give the illusion of more space. Mirrors reflect light and send it throughout the room, illuminating the space. Try installing a larger mirror to enhance this effect. Alternatively, you can add a few smaller mirrors in strategic places. Mirrors also add a feeling of additional depth to the room because your eye perceives the reflection as additional space behind the wall.

How to Design for a Small Bathroom

Consider Glass — Don’t Block the Windows

Along the lines of light and mirrors, be sure not to block the source of light if your bathroom has a mirror. Of course, you need your privacy, but blocking the window with shampoo bottles or decorative plants can really dim down the bathroom’s brightness.

Also, if you’re up to it, consider switching to glass doors rather than a traditional shower curtain. Since the glass is transparent, it allows you to see more of the bathroom. With a shower curtain, the room appears to “stop” right where the curtain is.  

Having a huge bathroom is not always an option, and some people actually prefer the coziness of a smaller setup. By following these tips, you can enjoy your bathroom oasis while at the same time preventing a cluttered and sloppy look. Did you need more interior design and furniture options for your home? Contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental. Our team loves providing fun and affordable solutions for all your decoration and furniture needs.


Luxurious Copper Interior Design Tips for Your Home

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

Luxurious Copper Interior Design Tips for Your Home

A popular trend in indoor design is the use of soft metallic colors, both as accents and as central color themes. In particular, copper has the effect of warming up a space and making it more inviting for guests. Copper in its natural state has a color that is mesmerizing and alluring, while at the same time somewhat light and not overbearing. It’s a tad bit flashier than bronze, but not as gaudy as gold can be. Thus, it’s the perfect metallic color for those trying to avoid extremes. Here are some copper interior design tips and guidelines to consider:

Use Copper to Display Your Kitchenware

Kitchenware is functional and can also make excellent design and decor accents. In particular, unique vintage copper kitchen pieces can be used to beautify the dining and cooking areas.

For instance, copper jars work particularly well for displaying wooden spoons and ladles.  Fancier copper plates can be showcased on a shelf and arranged by size for a lovely presentation. Experiment with smaller copper salt and pepper shakers for fun and quirky table settings. The possibilities are endless!

Luxurious Copper Interior Design Tips for Your Home

Get Creative with Copper Wire

Copper wire has long been used in the jewelry and craft industry due to its malleability (ease of shaping). It’s commonly twisted into abstract shapes and figurines, and is also used for holding beads and precious gems into place for pendants. Using these same principles, you can use copper wire for accentuating all kinds of indoor decorations. Popular copper wire projects include small animal shapes, musical instruments, and tree of life symbols.

Create the Perfect Room Ambience with Copper Lamps

As mentioned, a main effect of copper interior design work is to add a certain touch of warmth to a space. It also adds an earthy, grounded feeling to any room, as it’s associated with similar colors such as red clay or red earth. This is actually perfect for lamps and other lighting implements where you are aiming to achieve a more muted lighting effect.

Lights that are too bright can be harsh and abrasive on the eyes. Tempering a lamp with a softer bulb and with a copper lamp shade can make all the difference.

Luxurious Copper Interior Design Tips for Your Home

Fill in the Gaps with Copper Spray Paint

Lastly, even if you can’t get your hands on some copper items, you can turn any item into a copper piece with some copper spray paint! This is an excellent, cost-effective way to create new decor pieces, upcycle old vintage items, or repair broken or worn decorations. You can get a fresh, clean copper look to turn any item into a brand new decoration piece.

This idea works great for lamps, pots, cans, and other items that are normally metallic. It also works unexpected wonders for pieces like wicker baskets, boxes, and wooden items. Another benefit of copper spray paint is that you can usually select the reflectiveness of the paint; you can go from a matte finish to the more shiny end of the spectrum.

As you can see, there’s so much you can do by incorporating copper into your interior design themes. With just a few simple touches, you can give your home truly unique and fascinating look. Do you need more extensive decor and furniture options for your home? Contact us at Signature Furniture Rental and explore the benefits of renting furniture. You can save time, resources, and energy by renting; check us out today!


The Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas for Dining Decor

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

The Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas for Dining Decor

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon! Are you ready for the big date? For many, staying in and dining at home is becoming more and more of a hot trend. It makes sense — why wait in lines and deal with all the other lovebirds when you can relax in the comfort of your own place? If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day ideas for dining decor, look no further. We’ve got you covered!

Read on to learn how to decorate to impress and create a lovely, beautiful evening to remember with your significant other.

Fancy Diningware is a Must

Now is the time to break out your absolute best in diningware. Think about it: you only have a few special occasions throughout the year that warrant your absolute best in China and place settings, and Valentine’s Day is one of them! No matter what the main entree is, presentation is everything. Even a humble dinner menu will certainly benefit from top-quality diningware and place settings.

DIY Custom Candles

Candles symbolize a number of things when it comes to couples. They can symbolize the light of love and the warmth of affection. To make your expressions stand out, try your hand at some DIY candles. You can make your own shapes, designs, and colors to create your own unique expressions of romance.

If you’re not feeling as adventurous, or if you’re pressed for time, you can always opt for more traditional candlesticks. The point is, don’t skip out on these dining table essentials — they’re practically mandatory.

The Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas for Dining Decor

Classic Red Roses

Like candles, these are also pretty much a given for Valentine’s Day dining decor. Classic red roses are failproof; you can also complement these with other colors, such as pink or white roses. Some ways to use roses:

  • Create a centerpiece with a bouquet of red roses
  • Lay down a single rose on top of a card or love letter for added touch
  • Sprinkle some rose petals around the plates or placemats

The Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas for Dining Decor

Personalized Wine Bottles

Wine is definitely an enjoyable aspect of Valentine’s Day dining. Besides pairing with your entrée of the evening, your wine choice can actually be a part of your decor theme. A neat trend that you can try out is to get your hands on some personalized wine bottles. These consist of personalized labels or engravings that send a message to your loved one. Think of it like classroom Valentine’s Day cards, but for grown-ups.

Here’s a tip: buy more than a few bottles — some for drinking, and some for keeping as a reminder of a special evening. Who knows — if it’s your first date, you might look back at the bottle in years to come and be reminded of your fond years of courtship. Personalized candies can also accomplish a similar effect.

Preparing for Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be stressful. Try out these Valentine’s Day ideas for your table setting and put your own special creative twist on things. If you need more extensive and comprehensive decoration and furniture options, contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental. We specialize in furniture rental packages and individual items that will help you achieve the look and feel that you’ve always wanted.