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How to Manage Children’s Bedroom Decor Through the Years

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

How to Manage Children’s Bedroom Decor Through the Years

Decorating childrens’ bedrooms can be tricky. For one, they’re constantly growing physically and can have changing needs in terms of furniture and room space. Secondly, their tastes and preferences can change dramatically as the years go by. Here are some tips and guidelines on how to manage transitions for your child’s bedroom:

Be Aware of New Children’s Bedroom Decor Trends

New trends are something that can inspire re-decorating for a kid’s bedroom. For instance, your child be intrigued by a new cartoon, toy, video game, or comic character. You can incorporate some of these brands and merchandise into beddings, posters, pillows, and other decor items.

Your child might switch interests frequently when they’re younger, but most reach a point where they eventually outgrow pop media-based decor items (decorating for teens is a drastically different story!). In the meantime, enjoy decking out the room with cool and zany themes!

Choose Colors Wisely

Though their favorite toys and bedsheet decor might change over the years, chances are your child will have preference for a certain color or color combinations that will last. If you can identify these preferences, you can save some time and money in the long run by stocking up on items with these color combinations.

On the other hand, colors can change too though over the years. Brighter colors are typically more suitable for toddlers who need plenty of visual stimulation. As your child grows, transition into more subdued and muted hues.

How to Manage Children’s Bedroom Decor Through the Years

Plan Ahead and Get Bigger Furniture from the Get-Go

In a certain sense, children’s furniture can be like clothes — as the child develops physically, they’ll soon need bigger sizes. You may want to plan ahead and get slightly bigger furniture items so that they can grow into them more gradually. A excellent option is furniture rental, which can provide more affordable and practical options, especially during growth spurt stages.

Incorporate Functional Furniture for Specific Purposes

In addition, you can incorporate furniture that can be used for your child’s specific needs. For instance, you may want to set up a study corner with a desk and a nice chair for homework time. If you child loves reading, you can set up a comfy reading chair near the bed. These are activities that your child will be doing for years to come, so you likely won’t need to change these as often as other items, like bedding decor.  

Highlight Your Child’s Accomplishments

Your child’s achievements and accomplishments never go out of style. You can highlight your child’s greatest moments by decorating the room with their awards, trophies, certificates, and other meaningful trinkets. Even books that they have read can make wonderful decor items. Your child will feel a sense of pride each time they see these items.

How to Manage Children’s Bedroom Decor Through the Years

Get Your Child’s Input

Lastly, nothing is more direct than simply getting your child’s input when it comes to the appearance of their room. Who knows — they might have some very good suggestions and ideas of their own regarding aesthetics and design. You might be raising a future interior designer!

Also, some kids might be too shy or even embarrassed to say if they don’t like the way their room looks or feels. A little conversation can go a long way, and can help you and your child achieve a suitable bedroom look.

Your child’s bedroom will undergo numerous makeovers over the years. As time passes, you can be ready for all sorts of changes and adjustments by following these simple guidelines. Did you need more comprehensive home decor and furniture options? Contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental. We have furniture rental options that can save you time and money on upgrades for every room in your home!


Staging a Dresser: Top Decor Ideas For Any Space

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

Staging a Dresser: Top Decor Ideas For Any SpaceDressers are an interesting aspect of interior decoration. On the one hand, they’re not usually the central focus of the room. On the other hand, they can have a big influence on the room’s overall appearance and visual aesthetic. Staging a dresser properly can really make all the difference when preparing a home for sales presentations. A well-staged home will sell more quickly and can help you net a better profit.

The following are some of the top decor ideas for staging a dresser. These tips can also be used for everyday decor purposes, not just home staging!

Common Decor Items For Staging a Dresser

Of course, you’re free to use whatever decor items you want when staging or decorating a dresser. However, there are some items that are iconically associated with dressers and dresser tops. These include:

  • Picture frames or photo albums
  • Vases
  • Flowers
  • Lamps
  • Candles
  • Colognes and perfumes
  • Mirrors

People generally associate these items with dresser tops, so you typically can’t go wrong no matter how these items are arranged. The only exception is if you’ll be incorporating a large mirror. When using a mirror to decorate a dresser, you’ll want to have it squarely in the middle of the dresser for symmetry (similar to the way a TV should sit in the middle of a TV stand). You can then add the other items around the mirror accordingly.

Staging a Dresser: Top Decor Ideas For Any Space

Go With a Theme

Dresser top decor items like lamps, photo albums, and vases can create a very neutral and unobtrusive theme that’s great for any room in the house. Other items like flowers, candles, and colognes/perfumes can add a more “homey” touch — this is excellent for the master bedroom. Children’s rooms can benefit from more playful themes and decor items: incorporate small toys, dolls, figurines, or sports items for dressers located in kid’s rooms.

Classic Mirror Decor

The dresser is one of the most logical place to put a mirror. Since dressers are usually waist or chest height, having a mirror on the dresser top makes for the perfect area to view yourself. The mirror (especially larger ones) can also create the added benefit of making the room bigger due to the reflection.

As mentioned, be sure the mirror’s centered as well as stable. Clean off any streaks or spots before doing any home sales presentations.

Staging a Dresser: Top Decor Ideas For Any Space

Don’t Clutter the Dresser Top

The top of a dresser can be highly functional — for many people, it’s a place to plop your keys or your wallet or jewelry after work. Thus, if you plan to use your dresser as a place to put things, you don’t want to clutter it with so much decor that it no longer becomes functional. However, if your dresser is purely decoration (for instance, if you have a small dresser in the hallway), it’s OK to take up a bit more space with vases and picture frames or other items.

Make sure you consider the dimensions of the dresser. A wider dresser will of course allow for more decorating surface; taller narrower dressers will have a limited surface area to work with.

Pro-tip: You can also find a decorative tray to hold your wallet, keys, etc. That way, the dresser top can still be functional while remaining visually appealing!

By following these guidelines, you’ll be sure to dazzle potential home buyers or future visitors and guests! If you need more comprehensive decoration and furniture selections, contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental. We have an abundance of options, including dressers, mirrors, and complete home and room packages. Get started today on an upgrade!


Best Bedroom Interior Decorating Trends for Inspiration

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

Best Bedroom Interior Decorating Trends for Inspiration

For most of us, the bedroom is something of a sanctuary, a personal retreat where we can rest and recuperate after a busy day. New bedroom interior decorating trends are pushing this even further, adding ultra-luxurious appeal to our already comfortable spaces. Have a look at these bedroom decor ideas for inspiration:

Create Your Own Personal Retreat

When it comes to bedroom decor trends, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s no shame in splurging on yourself to create the most lush environment to pamper yourself in. Feel free to add extra plush pillows, larger bed frames, and super-soft throw rugs. Speaking of soft, you’ll also want to opt for softer colors and lighter hues that are easy on the eyes, rather than jarring colors.

Be sure to pay attention to overlooked aspects like wallpaper and flower decor, as these can really add those finishing touches to your room.

Hotel-Like Amenities

Along with the idea of creating a personal retreat, some home decorators are taking things a step further and adding perks that you’d normally find in a hotel suite. These include amenities like coffee makers, tea stations, candles, and even boutique soaps and high-end towels. These can really make you feel well taken care of and can add a fancy, extravagant look and feel to your bedroom (not to mention actual functional convenience, as well!).

Best Bedroom Interior Decorating Trends for Inspiration

Custom Beddings

Another up-and-coming trend is to pick out custom beddings for your room. We’re not talking about tacky pillows with your initials on them, or blankets with cheesy graphics. Rather, we’re referring to selections of custom fabrics that have been converted into beddings. These include silks, cottons, and other natural fibers that provide you with a look and feel that you can’t get with store-bought items. While this may seem costly at first, you’d be surprised at the deals you can score by linking up with a professional fabric dealer in your area.

Regional Themes

A good way to provide coherency for your bedroom decor is to work with a theme. Popular themes this year will include decor that is light, breezy, and open. These styles use lighter colors like cream and off-white, and focus on lighter bedsheets rather than heavy comforters. Examples include Mediterranean decor, oasis themes, and coastal/beach themes. These are perfect for San Diego homes!

Best Bedroom Interior Decorating Trends for Inspiration

Multi-Purpose Decor and Design

The master bedroom has become more than just a place to sleep — it’s now become an all-in-one space where you can do multiple tasks without going anywhere. It’s perfectly acceptable now to have various uses for the bedroom.

For instance, you can dedicate a corner of the room for a crafting/hobby station; or, you can have a designated spot for reading. As referenced above, you can have a small area where you can drink the coffee you brewed up in your room.  Along with these activities, you can also integrate decor to highlight the space, such as framed artwork or other hanging items. It’s your room — you can do as you please with it!

The entire function and purpose of the master bedroom has greatly expanded. Along with that, the opportunities for new decor ideas has also grown. Are you looking for new and exciting options when it comes to bedroom decor and furniture? Contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental. We have the perfect bedroom furniture items and packages for rental to help you create your own personal suite!


The Best Lighting Decor Tips to Brighten Up Your Home

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

The Best Lighting Decor Tips to Brighten Up Your Home

Besides color choices, interior lighting is one of those subtle aspects of design that aren’t directly noticeable, but can have a huge effect on the room’s overall appearance. After all, what good are your interior decor choices if you can’t see them? By following some simple lighting decor tips, you can bring out the best in any room of your home.

Top Lighting Decor Tip: Lamp Placement

In most cases, the main source of your indoor lighting is going to be some sort of lamp. The placement of the lamp is crucial for lighting. Consider these main placement areas:

  • Ceiling Lamps/Chandeliers: These are great for overall lighting and visibility in the room.
  • Floor Lamps: These can also provide about as much lighting as a ceiling lamp; they also have the added benefit of mobility.
  • Table Lamps: These lamps are excellent for providing concentrated lighting for tasks like reading, crafting, and hobbying.
  • Wall Lamps: These are great for providing dim lighting in areas where a small amount of light is needed, such as the hallway or the bathroom.

Don’t forget to consider the watt intensity and color spectrum of the bulbs in your home. Some bulbs provide more natural light, while others provide more “sterile” types of lighting. Also, some lamps provide multi-functional uses, and can be used for different purposes.

The Best Lighting Decor Tips to Brighten Up Your Home

Use Mirrors and Windows Strategically

Other sources of light in the home besides lamps are windows and mirrors. Windows let natural light in from the outside, while mirrors can have the effect of reflecting and magnifying any light sources in the house. Pay attention to these two important aspects of the room, and use them to your advantage to control the amount of light you’re working with.

For instance, if you don’t want too much lighting in a room, you may wish to minimize the light coming in through a window using drapes or shutters. Conversely, opening up some blinds can brighten up a room instantly. This might seem like common sense, but many people don’t adjust their window lighting at all. You’d be surprised at the effects!

The Best Lighting Decor Tips to Brighten Up Your Home

Make Use of Lighting Accessories

Lastly, the field of lighting decor has a whole bucket of accessories for you to work with. Once you’ve got your basic lighting theme setup, you can customize your look even further with accessories like:

  • Custom lampshades
  • Colored light bulbs
  • String lights
  • Timed or programmable lights
  • Candles and fireplace lighting

Observe how these accessories and adjustments interact with your furniture and with the other colors in the room. Once you get into this area of decor, chances are you’ll love it and never want to stop! Your guests will be amazed at the dynamic effects that a few small lighting changes can make.

Lighting decor planning is one of the most fun and easiest aspects of interior design. If you need more comprehensive decor and furniture changes in your home, contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental. We have a whole host of furniture rental items and packages, as well as lighting items, to help you create the dream look you’ve always wanted.


Office Furniture Planning for Maximum Productivity

Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

Office Furniture Planning for Maximum Productivity

Having the right office furniture can really boost work productivity in ways you may not have considered. A little office furniture planning can do tons for the comfort and morale of your team, and can boost the professional appearance of your workspace as well. Here are some tips and guidelines when selecting and arranging office furniture:

Office Furniture Planning Top Tip: Consider Ergonomics

A common feature of all office furniture is that you’re likely to use it very frequently and in a repetitive manner. Think about it: you’ll probably be spending a great deal of time in the same chair and workstation for most of the week. Thus, you’ll want to make sure that your chair, desk, and computer are especially set up to support your health.

Consider ergonomics, which is the way that your furniture and items cooperate with your posture and natural body movements in the most physically efficient way. For instance, you should opt for the chair that feels most comfortable over a more decorative piece that only looks nice.

Office Furniture Planning for Maximum Productivity

Utilize the Functionality of Office Equipment

Rolling and swiveling chairs aren’t just fun to sit in; they can actually be very useful when you’re navigating around your desk. Make sure to select office furniture that is functional as well as beautiful. In addition to ergonomics, many office furniture items are made in ways that make office work easier. An example of this are desks and computer stations that have adjustable monitor height capabilities. This allows you to go from sitting to standing or other height levels as you please.

Create an Invigorating Work Atmosphere

Nothing will put a drag on productivity more than a drab, cluttered, or unsightly office. You might not realize it, but having old, worn furniture or unpresentable items in the office can seriously put a damper on the team’s work spirit. Maintaining a bright, cheery office vibe is important for day-to-day operations (not to mention professionalism and presentation when meeting with clients).

You should do your best to keep all furniture in proper upkeep, and to update your style occasionally to keep the place from being too stagnant. Also, choice of color and adequate lighting are very important for productivity.

Office Furniture Planning for Maximum Productivity

Work With Negative Space

The concept of negative space is commonly used in visual arts like drawing and painting. This is where the eye sees the patterns that are created in between the drawn objects and lines. You can also use negative space when arranging office furniture to maximize work productivity.  For instance, having a smaller, more streamlined desk can help you create negative space patterns and make room for larger items such as bookshelves and more seating.

As you become more advanced in working with negative space, your eye will naturally begin to see shapes and patterns in the negative space. For instance, the corners of desks might form a triangle, or you might see a rectangle emerge as negative space. Use this to your advantage to create aesthetically pleasing designs for the office!

Interior design and decoration for offices should be both artistically pleasing as well as efficient in terms of function. If you need additional insights or options for your business, contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental. We have tons of furniture packages and items for rental, and our team loves helping people reach their goals for both home and office.