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The Best Indoor Plants for San Diego’s Unique Climate

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

The Best Indoor Plants for San Diego's Unique Climate

San Diego’s climate is a unique mixture of humid coastal conditions to the west and drier Southwest climates the more east you go. As a San Diegan, you can take advantage of this in your home decor simply by your selection of indoor plants. For a more breezy, surfer-life feel, you’ll want to include more broad leaf plants and colored flowers and colors; for a more Southwestern feel, you can go for more succulents and hardy, drought-resistant plants.

Here are some of the best-looking indoor plants that will hold up to the San Diego heat while at the same time providing your home with beauty and life:

Aloe Vera

Aloe (pictured above) is a type of succulent that can range from smaller tabletop sizes to larger pot-bound sizes. They require little care and watering yet can add a surprising depth of color to your home. The leaves are waxy to the touch, but inside the plant holds a surprising treasure: the sap inside has been used for centuries to moisturize the skin and soothe burns (especially sunburns from the San Diego beach life!)


Orchids look good in just about any setting, but they look absolutely gorgeous in San Diego homes. Their natural pastel colors and velvety petals add an almost tropical touch to  your home. A line of orchids can create a breezy, summery feeling all year long, and are perfect if your home has a beach/surf motif to it already. For subtle touches, opt for mini-orchid varieties for table settings and windowsills. Peace lilies are another good indoor flower option.

The Best Indoor Plants for San Diego's Unique Climate


This is another type of succulent like aloe, except that it boasts a very interesting, pinecone-like geometry and shape. Like all succulents, they are easy to care for and will last a super long time. They come in ranges of green shades, but you can also find some stunning specimens in deep purple and blue (hence the term “blue agave”).


This plant was traditionally used for making ropes due to its strong, fibrous leaves. Sansevieria can reach two to four feet in height, and loves indoor temperatures from 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a striking appearance with yellow bands along the sides of the leaves, which grow straight up and down.

Caladium (Elephant Ear)

Caladium or Elephant Ear plants are instantly recognizable by their broad, large, heart-shaped leaves. They typically come in a very dark green hue that adds a nice jungle-like coolness to your home. The wide leaves can grow anywhere from half a foot to two feet across. While most of them are green, they can also be other colors, such as blotched red (like below) or white with green veins.

Caladium plants thrive in warm weather, which makes them perfect San Diego indoor plants. If you’re looking for another leafy green with smaller leaf print, California Ivy is an excellent alternative.

The Best Indoor Plants for San Diego's Unique Climate

These are only a few of the lovely plants that you can use to decorate your San Diego home with little hassle. For even less hassle, artificial plants can also be a viable option, especially for staging purposes or other specific needs. If you need more extensive interior design and decor options, furniture rental might be appropriate for you. Contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental to learn more about the perfect complete rental packages for your beautiful San Diego home!


3 Simple Themes to Boost Your Dining Room Inspiration

Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

3 Simple Themes to Boost Your Dining Room Inspiration

The dining room is the heart of the home. This is where families gather for dinner, family reunions, homework help, and everyday chatting. Undeniably, there’s something special about the dining room — maybe it has to do with mealtimes, fond memories, and special moments.

No matter how you use your dining area, your room decor speaks volumes about you. In many cases, dining room inspiration overflows into other areas of the house, especially open communal areas like the living room and the hallways .

These themes can help foster specific ambiences in your dining room:

Vintage Feel for Classic Dining Room Inspiration

For more old-fashioned, down-to-earth types, a classic look is always in style. This dining room decor emphasizes that the room is a gathering area for mealtimes. Choose furniture and accessories that employ a balanced feel, and avoid major extremes. Create a timeless sense of contentment by using earth tones and lighter woods — this will instill a feeling of ease and comfort, and create a neutral base for elegant flourishes.

For a classic look, try out the Hyde Park collection, available through Signature Furniture Rental.

3 Simple Themes to Boost Your Dining Room Inspiration

Hyde Park Dining Table

Space-Saving Essentials

Sometimes a simpler, more streamlined look can really open up the dining area. Sleeker decor facilitates a more spacious, comfortable vibe that will encourage socializing, mingling, and chatting — all important aspects for quality bonding time!

To accomplish this look, opt for a less-bulky table, smaller place settings and centerpieces, and open space in the walkways to the kitchen. This allows for free flow of traffic and is great for when you have guests. For this look, try the Camden Picadilly Table or the Soho Pub Table, with matching seating options!

Formal Family-Style Design

For important gatherings and events like holidays, reunions, and other milestones, a sturdier dining table conveys an atmosphere of permanence and rootedness. It says, “This is where we always meet,” reminding diners of the long-lasting bonds of friends and family. Darker colored furniture and accessories channel a more formal vibe, just like a darker suit is often required for a formal dinner.

For special occasions and everyday presentability, the Soho Dining Table makes a lovely centerpiece for the dining room. It features a rich espresso-colored frame and an elegant carmel onyx top. The Knightsbridge chair series complements the Soho table beautifully, creating a sturdy look.

3 Simple Themes to Boost Your Dining Room Inspiration

Soho Dining Table and Chairs

These are just a few themes you can use to express your individuality in the dining room, and renting furniture is a quick, hassle-free way to change up the ambiance in no time.

Contact us now at Signature Furniture Rental if you’re looking for a wide selection of furniture that can be rented for personal use or home staging purposes. We have various rental packages and individual items that you can use to furnish your dining room as you please.

The Most Awesome Moving Tips to Make the Process Simple

Wednesday, August 17th, 2016


The Most Awesome Moving Tips to Make the Process Simple

Moving can be both exciting and stressful. It’s exhilarating to think about life in a new place, but there’s so much to be done first. The good news: there are plenty of things you can do to make moving simpler and relatively painless. If you plan ahead you’ll find that the process is much easier, and you’ll be able to get things back to normal (and better!) faster.

Here are some moving tips to help make the process easier:

Lighten Your Load First

The less “stuff” you try to move, the simpler your moving process will be. And if you’re hiring movers, you’ll pay less if you move less stuff. Reduce your amount of stuff before packing up:

  • Recycle items (old magazines, junk mail)
  • Throw trash away (broken furniture)
  • Donate items (old clothes, exercise equipment)
  • Sell items online (furniture you don’t love or don’t use)
  • Have a garage sale for everything else

By the time moving time rolls around, you’ll have less to move, and may have earned some cash, as well!

Get Some Assistance

Moving is a major project, regardless of home or apartment size. Be sure to get help if you need it — hire movers if you can, or if not, ask a buddy or two to give you a hand. Even the smallest bit of assistance helps, not just with lifting, but also for tasks like packing, wrapping, labelling, and cleaning. Plus, having friends around makes the work more fun!

The Most Awesome Moving Tips to Make the Process Simple


Use Labels

If you plan on moving your own items, be sure to come up with a labelling system for your belongings. As you pack your items, use labels and markers to identify what’s in the box, as well as which room the contents of the box came from. This will help you avoid confusion (and misplaced items). If you’ll be hiring movers, they will likely have a labelling code. Take a few moments to learn how they will be marking your boxes.

Take Frequent Breaks

Moving can be a stressful time, both physically and mentally. Make sure you take some time out to rest and recuperate during the moving process. Don’t forget to take care of yourself — continue your normal relaxation and down times, as these will help you stay focused during the move. It’s okay to try to accomplish as much as you can at once, but be sure to pace yourself! This goes for unpacking as well.

The Most Awesome Moving Tips to Make the Process Simple


Pack a Move Kit

As the move date approaches, put together a “move kit” for the day of your move. On this day, you might not be able to readily access your belongings. Create a move kit so you have easy access to the things that you need every day:

  • Clothes
  • Toiletries and other bathroom supplies
  • Electronics: phone, laptops, chargers
  • Any important documents you need for moving
  • Valuable items that you don’t want movers to transport

Rent Furniture

Hands down, the toughest part about moving is transporting furniture. Beds, dressers, couches, and other large items require trucks and multiple people to move. In fact, these items are the main reasons people hire movers in the first place.

One way to avoid moving large items is to rent furniture. Moving time is a great time to discard old furniture like tables, beds, couches, and other old pieces. Then, as you move into your new place, you can sign up to rent new furniture items individually or in packages. This is an awesome way to usher in new beginnings. New home, new furniture!

Are you ready for new beginnings at a new residence? Follow these tips to ensure that your moving process is as simple as possible. Do you need assistance with interior design or furniture options? Contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental — we have all types of furniture items and packages available for rental, which can drastically reduce the amount of moving you have to do. You can choose from a variety of sofas, beds, chairs, and other items; once you feel like a change, get back to us again and swap out for new items to keep things fresh!

How to Easily Follow Interior Design Trends on a Budget

Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

Last week we wrote about the powerful influence our environment has on us. We focused on how updating room design and furniture arrangement can actually be therapeutic and uplifting. But updating your interior design, especially if you’re trying to keep up with ever-evolving trends, can get very expensive. There are a few ways that you can keep up with interior design trends without putting an undue burden on your wallet.


Stick to the “Less is More” Philosophy

Keep it simple. When it comes to interior design, balance is crucial. Rooms that over-use any element (whether it’s color, texture, or shape) are overwhelming and unappealing. Go slowly. Don’t rush the process.

For example, if you’ve fallen in love with a color that is currently trending, don’t go all in. Add it to your room bit by bit. Trends are constantly changing, so don’t rush changes until you’re certain that you’re onto something you truly adore (and want to live with for a while!).

Focus on Organization and Decluttering

Before you start making any major changes or renovations, focus on organizing the space and items you already have. Make sure that you’re maximizing what you have and getting rid of what you don’t need — it makes a bigger difference in your space than you might think.

You may find that you need to update your space less than you initially thought in order to meet new interior design trends. Less clutter makes a huge difference in the look and energy of a room! Plus, if you do decide to make bigger changes, you’ll be better able to assess your space without the clutter.

Pick a Theme and Stick to It

Picking and sticking to a theme will give you focus and force you to exercise restraint. There are usually more than a few concurrent major trends, so don’t feel pressured to go chasing after all of them.

You’ll probably see many items and ideas that appeal to you, but they won’t work all together in the same space. Exercising restraint will also help you keep to a budget. It’s easier to follow the “less is more” philosophy if you stay focused on a single theme, and you definitely want to avoid trading in your old clutter for new clutter.

Assign Furnishings Double Duty

Merge style with practicality and efficiency. One of the major things you can do to optimize your space is focus on buying furniture that includes storage options. This helps with organization and decluttering and will open up the space you’re working with, which is especially important if you have a small space.

Examples of furniture pieces that do double duty include ottomans with built-in storage, mattress-couch hybrids, and bookcases that double as room dividers. If you’re feeling creative, combine older pieces of furniture to create something new, unique, and useful. If you’re looking for ideas on do-it-yourself double-duty furniture, there are plenty of resources online. This post, “More Bang for Your Buck: Double-Duty Furniture Ideas,” is just one example.

Makeover Old and Generic Pieces

Another simple and inexpensive way to upgrade your interior design is to make over old or generic pieces that you already have, creating a one-of-a-kind piece that won’t be found anywhere else. And since you will be the designer and artist, you can be sure that the piece is absolutely perfect for your style, need, and space.

How you style your home conveys a lot about your personality. Making sure it truly reflects your individuality can be exciting and creative, and doesn’t have to put stress on your wallet. Follow these simple guidelines and get creative!

If you need furniture and accessory options, contact us today at Signature Furniture Rental. We have various packages and rental items to suit all your needs. We’ll help you achieve that custom design you’re looking for.

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Why Rearranging Furniture CAN Actually Make You Happier

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

Three people busy rearranging furniture.

Your environment has a huge emotional and psychological impact on you. From the color on the walls to how you use the space (think: furniture arrangement) our environment influences our thoughts, moods, and perceptions. It also has a direct impact on how we work. Surgeons and accountants, for example, work better in low-ceiling rooms (it promotes focus and concentration), according to feng shui expert Ariel Joseph Towne. Creative people generally work better in large, open spaces with lots of natural light.

Our home interior, in particular, has a great deal of influence on us because of the amount of time we spend there and because it is truly our own space. Not only that, other people see our personal spaces as a reflection of who we are. This is why taking the time to design your space, or rearrange furniture, on a regular basis can actually make you feel better.