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How Furniture Rental Can Help You Live A Better Life

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Let’s face it – life is full of unexpected events. When these situations occur, they always seem to strike quickly and all at once! Perhaps your home sold faster than expected or you just received notice that your employer is relocating you immediately. Whatever the circumstance, when you find yourself in a sticky spot, furniture rental is a great option to lift the burden of additional stress. Here is a list of occasions in which furniture rental can help you cut the stress and live a better life.

Taylor Morrison Model Home Family Room

Image: Sweetwater Living


How to Maximize Storage Space

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

While browsing the latest copies of House Beautiful, Elle Decor, and Better Homes and Gardens (and soon, the much anticipated return issue of Domino magazine!), one of the most evident themes in all of those is that beautiful living is organized living. Preserving the design aesthetic while allowing for the mess of life, each featured space offers beautiful and intuitive solutions for corralling the items of daily happenings. The challenge arises when there is more stuff than space to store it, but after this first hurdle is overcome, everything else becomes a matter of personal preference and creativity.


What the Real Estate Market Would Be Like if Home Staging Didn’t Exist

Monday, September 9th, 2013

bad real estate listing

A world without home staging. Can you even imagine such a place?

While a world without home staging might not be quite the same as the apocalypse, for home sellers, real estate agents, and home buyers, home staging can be a figurative lifesaver. Home staging is the art (and science!) of arranging the furniture and decorations in a home to be the most appealing to the most people, which usually requires bringing in clean, modern furniture and accessories. Home staging is a key element to capturing the attention of the buyer and acquiring the highest dollar value for you home, so envision for a moment what the real estate market would be like if home staging didn’t exist.

Home owners would have no choice but to display their outdated or run down furniture. In fact, no one would even think to cover the scratch marks on the couch. While the buyer knows that the furniture in place will not be staying with the home, it is virtually impossible for them to imagine the place without the dingy old pieces that are right before their eyes. First impression is everything and when a potential homeowner walks into a room with ancient furniture or a couch that has chewed up edges provided by your favorite pet, it may send them running for the hills. Furniture would not be pleasingly arranged, either; the bare back of a couch would prevent prospective buyers from enjoying an open layout, a rug would not be centered to the furniture in the room, and chairs would be facing away from the fireplace centerpiece.

On the other hand, let’s assume the buyer has already moved out of the home, leaving it empty. Without home staging, empty houses feel lonely and cold – generally not feelings buyers are looking for in a new home. It’s challenging for buyers to envision themselves creating memories in a room where they can hear their voice echo, and those cobwebs in the corners will become all the more noticeable.

We’d love to give buyers enough credit to assume they know outdated furniture isn’t part of the deal when they’re viewing a home, or that they’ll be able to imagine their belongings in an empty house, but unfortunately this just isn’t true. Even if some buyers do have this ability, you’re doing yourself a disservice by not marketing to the greatest number of people. Do you really want to risk a buyer seeing a cat-scratched couch and wondering what other atrocities have occurred in the home? If you’re having a hard time believing that items not staying with a house – furniture, art, fabrics – can influence a buyer’s opinion on a house, ask your real estate agent to take you to some rented homes or for sale by owner properties. Still can’t believe it? Look at these terrible listing photos and try to not think about the condition of the rest of the house.

To be fair, if home staging didn’t exist perhaps buyers and sellers wouldn’t realize what they’re missing and wouldn’t compare homes to model houses in their minds. But the perception of dingy or outdated furniture translating to a house that hasn’t been kept up would still exist, bringing home prices down everywhere. The quality that home staging brings to the table when selling a home has a cost – one that pays for itself often many times over.

Photo from Hooked on Houses Bad MLS Photos.