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Home Sale Photography: Professional vs. DIY

Monday, September 29th, 2014

Real Estate Photographer

With the advent of smartphone cameras and  accessible high-end DSLR cameras, it seems like these days everyone is a photographer. So the question as to whether or not you should hire a photographer to shoot your real estate property or if you should just take the pictures yourself is an absolutely worth exploring. Here are our thoughts on hiring a professional for home sale photography vs. doing it yourself!


How to Stage a “Difficult” Home

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

Staging a Difficult Home

Putting your home on the market is a stressful task. You’ve got spruce it up, arrange your furniture, clean everything until it shines (or at least until it looks nice) and get professional shots taken. If your home is in need of a little TLC, home staging can be even more of a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be. Follow these tips on how to stage a “difficult” home, and it will be sold in no time. (more…)

Decorative Accents in Real Estate Staging Photography

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

Home Staging

The key to taking effective home staging photos for a real estate sale is undoubtedly simplicity. But it’s also just as important not to equate simplicity with boring. You always want your home stage photos to pop and one incredibly effective way to do that is with tasteful decorative accents. Bold, contrasting decorative accents in real estate staging photography can spice up any room and convince buyers to take a closer look at a property. (more…)

Exterior Photography Tips for Home Sellers

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

Exterior Home Photography

 High-quality exterior home shots are key to getting a house to sell. Since most potential buyers first home impressions are from seeing images online, it’s important to take the best shots you can. Follow these exterior photography tips to take crisp, beautiful images that will sell your home in a flash. (more…)

Photographing Kitchens and Bathrooms

Monday, September 15th, 2014

Photographing Kitchens and Bathrooms for Sale

 As always, a great place to start when taking pictures of a room in a home that’s being prepped for sale is to remove as much clutter as possible. Remember that less is always more. Here are our tips for photographing kitchens and bathrooms… (more…)

DIY Home Sale Photography

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

DIY Home Sale Photography

Your house is about to hit the market. And if you’ve decided to photograph your home yourself (we can’t blame you; professional photography is very expensive), you need to be very careful. The right photos can help a home sell in a flash—pun intended. Some not-so stellar ones don’t exactly help. If you’re stumped about where to begin, use this guide to get the best possible shots. Once your home sells, you’ll pat yourself on the back for saving extra dough by going with DIY home sale photography. (more…)

Home Stagers: What to Avoid When Snapping Photos

Monday, September 8th, 2014

Home Photography Donts

Photos are often a homebuyers’ first impression so it’s important to steer clear of anything that could taint a perspective client’s perception of the house. Read on to learn about some great tips on what to avoid when snapping photos!  (more…)

Prepping Your Home to be Photographed

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

Prepping Home to be Photographed

You’re selling your home, and that means you have a to-do list that’s about a mile long. And photography is probably at the very top of your list. After all, most prospective buyers will judge your homes based on the photos before they decide to even tour the place. But regardless of whether you’ll be photographing it yourself or hiring a professional, you should learn the ins and outs of prepping your home to be photographed – before the shutters start clicking. If you’ll stage the house yourself or will hire a pro to do it for you, keep these tips in mind to have clear and beautiful shots that buyers will love. Before you know it, you’ll be hanging a sold sign outdoors and rejoicing. (more…)

Photographing Your Home for Sale

Monday, September 1st, 2014

Home Staging

Photographing a home is one of the most significant steps in preparing for a sale. Here is a quick and easy guide to photographing your home for sale. (more…)