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Fall Themes for Decor That Will Wow Your Visitors

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

Fall Themes for Decor That Will Wow Your Visitors

Fall is officially here! It’s that time of year again that so many of us love. Football games, Halloween candy, and Thanksgiving pie — what more could you ask for? As the weather cools off and the leaves change colors, we should also adjust our home decor to reflect on one of the more quiet, contemplative seasons of the year. As you’ll see, all themes are easy to integrate into your decoration or home staging scenes.

You might be familiar with some basic fall themes and decor ideas. Rather than restricting you to specific projects, this week we’ll lay out basic principles and concepts for you to build upon. Have fun with these ideas!

Fall Themes Begin with the Colors

Whether it be a table centerpiece, hallway decor, or a window treatment, the foundation of any fall display is the choice of colors. As can be expected, fall decor themes will basically mimic the changing colors of the falling leaves. You’ll want to use plenty of orange, yellow, and dark red (like bordeaux wine) to signify the autumn seasons.

Other colors also work very well, such brown for a background, or deep purples for accents. Of course, as Halloween approaches, black and orange is a given combination.

Pro-tip: Throwback Padres gear is perfect for fall with the brown, orange, and yellow colors. Hang a banner or shirt for some seamless team spirit decor!

Fall Themes for Decor That Will Wow Your Visitors

Fall is the Time for Harvest and Abundance

The fall months are dominated by two holidays: Halloween and Thanksgiving. However, apart from these themes, the main overarching fall theme for most people is that of harvest and abundance. An easy way to decorate your home is to incorporate items that are typically associated with traditional harvesting activities. These can include:

  • Baskets
  • Wagons
  • Garden tools (like pitchforks or rakes — those related to gathering rather than planting)
  • Garden boots and other clothing items
  • Cornucopias
  • Hay and scarecrows

Use Vegetation to Highlight Your Fall Themes

Along with the theme of abundant harvest, the use of vegetation and plant life can help you to create spectacular fall decorative creations. Again, your choice of items should indicate harvest; also, there are plenty of plant and vegetable items that are associated with fall due to their colors. These can include the following:

  • Pumpkins, squashes, and gourds
  • Persimmons
  • Dried corn (especially with the husk still on)
  • Sunflowers
  • Cranberries and other berries
  • Dried grass, twigs, and branches
  • Apples

For maximum effect, you can combine several different fruits and vegetables to really emphasize the idea of plentifulness.

Fall Themes for Decor That Will Wow Your Visitors

Outdoor Decor is Very Important

Out of all the seasons, fall is one that is more associated with the outdoors than others. Thus, you’ll want to make sure the outside of your home is decorated appropriately. You can line the porch steps with pumpkins and other harvest items. Use outdoor lighting to set the mood on the lawn and in the backyard.

You can take this a step further and “bring the outdoors inside.” Use leaves and other outdoor pieces to decorate the inside home. In fact, if you look closely, that’s what we’ve been doing all along — bringing the harvest inside for the family!

Overall, fall is the time to slow down, reflect, and prepare ourselves for the upcoming winter months. This can be reflected in your decor and staging style if you opt for an easygoing, relaxed, and warm feel.

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Upcycling Continued: Behind the Upcycled Pallet Trend

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

Upcycling Continued: Behind the Upcycled Pallet Trend

Last week we delved into the general topic of upcycling. This is where old items are repaired or repurposed to add value and new life to the object. This week we’ll be looking more deeply into a super-popular upcycling trend: DIY wooden pallet upcycling. Wooden pallets are used for shipping cargo, stacking goods, and various other uses. You’ve probably seen them at Home Depot or Costco and other similar places

Are you wondering how to create your own upcycled pallet decorations? Read on to learn more about this fascinating trend:

Why Did Upcycled Pallets Become Super Popular?

In the past few years, you may have noticed pallets being upcycled into various uses. They’ve become popular for use as home furniture and in hip places like independent cafes, bookstores, and retail stores. Why did this start happening? No one is quite sure who started this trend. However, when you consider what wooden pallets are, it’s no surprise that you see them everywhere.

Here are a few reasons why upcycled pallets probably became popular:

  • You can often find them easily in junk piles or at construction sites (be sure to ask a foreman for permission to remove them)
  • You can typically get them for free
  • The wood is usually clean and in good condition
  • They have an immediately recognizable shape
  • They are easy to reshape and repurpose

Let’s get cracking and see what these pallets can do!

Upcycling Continued: Behind the Upcycled Pallet Trend

DIY Wooden Pallet Ideas

Here are a few DIY upcycled pallet ideas to try out:

  • Hang them on the wall to make a wine shelf or spice rack
  • Hang them on the back of a stage or behind a retail counter
  • Cut them down to size to be used as stools, chairs, end tables, and other furniture
  • Connect pallets together to make longer furniture (these make excellent patio decor)
  • Place wheels on the bottom to make them portable
  • Paint different designs or logo on them
  • Write on them (the layers and rows of word work excellent for sentences)
  • Make a planter out of them
  • Place hooks on them for hanging clothing, mugs, or other items
  • Turn them vertically to fence off small areas

These are just a handful of projects that you can make with wooden pallets. With your imagination and materials, we’re sure you can come up with even more creative variations!


A Few More Upcycled Pallet Tips

One thing: You might not want to dismantle the pallet to the point that you can’t recognize it as a pallet anymore. At that point, it’s just become plain wood, and that would be more recycling (using the materials) rather than upcycling (repurposing the original item). The effect should be, “Wow, that’s a very creative use of that pallet!”. If it’s been reduced to just wood, it no longer becomes a pallet upcycle project. On the other hand, the dimensions of the wood used are fairly recognizable, so use your discretion.

Another tip: if you’ll be using the pallet for functional purposes such as sitting or as a table, be sure to sand down the wood and maybe add a few coats of lacquer. Pallet wood can be raw and unfinished.

Lastly, as mentioned, pallets can often be found in places like dumpsters and construction site wood piles. While these are usually free game for taking, be sure that you have the proper permission to remove items and that you’re not trespassing. On the other hand, once you find a good source for pallets, you might want to stock up before the source runs dry!

Getting into upcycled pallets is just one way that you can spruce up your home or business. If you need more expansive interior design and decoration options, contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental. We have a wide array of home furniture, staging, and office furniture rental packages and items for you to choose from. Furniture rental is another exciting trend that allows for the beautification of spaces at minimal costs and effort. Try it out today!


What Does Upcycling Mean? How to Truly Appreciate Your Belongings

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

What Does Upcycling Mean? How to Truly Appreciate Your Belongings

You may have heard of the terms like “upcycling” and “upcycled furniture.” This is a very hot topic these days, but what does upcycling mean? Basically, upcycling is when you take an old item and improve upon it to make it useable or more beautiful. People have been upcycling for decades, centuries even. However, it’s become very popular recently due to its many benefits and opportunities for creativity.

Here is some basic info and tips to get you started on this awesome trend:

What is Upcycling?

As mentioned, upcycling is the art of transforming an old or discarded item into a more useful and more beautiful one. This is a popular trend these days, and for many good reasons: it helps you to save money on materials, saves the environment, and more importantly, allows you to exercise your creative eye.

There’s something heartwarming about salvaging materials or furniture items that were headed for the trash heap, and then welcoming them back into your home as functioning works of art. Commonly upcycled items include:

  • Pieces of furniture
  • Fabric
  • Glass bottles, jars, and cans
  • Various containers
  • Engine parts (great for creating a steampunk theme)
  • Wooden items

Lastly, upcycling is popular these days because they can often involve vintage items, and vintage is wildly popular in the interior decor and design world at the moment!

Upcycling Versus Recycling

Is upcycling the same thing as recycling? They sound similar, but there’s actually a few key differences between the two. Upcycling is really a matter of increasing the value of an object or appreciating its value despite its old or used state. In most cases, the basic shape/structure of the item is not changed and its parts and materials generally remain intact. In this regard, you can think of upcycling as “repurposing” or “refashioning.”

In contrast, recycling technically refers to processes where raw materials are extracted from the item. This can sometimes involve physical changes to the item, such as melting, or even chemical processes to extract key elements. A common example is where glass bottles are melted down in order to provide fresh glass for new bottles.   

Upcycled Furniture

A popular upcycling trend is to take worn or used furniture and upcycle it. Here, furniture such as a couch can be salvaged in different ways, such as changing the upholstery to make it usable again. Or, the furniture item can be altered to give it a totally new function (such as when a desk is transformed into a shelf). As with any upcycling project, the possibilities for upcycling furniture are endless — there are no rules, and you can pretty much do whatever you want!

What Does Upcycling Mean? How to Truly Appreciate Your Belongings

How to Upcycle: A Few Principles

If you’d like to get started on upcycling, here are a few guidelines and tips:

  • Any container can be made into a container for something else.
  • Paint, paint, paint: Painting can help transform an unpresentable item into a work of art. Be careful though, as paint can mask the true meaning of some items.
  • Consider function: It’s not always about how the item looks, but what it can do. For instance, anything hook-shaped can be a coat hanger, etc.
  • Really observe the item: Sometimes all you need to do is rotate an item or look at it from a different angle and it takes on a whole different meaning and purpose. For instance, a box can turn into a wall cubby if you simply rotate it.
  • Imperfections or even damage can make an item more unique. Try to work with imperfections to bring out yet another aspect from the upcycled piece (this is the main concept of the art of “Kintsugi” fixing broken pottery with gold).

Lastly, one of the best parts of upcycling is identifying objects that can be upcycled. After a few projects, you might begin to develop an “eye” for potential upcycle projects (“hmm, that jug would make a lovely flower jar…”). Be sure to keep a look out for materials and potential projects!

What Does Upcycling Mean? How to Truly Appreciate Your Belongings

Upcycling objects is an awesome hobby, and it’s also a great way to keep your house decor fresh and innovative. If you need extensive interior decoration and design renovations, you should also consider furniture rental as an option. Renting furniture also helps you save time, money, and resources, and is super-convenient as well. Contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental for complete rental packages, accessories, office items, and more!


The Most Recommended Office Equipment and Furniture

Wednesday, September 7th, 2016

The Most Recommended Office Equipment and Furniture

Having the right office equipment and furniture in your space can make all the difference in the world. Your choice of furniture models, equipment color, and even lighting can send subtle messages that either improve or diminish the atmosphere of professionalism in the office. Also, in terms of function, choosing the right furniture can also help with efficiency, work productivity, and overall office mood.

Read on to learn some highly recommended office furniture. These will work well for both  separate office spaces or for home office arrangements.

Ergonomic Chairs

Experts have noted that prolonged sitting is not good for one’s health. It is beneficial to get up and stretch or walk around every once in awhile if you can. And when you do sit, you need to make sure that you’re sitting properly. Be sure to exercise proper posture, taking advantage of back supports and other sitting aids when needed.

Moveable chairs can be good if your workstation is relatively larger or if you need to shift from spot to spot. If your office culture allows it, a yoga ball or exercise stability ball can help you develop core muscles and strength while you work!

End Tables

End tables are very useful in an office environment. They won’t consume large spaces like a full coffee table or dining table would, but they can still provide a very professional look and some functionality. Also, they don’t have to be used at the “end” of something — you can use them in the middle of an office furniture set to create a “mini-arrangement” that looks excellent without taking up too much valuable floor space.

The Most Recommended Office Equipment and Furniture

Smaller Compact Desks

Besides end tables, having a smaller desk for your main workstation is also becoming a popular trend. The reason why? Technology! Computers have long replaced paper files, and computers and monitors themselves have become much smaller and more streamlined. Thus, there’s really no need to have bulky desk when a more minimal piece would work just fine. This will open up some space and avoid any feelings of being cramped in your office.

At Signature Furniture Rental, we have minimal-space office desks that can help you create the look and feel that you’re going for. A tidy, neat space always makes a good impression, and having a smaller desk helps you achieve just that. Also, smaller desks make open-space collaboration much easier!

Small Couch

These are perfect for clients, waiting areas, lobbies, and break rooms. Having a small couch in the office space can create a feeling of hospitality, and it can eliminate the restless feeling created by less comfortable seating options. Small couches are also perfect for a home office environment, as they can make the space more professional, but still welcoming.

The Most Recommended Office Equipment and Furniture

Proper Decor

Did you know that having proper decor and design in your office can really help productivity? If your working environment is too bare and too bland, it can really hamper team spirit and motivation. Aspects like too little/dim lighting, clashing colors, and even clutter can really cause friction for the team’s output.

On the other hand, strategically placed accessories such as table lamps, floor lamps, and plants can really brighten up the place and make for a much lighter work feel. Experiment with different arrangements and setups and see how the overall mood of the office is enhanced.  Make sure your office decor is inspiring, light, and motivating for you and the team.


These are a few tips and tricks you can try out to make sure your office is projecting the right image, while being conducive to a free-flowing work environment. Are you looking to revamp your office or home space? Rental furniture may be the perfect option for you! Contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental to learn more about our office furniture and residential packages. Start crafting your dream look now!