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Plan Your Vacation with Pinterest!

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Disney World Vacation

Did you know that Pinterest is the third most popular social networking site out there? The site has become so popular we suspect people have imprints on their fingers from clicking the “pin it” button so often.

Part of this popularity may stem from how easy it is to use Pinterest for fun and exciting things, like planning a vacation. When planning a trip, the first step is figuring out where to go. The Earth is covered with land and sights to be marveled at and Pinterest allows the user an attractive way to discover them. Take a look around at what your pinning friends have posted and see if any of their favorites strike your fancy.

Still looking for a destination? Choose from the variety of categories that Pinterest offers from the menu at the top of the page. Some of the following topics that may help to get the vacay planning on its way:

Travel: this category will give you ideas from all over the world. From anything your heart may desire, to the fully unknown. One click on this link and you’re sure to dedicate hours of cyber-traveling bliss.

Architecture: is a great topic for those that have a passion for unique buildings and history. This link will show you amazing sites around the globe and can ignite the urge to visit places you’ve never imagined.

Art: if you have an eye for art or are intrigued to learn more about it, view this category for ideas of where you favorite art/artists are located. Get inspired to visit your newest favorite art works.

Disney World Botanical Garden

Outdoors: allows you to feel out what you want the most. Is it a botanical garden you want to visit or are you more interested in basking on the sandy beaches of an exotic destination?

Sports: utilize this Pinterest category as a way to find new and involved sporting events around the globe.

Once you’ve narrowed down an idea of where you would like to go, create a board for your top location. Create a different board for each city to compare and organize. Additionally, create separate boards for activities and different things to do and visit in those cities. What would you like to do while on your trip? Use Pinterest to put together a variety of fun things to do and start planning out an agenda.

Disney World Lagoon

It’s also helpful to have an idea of what’s to eat locally while on vacation, especially for those with special diets and allergies. Search the restaurants close to where you will be staying and create a board for “eats”. You can link directly to the places you are interested in checking out and include their direct contact info within the pin. Do the same for your lodging options: have some hotels or home stay options pinned.

Be prepared! Pin important and useful information that you will need while on vacation. Include your flight info, local travel info (i.e.-bus lines, etc,), resort information, and maps of the town you will be staying in. This is all especially useful if you are traveling abroad and don’t speak the native language.

The best thing about all of this pre-pinning? If you have the Pinterest app on your phone, you will have immediate access to all necessary information! It’s never been easier to plan your vacation with Pinterest.

Once you have arrived to your destination and are ready for some fun, snap a bunch of pictures and – you guessed it – start pinning! Maybe you can help another Pinterest user to help plan their next vacation.

Learn more about using Pinterest for projects and our top 10 Pinterest boards for home design. Be sure to check out Signature Furniture Rental on Pinterest, too!

Pin It – Using Pinterest for Projects

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Pinterest for furniture rental

Pinterest for projects and other things

We already talked about how Pinterest is an excellent tool for home design and gave you a list of home design Pinterest boards to follow, but if you’re still new at the whole Pinterest thing we’ve got you covered. Once you take the first few steps you’ll see why Pinterest is being called the most addicting social network ever!

Find and save with pins

The fastest way to get started is by going to and creating your own personal account, which can be linked to your Facebook page or Twitter profile for easy logging in and sharing. Once you are logged in, Pinterest will walk you through the process of adding the “pin it” button (or bookmarklet) to your browser tool bar for speedy pinning almost anywhere on the internet. This will allow you to pin an image from almost any webpage to a board that you create on your Pinterest profile.

But wait! What is pinning? Simply put, it’s bookmarking something you’ve come across while surfing the net and quickly want to refer back to in the future. The Pinterest site allows users to create “boards”, which are essentially files that keep pins in categories of their choosing. You can see how it would be useful for anything home related: when you’re browsing photos of beautifully decorated bedrooms and kitchens and see a design that speaks to you, no more trying to remember the exact colors when you finally make it to Home Depot – you have it saved on your Pinterest profile! Just log back in and find that pin.

Bedrooms on Pinterest

Virtual Organization

So, how does it work? Let’s say you are working on a project – redecorating a room, perhaps – and you’re still tossing around ideas with your spouse. You start by searching online for color schemes, wallpapers, or furniture options. Once you come across something you like – for instance a couch – you can click on the pin it button on your tool bar. A box will pop up asking you to choose a board from which you already have or lets you create a new one. Some images will already be optimized for pinning and will have a description ready to go, but you can add or change anything you want. You can also share a board with another user; this allows you and your spouse to collaborate on the couch you want for the living room, for example.

One nifty feature of pinning is the ability to record prices of things. Suppose you are selecting from a variety of couches and want to compare prices… just put the cost of the couch into the description box! Then, when you open your board you will see a list of all the couches that you have pinned and their prices will appear directly on the image.

If you decide that you no longer have interest in one of your pins – for example, you’ve narrowed it down to two couches and don’t have a need for the others anymore – it can easily be deleted. But possibly the most useful feature of Pinterest is that each image is connected to the website you originally found it. While all you will see on your board is photos, with one click you’ll be sent back to the original website where you found that favorite couch. This makes purchasing things easy and fast!

Food recipes on Pinterest

So Pinteresting!

Pinning isn’t just for home design projects; it may be used for shopping, recipes, party and entertaining ideas, children’s activities, or just for sharing photos that you upload yourself. With the recent addition of “secret boards” you can manually select who they want to share files with or keep them all to themselves, which is great for gift ideas or hiding a collection from the world. You can also have a board for travel ideas, books you want to read, your future dog… the list goes on!

With millions of users “pinning” every day, individuals are able to follow other pinners across the world. Upon logging into the site, each person’s homepage has recommended pins catered to their personal selections along with friends to follow.

Businesses of all types have been able to utilize Pinterest as a marketing tool allowing the customer to follow their favorite companies and stay on top of what’s new and available. Pinterest really brings customers and businesses together and companies are recognizing what their customers most want to see, making the online experience more enriching. As an example, Signature Furniture Rental has a board for furniture for rent in San Diego for a variety of uses that users attracted to our other boards might one day need.

And now for our shameless plug, Signature Furniture Rental has a variety of other pin boards that we think you’ll love! We have a board for educators, corporate travelers, DIY furniture junkies, foodies, San Diegans, and (of course) interior decorators and amateur home designers. We have a total of 24 boards and we’re positive you’ll find one you love. Follow Signature Furniture on Pinterest!

Top 10 Pinterest Boards For Home Design

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

Anyone who’s anyone is using Pinterest to organize and save inspiration. Okay, maybe not everyone, but if you’re planning a home design or are simply interested in redoing the laundry room, Pinterest is the place to start. Signature Furiture Rental has several home design and home decor boards which we invite you to visit to see if anything sparks your fancy. We are inspired by other great home design leaders on Pinterest and thought it’s high time we share  these treasure troves with you. If you don’t have a Pinterest account, create one for free, then get pinning! Here are our recommendations for the top 10 Pinterest boards for home design; each of these also have a website or a blog where more inspiring ideas can be found. Just look at their profile page!

Home design Pinterest boards to follow today

Tip: Create a new board for each idea for better organization. Rather than have a generic home design board, have a board for each room or each project. For example, you can have a board for the kitchen, each bedroom, and the garden, and you can have a board for flooring and colors and accessories. The trick is to make it easy to find your pins later, which is why having one giant board with over a hundred images can be frustrating when you begin the actual planning phase.

The Storefront Group

Brown and white kitchen

1. Home Goods: Ideas and inspiration are great, but when you want to pin something you can actually go to a store and buy, Home Goods is your friend. Their boards are for things like organizing, accessories, textiles, accents and more. Click on a pin to be taken to the website; some of the items have prices right on the pins.
2. 2Modern: A collection of both home ideas and things you can buy right from the website. Just click on a pin of an item and add it to your cart – 2 clicks to get the perfect rug, lamp or furniture piece. Plus, the items here are all modern, stunning, and statement-making.
3. Lowes: Yes, Lowes the hardware store has a Pinterest profile! Since many of their products can be found right in their stores it makes it easy to track down that perfect flooring material or organizational kit. Their boards are versatile enough to appeal to any style and budget.

The Budget Friendly Group

Warm quilted bed

4. Apartment Therapy: Great ideas on Pinterest and their website for DIY and penny pinching ideas for home design. Easily organized into different rooms, house tours, different styles, and they’ve even got a board full of tutorials and other DIY how-tos. This is a very useful source for anyone.
5. White House Black Shutters: More DIY friendly home design ideas! There are tons of boards for almost anything you could need for the home here, especially including accessories and decor ideas. You’re sure to find inspiration.
6. Centsational Girl: “Fabulous for less” home design and home improvement all in one place. Especially helpful is the board for her blog posts, which go into more detail on the DIY projects she pins.
7. Ugly Duckling House: Designed by a graduate student (so you know the ideas are thrifty), this collection and its accompanying blog show you that you can get great style all on your own (mostly). There are also boards of products and styles for inspiration.

The Professional Group

Lofted bedroom

8. Organized Interiors: A professional residential interior designer by day and expert pinner by night, this collection is one you won’t want to miss. There are boards for green design, home staging, organization and many more.
9. Danielle Oakley Interiors: This is another professional design collection available to the public. There is a board for everything, including one with photos of room designs she created. Great inspiration!
10. Signature Furniture Rental: We couldn’t help it! We have our very own boards full of ideas for home design (some of which have pins from the other pinners we mentioned), and we think you’ll find plenty of inspiration for your next home project!

We hope you’re left with the itch to start pinning! Pinterest can be used for so many different projects and it’s very convenient to keep your ideas all in one place. One last recommendation before you create your home design boards: before you repin a product image check the website to make sure the link is active and goes to the right place. It can be very frustrating to pin a wonderful product and go back weeks later in preparation to buy it only to learn the website goes somewhere else entirely. A little homework will go a long way in any home design project. Happy pinning!