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How to Stage a House: Small Space Staging Tips and Tricks

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

How to Stage a House: Small Space Staging Tips and Tricks

Learning how to stage a house properly can really increase the chances at a rapid, profitable property sale. Home staging is a skill that some people seem to be born with, but everyone can most definitely benefit from staging tips. Home staging requires careful planning, especially if you’re dealing with smaller spaces.

Smaller spaces are not always a drawback; some people enjoy the warm and cozy feeling that they can provide. Thus, staging a small space requires you to work with the room to help draw out its unique features and advantages.

Small Space Home Staging Tip #1: Use Only a Few Colors

Too many colors can make a small space look too “busy” and overcrowded. If you can, try and stick to only a few colors. This will help tie the room together so that the far ends of the room come together with the center of the room. Actually, if you can just use white and one other color, it can really do wonders to clean up the look of the space.

Also, remember that darker colors tend to make the room look smaller, while lighter colors can open up the space more. Clear items (like coffee tables with clear tops) can also create an impression of more space.

How to Stage a House: Small Space Staging Tips and Tricks


Small Space Home Staging Tip #2: Go with a Theme

Along with colors, creating a theme for staging can further simplify and unify the room’s appearance. Rather than having a bunch of scattered items, it creates visual organization if you can work with a theme. Some common themes include nautical themes, holiday/seasonal themes, modern themes, and vintage looks. The key idea is to avoid clutter by having fewer items that share a connection rather than having many random, disjointed pieces. Opt for furniture sets rather than piecemeal collections.

Small Space Home Staging Tip #3: Create a Path and Place Furniture Properly

Again, one of the main advantages of smaller spaces is the feeling of warmth and hospitality they provide. However, all rooms still need some sense of flow, especially when it comes to pathways in between furniture. Be sure guests have a path to navigate in and out of sitting spaces and have access to important areas like the TV or dining table.

If the furniture is “sticking” to each other (i.e., no spaces in between items), it may mean that you have either too much furniture in the space or furniture items that are too large. Opt for slightly fewer items, or go for more modern, streamlined furniture items. Lastly, make sure that furniture is spaced properly.

How to Stage a House: Small Space Staging Tips and Tricks

Small Space Home Staging Tip #4: Don’t Worry Too Much About Cost

If you have some small space staging to do, and you’re on a budget, you shouldn’t really worry too much. As mentioned, small spaces can’t really support many furniture items to begin with, and so you’ll probably need fewer items than normal. Also, there are various methods and techniques you can use that can help you stage spaces while at the same time cutting costs. These include:

So, rather than fixating too much on cost, you’ll want to focus more on innovation and resourcefulness. Think of the limitations on space as an opportunity to test and challenge your creative spirit!

Are you looking for more options to stage and beautify smaller living spaces? Furniture rental options might be the best solution for you. Contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental for complete furniture rental packages, accessories, and more. Renting furniture can help you achieve the look and presentation you’re seeking at a fraction of conventional costs!


Home Staging and Presentation Tips with Pets in Mind

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016

Home Staging and Presentation Tips with Pets in Mind

Prepping your home for a sale is extremely important. Properly clearing and staging the property will help impress potential buyers, and can help move sales along more quickly. Proper staging is especially important if pets have been living at the property. While most people love pets, they can present a few challenges when it comes to home staging.

The good news is, these challenges can be easily remedied through proper planning during the staging process. Read on to learn more about how to stage a home with pets in mind.

Relocate the Pets during the Home Staging and Sales Process

It’s not a bad idea to relocate the pets to another place such as a friend’s house or a kennel during the staging and sales process. Some buyers may be allergic to cats, dogs, and other pets, and don’t want to see pets of any kind on the premises. So, moving them to the backyard probably isn’t going to be enough- you’ll want to ensure that they’re off grounds and well out of sight.

Also- some states have laws that require you to disclose if a pet has been living at your house. Be sure to make all proper disclosures when required.

Home Staging and Presentation Tips with Pets in Mind

Remove any Traces of Pet Activity in the Home

Besides removing your pet from the premises, you also don’t want to leave any indications of pets at the property. Remove and stow away any pet toys, blankets, beds, and baskets. If you can, remove the dog house from the backyard during the sales process. Also try not to have any pictures (like on the fridge, etc.) that include a pet.

This last tip also goes for online listings and posts. Avoid posting any pictures of your home with the pet. For instance, you wouldn’t want to show a picture that includes your cat lying on the living room carpet. While it’s kind of sad for the pet (we all love to show off our pets), it’s simply a smart move to avoid including them in any photos that will be used online or for showing buyers.

Clean, Deodorize, and Disinfect

General cleaning is a must when it comes to home staging. If you have a pet, this becomes even more important.

  • Be sure to sweep, mop, and perform regular cleaning points
  • Vacuum meticulously
  • Use a lint brush or tape to remove any fur from tough-to-reach spots
  • Deodorize the rooms well

When it comes to deodorizing, you’ll need to be extra cautious. Sometimes our noses can get desensitized or accustomed to certain smells that we’re exposed to over and over. So, you might want to come back a day or two later after you’ve deodorized to double check that all odors are completely gone.

Home Staging and Presentation Tips with Pets in Mind

Pay Attention to the Outside, Especially the Backyard

If you have an outdoor pet, it’s crucial that the yards of your home are presentable. Make sure there are no holes in the ground, bare patches of grass, or chewed-up plants. Also, be extra sure to clean and sanitize any pet-related “messes” on the ground. Scratches in the fence or other similar issues need to be repaired. Remove any pet food or other items you may have stored in the back. Lastly, be sure that your backyard is properly staged and decorated in addition to simply being cleaned up.

Remember- it’s not about “hiding” your pet or being ashamed of having one. You simply want to err on the side of caution and put the needs of potential buyers first, in order to maximize your chances at a quick, efficient, and profitable home sale. If you need more extensive home staging and preparation options, consider furniture rental. Contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental for all your home staging, preparation, and decoration needs!

Top Halloween Trends 2016: Popular Decor Themes to Try

Wednesday, October 12th, 2016

Top Halloween Trends 2016: Popular Decor Themes to Try

Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year. You get to dress up, decorate the house, and overall have a blast with lots of candy. Most Halloween decor schemes can be somewhat the same from year to year. To avoid getting stale, check out the different Halloween themes 2016 has to offer. There are plenty of sources of inspiration to draw from that will keep you current and up to date. Try some of these out!

Inflatable Black Cat Lawn Decoration

Inflatable lawn decorations are really popular during Christmas and the winter holidays. You might recall seeing inflatable reindeer, Santas, etc. But they’ve become so popular that they’ve also made their way onto Halloween lawns. In particular, a really popular and trendy piece is the inflatable black cat. These are giant-sized cats that look like they’re ready to pounce on trick-or-treaters.

Some of them are fancy with lights and mechanized movement. While they’re more fun and cartoonish than sinister, be sure you don’t scare off the neighbor’s dogs!

Zombie Mania: ‘Zombify’ Any Costume or Decoration

A continuing trend from the past few years is the zombie costume trend. Zombies have been popular since the 1950s, but they owe a lot of their recent spotlight treatment to the TV show “The Walking Dead.”

One of the best things about the zombie theme is that you can “zombify” any costume or decoration. For instance, you can have a zombie Incredible Hulk or a zombie Captain America theme. Zombie themes work well for yard decor and can replace traditional skeleton decorations. Rather than skeletons, have a zombie hiding behind a bush, emerging from the ground, or sitting on a rocking chair on the porch.

Bonus: We’re pretty sure an election theme will be huge this Halloween as well. Zombie presidential candidates? You betcha!

Top Halloween Trends 2016: Popular Decor Themes to Try

Super Intricate Pumpkin Carving Art

Jack O’ Lanterns will always and forever be the most iconic Halloween decoration. But this year, the trend appears to be super intricate, delicate, highly detailed pumpkin carving art. These can be traditional themes like faces (more like portraits actually), but they can also involve entire mosaics and abstract designs as well.

Part of this trend appears to stem from more specific tools and carving implements, but really the source of pumpkin art is talent and skill. If you’ve got what it takes, try your hand at some carving art. Your neighbors will love it, and you can snag a picture of it for posterity.

Cosplay/Comic-Related Themes

As always, Comic-Con and all things comic and cosplay-related are a year-round thing here in San Diego. As mentioned in a previous post, Comic-Con themes are good not just for costumes, but also for home decor. Kick your interior and exterior Halloween decor up a notch by incorporating your favorite comic theme. Popular themes this year will be Deadpool, Suicide Squad, Avengers, X-Men, Batman, and Superman.

Top Halloween Trends 2016: Popular Decor Themes to Try

By incorporating some of these concepts, your Halloween setup at your house is sure to keep things interesting (and scary!). If you need more extensive decoration and design upgrades inside your home, contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental. We have entire rental packages to choose from as well as individual items, accessories, and more. Save time and resources with furniture rental!


DIY Coffee Table Ideas to Spruce Up Your Space

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

DIY Coffee Table Ideas to Spruce Up Your Space

Coffee tables are the center of the living room, and they create a focal point around which other furniture pieces can be placed. Thus, it’s important to select a coffee table that truly expresses your unique style and individual personality. One way to ensure that your coffee table is not like the others is to spruce one up with a DIY project. Here are some great ideas to try:

Create a New Table Out of Driftwood

The natural wear and imperfections in driftwood can create beautiful asymmetry. This makes for a one-of-a-kind driftwood table that can’t be reproduced or found in a store that mass-produces furniture. Be sure to pick a piece of wood that is still stable and strong enough to function as a coffee table.

Depending on the state of the wood, you can use the piece as a base with a fresh, flat piece of wood on top for the surface. If the wood is flat enough, you can use it as the table top portion and apply stain and lacquer for added presentation.

Glass or Mirror Tabletop

You can transform any plain table into a classy and elegant piece by placing mirror or glass over the top. The mirror has the added benefit of hiding worn or unsightly table tops, and the glass can provide protection for a newer top. This creates a very clean, minimalistic look for your living room. For an even classier look, you can line the edges with gold or silver binding. Be sure to keep the reflective top clean and shiny!

DIY Coffee Table Ideas to Spruce Up Your Space

Bottlecap Mosaic

Use your existing bottlecap collection (or start one) to decorate your coffee table with a bottle cap mosaic pattern. You can make rigid, square shapes, or flowy, wavy patterns à la van Gogh. All you need is bottle caps, and some glue or resin. If you like, you can add a glass top to preserve the design over time. You can also use other materials instead of bottle caps, such as coins or buttons.

Bare, Stripped Down Vintage Look

One technique you can apply to a used coffee table is to strip down the paint. This creates a worn “vintage” look that can make a bland table look like an antique. Score the surface with a steel brush or other implement to add texture. “Imperfections create character” is an oft-spoken quote, and it’s true for furniture as well. Bonus: This technique is cheaper, as you don’t need to add any additional paint or materials!


The technique of advancing wood’s natural corrosion and wear process is very highly sought after in many other circles. For instance, in the guitar world “reliced” guitars (guitars made to look like historical relics) can fetch very high prices.

Upcycled Pallet Coffee Table

As discussed in a previous blog post, pallets make the perfect base for DIY upcycling projects. In particular, it’s very easy to convert a pallet into a coffee table. In some cases, all it takes is a little trimming and some finishing, and you’re good to go.

For added versatility, add some custom legs to fix the height, or add some wheels to make it moveable. In a pinch, wooden wine crates also make good materials for an upcycled look.  

DIY Coffee Table Ideas to Spruce Up Your Space

Coffee tables need to be both aesthetically beautiful as well as functional. These DIY coffee table ideas can help you create your own working coffee table that is as easy to look at as it is to use. If you need more extensive furniture arrangement and decor ideas, you might want to try out furniture rental. Contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental for convenient, affordable rental packages and items to customize your entire home!