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Home Staging Tips from the Professionals

Friday, May 31st, 2013

The purchase of a new home (or relocating temporarily) is a stressful situation in and of itself, but add the pressure of selling your old place and the uneasiness of a quick sale can lead to anxiety and unease.

No doubt homeowners have heard time and again that proper home staging is crucial for a solid sale, but this can be a confusing prospect for a busy individual with little or no decorating experience. This leads to home staging getting overlooked or flat out ignored, and houses can sit on the market for longer or sell for less than their potential. While a professional is always going to provide the best results (and usually at a flat fee that pays off big time), there are some homeowners who are so into DIY that hiring out is almost taboo. And these home staging tips from the professionals are for just that kind of person.

The biggest hurdle to getting a well-cared for home sold is very often its status as a “home.” While distancing yourself from your home and looking at it as just a house can be emotional and difficult, it’s just as hard for a potential buyer to enter your “home” and see it as theirs if personal belongings and decor items are visible. All relators and professional home stagers will insist on de-cluttering, removing personal items (including photos and papers on the refrigerator), and minimizing to the extreme. Since the goal is to present a fresher, cleaner look, furniture rental is always highly recommended. You may have a great living room, but if the leather couch has cat scratch marks all over it and the rug has a stain from where the toddler spilled grape juice it’s just not going to be appealing to outsiders.

Properly staged bathroom

Here are some more specific professional home staging tips:

  • Remove personal photos: This is one of the most important strategies when consolidating your home for sale. We know you love your family, but the fact of the matter is that strangers don’t even know your family and don’t want to see photos of the kids everywhere. Furthermore, it makes it hard for the prospective buyer to identify themselves as future owners in a home that is covered with someone else’s photos. Don’t forget the refrigerator! It should be clean and barren. A cluttered refrigerator can make the whole kitchen seem smaller and less clean, especially in smaller spaces.

  • De-clutter: Seriously. This is not just a fancy word for cleaning up! It’s all amount getting down to the bare minimum. Clear off kitchen countertops and bathroom knickknacks, pack up all those shoes and reduce your closet to the bare necessities, pack up toys and get the garage clean as a whistle. When personal objects are spread throughout the house, it becomes a distraction to those that are touring your home. This also goes for any outdoor spaces. Those old pots from last spring’s vegetable garden don’t exactly inspire. Weed lawns, trim back dead leaves and branches and make the outsides – even if just a balcony – inviting.

  • Remove dated and worn out furnishings: Seeing old used furniture may suggest that the home is in the same condition. This can often scream, “buyer beware” even though you’ll be taking those items along with you. Now’s the time to get rid of anything you won’t be taking with you to your new location. Replace necessary items, like couches and tables, with modern rented items – they’ll be in top condition and will make the room seem updated and with the times. If your furnishings are in need of some updating, but you aren’t quite ready to part with them, put them in storage until you move. Furniture rental allows you to choose pieces that will work cohesively with your recent home updates. This way you may selectively choose items that work well together and provide the buyer with the feeling of “new” rather than worn out and lived in.

  • Stay versatile: You might have been using the spare bedroom as a home office, but that doesn’t mean the next family will need that. Rooms that aren’t being frequently used should be kept as basic as possible to give a potential buyer the ability to imagine the space as exactly what they need. Give a spare room a versatile table, a day bed, and minimalist, neutral colored linens and decor.

With Signature Furniture Rental, you can choose from entire room packages or piece by piece. If you just need to swap out that old couch that your favorite pet has been using as a bed, Signature’s got you covered.

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Discover Your Style Through Furniture Rental

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

You’ve finally moved in to your new place, phew! For whatever reason, you’re in a new house or apartment and taking your furniture with you was just not an appealing option. Maybe you’ve been temporarily sent on a work assignment or are serving in the military and received orders to move. Perhaps your home sold and you’ve moved across country, but didn’t want to haul all of that furniture (and we know that’s a huge hassle). While the move may have been breezy without the burden of worry about transporting so many items, walking into an empty place just feels… empty.

Those in this position are faced with a predictable dilemma of how to furnish the new (and potentially temporary) home. You could buy new and sell if the need to move again arises, but this option really limits you. Furniture rental is the more versatile option and it comes with the added bonus of allowing you to explore a different interior design style than the one you left. Starting over from scratch can be a rejuvenating experience, especially when certain commitments are removed.

Furniture rental allows you to try out a new style without committing to the purchase. Imagine buying a new car: wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to affordably rent the car you want for a few weeks or months before making the decision to buy or not? Fortunately, you can do that with furniture and return and replace items as you tire of them or decide they just don’t suit your tastes.\

Mix and match contemporary chairs

Perhaps you always had interest in fabric backed dining chairs, but weren’t sure they would match your décor? Are you debating between a rectangular table versus round? Which would look nicer in your new bedroom, a sleigh bed or slat bed? How many furniture pieces will fit into your new guest room comfortably? Would the chocolate sofa be more fitting than the beige? Instead of taking the plunge and risking buyer’s remorse, experiment with rental pieces. With different time period options, you are able to swap out styles and components until it feels right. Mixing things up a bit will allow you to discover a new style of your own, and hey, if you get bored, just swap that table, chair, or sofa for a different one! This option also affords you the ability to see if that quirky piece you scored at a thrift shop or the one furniture piece you just could not leave behind will go as well with a new decor scheme. Almost no one wants their home looking exactly like a showroom – get creative with furniture rental and see what interior design can really be about.

One last thing: don’t forget about those much needed accessories to carry out the design. Plants, mirrors and paintings can also be rented in addition to a wide variety of furniture options, giving you complete no-commitment customization for your new home. What are you waiting for? Find your new style today!

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Use Furniture Rental to Make Your Military Family Feel at Home

Monday, May 13th, 2013

It’s no secret that when service members receive orders for relocation they may have only a few short weeks (or months, if they’re lucky) to move. To make matters more confusing, because PCS doesn’t always mean permanent you may be relocated multiple times and to very different parts of the country all within the same short span of a few years. While this can understandably wreck havoc on your family life, it’s less well known that family belongings take a hit, too.  All families like to have items of their own, but in military life it can be challenging; constantly packing up and moving takes a toll on every part of the home. While the military will ship items to their future homes, consistently relocating furniture becomes tedious and draining and can wear down furniture rather quickly.

Additionally, while in transit items may become damaged or even lost. This can cause families to go days, weeks or even months without their furniture and be left in a bind. After filing the inconvenience claim and getting covered for those surprise out-of-pocket expenses,  you’re still left in quite the pickle, especially if items arrive damaged. A separate claim must be filed, the moving company inspects the damaged property, and then chooses to approve or deny the claim. Best case scenario is an approval, which still results in a time-consuming repair (or payment, if you’re really lucky), while a denial results in total loss. These situations happen, unfortunately, and the family is the one that suffers.

Many military families face the dilemma of whether to start over in each  new city by selling their used furniture and buying fresh (or even buying used), or dealing with the hassle and expense of shipping pieces the family has grown to love, risks and all. A great alternative to these problems is furniture rental. The dilemma of what to do about furniture is entirely removed and the flexibility to select the right pieces for your home and return all or some at will is a huge weight off the stressed and busy military family. Signature Furniture Rental offers package deals for the whole home or room by room, or you can choose piece by piece if you like for maximum customization. Select from a variety of couches, dining tables, bedroom pieces, and accessories in a variety of colors and sizes. With the many options of furniture rental you are sure to find something to fit into your personal décor.

As a military member, it’s understood that relocation is always a possibility. Furniture rental services offer easy return – including pick up – making your move an easier process and creating a smooth transition for your family. Moving is hard for anyone, but relocating a military family is even harder. Consider furniture rental as an option to make it even just a little bit easier on your family.

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