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Bookshelf Ideas to Smarten Up Your Home

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

Bookshelf Ideas to Smarten Up Your Home

In this age of digital media and ebooks, one would think that printed books would be going out of style. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. People still love holding books in their hands and curling up for a nice read. In addition, people still love collecting books and displaying them proudly in their bookshelves. Lately, bookshelf ideas are abound as home decorators come up with more and more ways to beautify their homes.

Bookshelves and book displays are a quick and easy way to add a touch of intellect to your space. Read on to learn more about some awesome bookshelf ideas!

Full Wall Setup

For those with lots and lots of books, a full wall bookshelf is ideal. This allows you to proudly display a large portion of your collection, and gives you immediate access to your favorite reads. While it may seem like a full wall shelf would take up a lot of space, the eye tends to interpret the shelf as basically a wall rather than an additional object taking up space.

Even better are wall bookshelves that are recessed into the wall — these really don’t take up any space!

Minimal Space Hanging Wall Shelves

Hanging bookshelves are excellent for smaller spaces. Rather than occupying floor space, these shelves hang on the wall, allowing you to use the extra room for other furniture like chairs, sofas, or even a desk.

Hanging wall shelves aren’t just limited to small spaces, though — you can use them in larger areas, like the living room or in the den, to make a spacious area appear even grander.

Bookshelf Ideas to Smarten Up Your Home

Interesting Shapes and Designs

Speaking of hanging wall book shelves, an interesting trend lately is to arrange the hanging shelves in visually fascinating patterns. For instance, rather than just having a straight shelf, you can design a shelf in the pattern of a tree, with each branch forming a shelf level. Circular shapes and shelves in the shapes of letters and words are also creative options.

Glass Door Bookshelves

Books can be very fragile, and require care and protection. If you leave them as they are, over time they will experience damage, such as yellowing pages. One thing you can do to protect your books is to install a glass case bookshelf. This will keep your precious items free from dust, moisture, and other damaging elements.

Many bookshelves come with glass doors at the front; if you already have a bookcase that you love and want to add glass for protection, it’s a pretty easy do-it-yourself project.

Bookshelf Ideas to Smarten Up Your Home

A Few Additional Tips:

  • Get creative with the way you organize your books. Take a more visual approach and organize books by height, color, width, or other aspects.
  • Bookshelves can be used to store and display other items, such as picture frames, model airplanes, awards, and even odd items like plants or wine selections.
  • Facilitate reading by placing your reading corner or area near the bookshelf. Upgrade your reading spot with your favorite cozy chair or sofa, ample reading light, an end table, and maybe a small speaker or two for some ambient reading music.

Don’t let your old books go to waste! They can make really excellent additions to your decor lineup, and can spark up topics for discussion for your guests. If you need more comprehensive furniture and decor ideas, contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental. We have furniture rental selections and packages for all your home needs!


The Most Exciting DIY Front Door Ideas to Try Out

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016

The Most Exciting DIY Front Door Ideas to Try Out

The front door is one of the most important parts of the house, yet it is often overlooked as a factor in home decor. Your front door and porch area are the first thing that your guests and visitors will see, and they set the tone before anyone even enters your home. In order to put your best foot forward, check out these exciting DIY front door projects that you can start on today!

Easy DIY Front Door Project: Paint the Door a Bright Color

Bright, eye-catching front doors are super fashionable right now. They create a very hip, modern, and expressive effect for the house. Popular choices include fire engine red, sun yellow, ochre/orange, or bright blue. Experiment with contrast to emphasize the door even more.

Install a Traditional Door Knocker

A knocker can make your front door landing area look very formal and stately. The most traditional design for a front door knocker is the lion’s head. It creates a sense of security and safety for the home. Other choices include cherub faces, Celtic knots, family surname monograms, and ornate braids. Colors will usually be gold, brass, silver, copper, or matte black.

Note: some knockers can be large and imposing, which is good if you’re looking for that effect. A smaller knocker can create a more inviting feeling.

The Most Exciting DIY Front Door Ideas to Try Out

Customize the Handle to Your Liking

Door handles can also enhance your home’s personality. Looking for a more rustic feel? A black-matte pull handle goes well with neutral wood colors. Looking for a more urban effect? A ruby red or emerald green glass doorknob can add a charming feel. Also, some DIYers like to go by touch and feel — for instance, you might prefer a traditional round knob over one with beveled edges.

Experiment with Classy Address Numbers

A feature of the front door area that many people overlook is the address numbers. Besides being functional, the front door address numbers also provides another opportunity to express your individuality. You can go for a more modern, minimalistic design, or for more fancy, bubbly numbers.

It’s also a great way to incorporate themes. For instance, if you live by the beach, you can create a backdrop for the numbers with anchors, surfboards, a lighthouse, or other beachy items.  

Set Up Some Holiday-Themed Decor

It goes without saying that holiday-themed decor is a must for the front door and porch area. The porch is probably the most decorated area for holidays. Whether it be Halloween pumpkins, fall wreaths, or Christmas themes, decking up the front door lets you get in the spirit. It helps to liven up the neighborhood, and also provides a nice greeting for guests.

The Most Exciting DIY Front Door Ideas to Try Out

Bonus: Change the Porchlight

Sometimes, a change of lighting can have dramatic effects on the appearance of your home, including the front door. For example, moving your current porch light to a different spot can accentuate new aspects of the area. Installing a small spotlight can highlight a wreath. Even changing the wattage or filter color of the bulb can set a different mood for your guests. String lights can do wonders, too.

Nothing says “Welcome” like a newly decorated and upgraded front door area. If you need additional home decor, design, and furniture options, you may want to consider furniture rental. It’s quick, affordable, and allows you to really maximize your creative expression. Contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental for awesome selections for individual rental items as well as package deals.


San Diego Thanksgiving Events and Activities

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

Thanksgiving in San Diego

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite times of the year. It’s a season filled with fun, food, family, and friends. No matter what your plans for dinner, there are many ways to celebrate Thanksgiving in San Diego throughout the week! Going out for some holiday fun is a great way to get active, meet other people, and enjoy the fall weather.  

Here are a handful of activities you can try out with your family and guests here in San Diego County:

Musical Thanksgiving in San Diego: San Diego Jazz Fest

Nov. 23 to 27

There’s nothing more relaxing and yet stimulating than watching a live musical show. This Thanksgiving season, you should make it a point attend the 37th Annual San Diego Jazz Fest. This year’s lineup features big names like the Buck Creek Jazz Band from Washington, D.C. and Yerba Buena Stompers from San Francisco. You can also catch local San Diego talent at the festival, such as the Jazz Jammers from La Mesa and High Society Jazz Band from La Jolla. There will be plenty of traditional jazz, swing, Dixieland jazz, and many other styles to lounge out to.

Jazz Fest will be held at Town & Country Resort and Convention Center in San Diego. Performances will be held in various rooms, including large concert halls and smaller, more intimate “listening rooms”.

San Diego Thanksgiving Events and Activities

Go For a Run

One of the more popular activities to do at this time of the year is to participate in an organized run. It’s the perfect time to do it— the weather isn’t too hot, and it’s also a great way to work up an appetite for Thanksgiving dinner (or to work off some of those calories afterwards!). There are plenty of charity runs and “turkey trots” to choose from here in San Diego, including:

The best part about these runs is that they benefit local charities and good causes. Lace up those sneakers, get out, and show some support!

70th Annual Mother Goose Parade

Sunday, Nov. 20, 2016 (the Sunday before Thanksgiving)

The Mother Goose Parade is one of San Diego’s quirkiest, most charming parades. It will feature international entries, including: band and drill units, various floats, clowns, equestrian displays, and much more. The Parade begins at 1 p.m. near El Cajon Boulevard and Main Street, and proceeds down Main Street all the way up until First Street. Fun for the whole family!

Thanksgiving in San Diego

Thanksgiving Day Buffet at the Safari Park

Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 24

The San Diego Safari Park is hosting a Thanksgiving Day Buffet on Nov. 24. Enjoy a hearty meal in the Park’s Nairobi Village, where you’ll be served traditional Thanksgiving favorites. There are two serving times available to choose from, one at noon and one at 3 p.m. — that way, you can still make it to your evening dinner as well!

This is an excellent day outing if you’ve got relatives in town with small kids (but it’s also great for grown-ups too, of course!). Alternatively, you can catch a breakfast buffet at the Safari Park on Saturday, Nov. 26, where you can enjoy a breakfast meal while watching the beautiful tigers.

We wish you all a very lovely and enjoyable Thanksgiving season this year. If you need an interior design makeover for Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays, furniture rental may be just the thing for you. Contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental for all-new furniture and decor designs and concepts. We have full rental packages as well as individual items to help you with all your home design needs!

4 Rental Furniture Design Trends for Your San Diego Home

Wednesday, November 9th, 2016

4 Rental Furniture Design Trends for Your San Diego Home

It’s always fun to stay informed when it comes to furniture arrangement and design trends. Implementing a fashionable idea is a great way to express your creativity while staying within bounds that people can recognize. People love seeing “your take” on an existing theme, and it creates communication between fellow designers and home decorators.

Here are 4 popular home staging and furniture design trends to keep your eye out for:

Most Popular Design Trend: A Return to Simplicity

At the moment there is a trend to move away from more gaudy, showy furniture design trends to more simplistic, streamlined arrangements. This means sharper lines, more modern colors (like whites, chromes, and silvers), and more open space. The end result is a furniture layout that mimics the minimalistic designs now found in our technology (such as our phones and computers). This also allows the room to “breathe” and creates a sense of ease and relaxation.

4 Rental Furniture Design Trends for Your San Diego Home

Softer Palettes

Along with the move to simpler arrangements, homeowners are opting for softer color palettes as well. These make it “easy on the eye” and help create a less intrusive, more inviting look. Softer palettes work extremely well for rooms where comfort is expected, such as the bedroom or the living room. It also creates a somewhat more neutral base if you’d like to highlight other aspects of the room, such as the windows or a specific piece of art.

For softer colors, check out Signature Furniture Rental’s Camden Chair in Stone or the lovely Travertine Coffee Table. We have a whole array of furniture colors for all your needs.   

Formal Dining Rooms

Formal dining rooms are back! For a while, people forgot about the dining room and just sort of started eating anywhere — at the kitchen counter, outside, etc. There’s nothing wrong with that; however, quality family time can be sacrificed if everyone is split up during mealtime.

Recently, there’s been a conscious movement to have an actual sit-down dinner with the entire family. We suspect that smartphones may actually have something to do with it. People have been hearing “no phones at the table” for a while now; in the process, it’s possible that people started realizing, “Hey wait a minute! We actually don’t even eat at the table!”

As a result, formal dining table setups are back, along with more quality meal-times. At Signature Furniture, we have loads of dining room furniture options for you to choose from to help foster that old-time family environment.

4 Rental Furniture Design Trends for Your San Diego Home

Using Furniture for Multiple Purposes

More and more people are renting items that can be used for multiple purposes. Part of this has to do with the trend of living in smaller spaces; people want to maximize the space that they have, and sometimes this means using furniture in fun, non-traditional ways.

For instance, “sofa tables” don’t need to be used strictly behind a couch. Their unique size makes them perfect in hallways up against a wall, or even in a bathroom. Likewise, end tables can be used for displaying art, propping up a lamp, or storing newspapers.

Basically, the possibilities are endless and the choices are up to you! Creative use of furniture can help you get the most bang for your buck. Are you looking for the perfect solution to your furniture and home decor needs? Give furniture rental a shot — you’ll have plenty of options to choose from at mind-blowing rates. Contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental for more information on exciting rental packages and items for your home!


The Most Exciting Football Decoration Ideas to Try Out

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

The Most Exciting Football Decoration Ideas to Try Out

Fall season is in full swing, and now is the perfect time for football decoration themes. These are ideal for parties, kids’ rooms, man caves, and just overall fun home design themes. Football season runs all through the rest of 2016 and culminates with Super Bowl 51 on Feb. 5, 2017.

Thus, you can make good use of these football decoration ideas for several months! Read on to learn some of the hottest trends for football decor and party themes.

DIY Football Field Table Cover

You can make any table look like a gridiron (football field) with a few simple items. For instance, you can use an old green rug or green felt to simulate an astroturf surface; or, to keep things simple, any green table-top cover will do. Next, you can paint or color in white lines on the table for the yard lines.

If you really want to get fancy, you can paint in team logos and designs in the end zones and in the middle of the field. You can get as detailed and elaborate as you like!

Concession Stand Corner

You can set aside a corner of your serving area for a mini-concession stand. What you can do is create small vendor-type boxes (the kind that the stadium vendors carry around) using cardboard or pallet wood. Then, you can place ready-to-serve brown bags inside, which will be filled with football snack favorites, including:

  • Popcorn
  • Peanuts/mixed nuts
  • Pretzels
  • Gummy bears and other candy

You can also use the vendor boxes to hold small cardboard trays of more substantial appetizers, such as nachos, buffalo wings (always a football party hit), or loaded potato skins.  The Most Exciting Football Decoration Ideas to Try Out

Football Game Day Mason Jars

You can never really go wrong decorating mason jars to fit your needs. For football decor, simply paint them to look like football-related objects. One of our favorites is the referee one. Simply paint a few stripes and add a whistle for effect — voila! Instant referee jar. Other jars include classic football jar, and jars painted with team logos. These are perfect for holding utensils, snacks, lollipops, or give-away treats.

Here’s a cool tip to remember: College footballs have the white stripes on both ends; NFL (pro) game balls don’t have the stripes.

Cheerleader Themes

Cheerleader themes compliment football themes very well, especially for Little League, high school, and college football. To create cheerleader decor, two items usually stand out as immediately recognizable: Pom-poms and megaphones. You can easily make mini pom-poms using twisted twine, shiny ribbons, or other materials. Megaphones can easily be cut out from cardboard or cardstock; if you have actual hand megaphones, you can use them as instant decor as well!

The Most Exciting Football Decoration Ideas to Try Out

Football Equipment Decor

Here’s a list of football equipment that also makes excellent decor backdrop. If you have any of these laying around (or any miniature versions), they make great additions for your setup. Or, you can usually cut these out using stencils and cardboard:

  • Helmets
  • Referee whistles
  • Field goal posts
  • Kicking tees
  • Footballs (of course)
  • Stadiums
  • Cleats
  • Shoulder pads

The rounder items, like helmets and the football, make excellent shapes for baked treats such as cookies, cake pops, and cakes.

There are tons of football decor ideas and projects — these are just a few to get you started. If you need complete interior decoration and furniture ideas, you may want to give furniture rental a try. At Signature Furniture Rental, we offer exciting rental packages, individual items, and accessories to help give your home or office the revamp it needs!