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Where Modern Minimalism and Personality Clash

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Is it inappropriate to display personal photos in the home?

If you are a fan of Apartment Therapy you might have seen this recent question posed by one of their writers: is it tacky and inappropriate to display personal photos in the home or is that what makes a house a home? Do you know where modern minimalism and personality clash?

Obviously at Signature Furniture Rental we’re fans of simple modernism, classy furniture lines, and a clean and organized minimalism. But we also believe that your home, even your temporary home, should reflect your personality, which is why we offer a variety of stylish home accessories like framed art and potted plants. Many of our traveling clients bring photos of loved ones from back home to make their short term residences feel a little more homey, and we think this is wonderful. But those who use our furniture rental services for home staging know to keep the personal objects, especially family photos, to a minimum.

Many of Apartment Therapy’s readers chimed in to say that your home should be decorated to your liking, since, after all, you are the one living there. Others, however, held the stance that some people take the photo displaying a step too far by covering all the walls in the house with mismatched photos. While both sides have a valid argument, the point remains that you are free to decorate your home as you see fit, whether that means walls that look like a photo album exploded or bare white walls without so much as a piece of framed artwork. That others are trying to dictate how you decorate your house is intriguing and appalling at the same time. No one should ever feel like it’s inappropriate to display personal photos in their own home just like no one should ever feel like it’s inappropriate to stick to extreme minimalist decor.

So what do you think about this? Do you have tons of photos from your wedding, photos of your children, and photos of people you love? Are your walls mostly bare, with maybe a famous print in a frame or stylish clock? Or are your walls somewhere in the middle: a few classy photos of family and friends in the hall or stairwell with minimal artwork in the entertaining rooms? Let us know!

Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy.

Turning Old Objects Into New Furniture

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

Third Generation Furniture. Photo courtesy of Jason Lloyd Fletcher.

One of the latest trends in home design is turning old objects into new furniture pieces. While this trend has been prevalent in the creative DIY community for some time, it’s becoming more common in the manufactured furniture industry. Furniture artists are reclaiming old and discarded objects and turning them into useful and desirable furniture pieces.

Hall table made from parts of a Citroen C4 car. Photo courtesy of Ronen Tinman.

This practice has some obvious benefits. First of all, making old things new again saves them from unnecessarily being tossed into a landfill, taking up our decreasing space. Second, it gives old objects a new life and allows people to see new life in what was considered old and useless. Third, the process is eco-friendly and stylish for the best of both worlds. Finally, the creativity behind this process provides new and unique furniture pieces for quirky and eclectic homeowners.

These furniture pieces are fully functional, but they also double as art. While everyone might not be able to see a broken chair and some old pipes for anything other than trash, most people can at least appreciate trash-turned-artful-furniture. And thanks to unusual and creative furniture, if DIY is not your cup of tea you aren’t forced to furnish your home from pages of Pottery Barn like everyone else, either!

Renewable bamboo pendant. Photo courtesy of Ay illuminate.

Creating new furniture from old objects is a step beyond using renewable materials to create furniture and art. For years now it’s been popular to have elegant and sophisticated furniture items made from sustainable or renewable resources like bamboo to lessen the burden on the planet for our furniture needs, and household items like ladders and Mason jars have been repurposed into containers for some time now.

If you have any other examples of old objects being transformed into new furniture (or even repurposed existing furniture items) let us know in the comments!

Local San Diego Event – Festival of Beer 2012

Friday, September 14th, 2012

We know a lot of you who use Signature for furniture rental are only in San Diego for a short time, especially our traveling nurses, corporate housing guests and military service members. That’s why we want to share our fantastic city with you and help you enjoy every part of San Diego before you leave. And what better epitomizes this city than beer!? The Festival of Beer 2012 is sure to be a can’t-miss event!

San Diego Festival of Beer

This September 21st in Downtown San Diego on Columbia and B Street, the 18th Annual San Diego Festival of Beer will take place with over 60 breweries strutting their best brews. Many local breweries will be in attendance with 2 or 3 of their signature beers on tap and attendees will get 4 oz tasters to try them with. Tickets are $40 and get you a 4 oz tasting glass to roam with, but that’s not the best part. All proceeds go to cancer research through the San Diego Professionals Against Cancer non-profit organization.

Even though your stay in San Diego may be short, you can be sure to enjoy every minute of it by heading outdoors and soaking up our beautiful weather with good beer and good deeds. To learn more, visit the San Diego Festival of Beer website.

Line at Downtown San Diego Beer Festival

Trends in Home Design: White Rooms

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Modern, minimal white room. Photo courtesy of Arch Daily.

There has been a remarkable trend towards clean, white themes in homes lately, especially in San Diego. Bedrooms are characterized by white linens, fluffy white blankets, and white or gray accessories. Kitchens use white marble countertops, white cabinets, and white tiles while bathrooms are all white with small pops of darkly contrasting black trim or grout. Even living rooms are using lighter stained wood floors and white curtains.

Clean, white bathroom. Photo courtesy of Erin Martin Design.

This is an example of how minimalism is sweeping trends in home design. Homes were once considered complete with knick-knacks and collectibles strewn about, but now homes are relaxing and enjoyable with far fewer personal objects and a cohesive color plan. White, light gray and pale brown are neutral, non-distracting colors that don’t draw attention to themselves. Styling a whole room in these colors can create a serene home, one that feels uncluttered and peaceful.

Color pops in a white kitchen. Photo courtesy of Carol Goldberg.

Of course, no house is a home without personal objects, and a white background gives these items the spotlight. The type of modern minimalism embraced by a room styled in all-white means that personal objects should also have a purpose. Rather than displaying every single thing you’ve ever bought or been given, pare down your collection and only display those that have a function, even if that function is simple beauty. Your quirky tangerine throw will seem sophisticated against a neutral backdrop and your turquoise bar stools will give your clean white San Diego kitchen a chic, beachy feel.

White kitchen. Photo courtesy of Erin Martin Design.

The all-white look is particularly suited for Southern California, and San Diego especially. With such a gorgeous environment all around our homes, we don’t need our interior design to compete with our natural landscape. Keeping a clean, neutral theme in our homes allows us to draw attention to the objects and accessories we cherish, like a dark-stained butcher block countertop in an all-white kitchen or a bright red area rug in a neutral living room. This gives our rooms character without being overwhelming.

Whether you’re in a house, an apartment or a temporary home, experiment with this all-white style. Switch out your bedsheets for calming white or paint your cabinets white and let something else take center stage in your home.