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How To Recycle Holiday Decorations

Saturday, December 28th, 2013

Don’t let the holiday season cause you to send your festive decor to the landfill – end the year in a green way with tips from Signature Furniture Rental!

As we de-holiday our house and transition into January, most of us are left with a mountain of items that we simply don’t know what to do with. It can be overwhelming to throw everything away, with the knowledge of the sentiment with which each thing was given, but we don’t always have the room to store everything from year to year. We know that recycling is a better option for the planet, but there are so many rules for what can be recycled and how that it can turn into just another overwhelming task to put off. Here is a quick guide to how best to reuse, upcycle, or recycle holiday decorations.

How To Recycle Holiday Decorations

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Unfortunately, a mountain of traditional satin wrapping paper, shiny ribbon, tape and gift bags can’t be recycled. The kraft paper, newspaper and recyclable wrapping paper can be recycled, of course, but not everybody uses planet friendly materials when playing Santa. Even if you end up throwing everything into the recycling bin, it’s common to have one contraband item spoil the chances for the rest of the load to be recycled due to the sheer volume of garbage to be sorted through. The best thing to do in this case is to reuse the wrapping paper and ribbon for another gift, or to save it for another DIY project. Pinterest and the blogosphere are great resources for upcycling ideas and instructions for projects like framed art and wreaths.

Christmas trees are another issue. Buying a natural tree, which can be recycled into mulch or compost, is a greener option than purchasing an artificial or flocked tree. When artificial trees have ended their run, they cannot be recycled, and must either be donated or thrown away. However, the each local community has their own rules and methods for recycling natural Christmas trees and wreaths, and often if these strict guidelines aren’t followed, a perfectly compostable holiday plant will end up in the landfill instead.

Some communities have curbside pick-up for their trees, while others have collection stations at local parks or schools. Be sure to look up your city’s post-holiday procedures, because they might be limited time events held on just a few dates (and definitely don’t keep that totally brown tree around till Valentine’s Day…).

When in doubt, check out in order to find out how to recycle your household items, and learn new ideas for reusing your old things.

Last Minute Holiday Decorations That You Can DIY

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

Whether you’re low on cash, time, or just decided to get into the spirit last minute, sometimes the holidays sneak up on you before you’ve had a chance to prepare. With just a few days until Christmas and New Year’s lurking right around the corner, there isn’t much time to deck the halls extravagantly, unless you hire a team of elves to do it overnight.

Here are a few ideas from Signature Furniture Rental for fun, easy and inexpensive do-it-yourself projects to make your home beautiful in no time flat this holiday season.

Last minute holiday decorations to DIY - Signature Furniture Rental

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Signature’s Holiday Hosting Guide for 2013

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

There are plenty of guides telling people how to be a gracious guest over the sometimes-stressful holiday season, but we’ve come up with a guide for being a gracious host! Whether your guests will have their own room, a whole guesthouse or just a couch, there are tons of ways to make them feel special and welcome. Small touches and details go a long way in making a person feel right at home during the holidays!

Holiday Hosting Guide for 2013 | Signature Furniture Rental

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Trendy Holiday Home Decor Ideas

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

Want to turn your house into a winter wonderland, but can’t quite spring for a whole new setup? As trends change from season to season, it can be cost prohibitive to buy brand new decorations year in and year out (not to mention finding space to store all those old decorations). Still, it’s easy to stay on-trend without the commitment with furniture rental. Fortunately, this year the best trendy holiday home decor ideas are easy to DIY and can be incorporate into year-round decorating. Check out Signature Furniture Rental’s top trends for this holiday season – how will you incorporate them into YOUR home?

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