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Furniture Blog Roundup – July

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

July has been a great month so far for having fun decorating your home. With the Fourth of July past however, it’s time to think about how you will decorate your space for the summer and that can mean a lot of work.

We’ve done the research for you at least though by rounding up our favorite blog posts of the month on decorating tips for the home this summer. Check out some of these great tips and trends and get inspired in July’s furniture blog roundup:

Accent Pillows for Decorating Your Home

Pillows Everywhere!
Our friends over at S Interior Design Blog have a slight obsession with pillows and we do too. They suggest using accent pillows to update your rooms without having to start over from scratch. From traditional looks to modern vibes, they have some great ideas like sticking to a pattern between pillows in one room to tie everything together. Check out the full post here.

Bust Out The Bright Colors
Summer means bright skies and long days so it only makes sense to bring that light indoors. There was a great post over at Homeslice this month mentioning how bright colors can be fun and bring cheerfulness to any home. Start with items like paintings to spruce up a room or bring in color to an otherwise drab room. Flowers and bright book covers can also serve to fill a room with new and exciting colors.

Suitcases as a Table

Using Furniture For Other Purposes
Strictly Simple Style, a budget conscious design blog, had some good tips this summer for saving money on furniture when you’re just starting out. Of course you know we think renting furniture is a great way to start saving when you move or relocate, but when there’s still room to fill try re-purposing extra pieces of furniture like chairs or baskets. Karen writes about how to use wicker baskets  and suitcases as tables instead and we love all her ideas in this post!

Check back here each week for more design inspired posts but look for our next furniture blog roundup next month as well!

Images: S Interior Design Blog, Strictly Simple Style

Save Money This Summer With DIY Patio Furniture

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

Summer means it’s time to enjoy the outdoors, even when you’re at home. Patio furniture is a great addition to any place that has the space and it lets you soak up the sun without having to leave the house. The only problem is it can get expensive, so why not save money this summer with DIY patio furniture? We found this great do-it-yourself patio furniture idea on Lifehacker today involving crates and  just a little labor.

DIY Patio Furniture is Great for Summer

The idea is simple. Stack crates on top of each other until you get your desired sitting height off the ground and fasten them together. Then add plywood or any pliable wood to the base for looks and paint. After the structure is dry and completed, buy large blocks of foam from any craft store and cut them to the appropriate shape to fit the crates. Wrap them in a fabric of your choice and sew together to complete your own cushions. Then add a touch of pillows and voila! You’ve made a patio set that could easily cost hundreds of dollars.

Some important items and tips to note here are:

  • Be sure to use crates that haven’t been treated with chemicals
  • Sand down the crates before connecting them to get rid of any sharp corners or splinters
  • Seal all edges of the crates with plywood to keep bugs and insects out

We love this idea because it looks great, doesn’t cost much and gets you outdoors! Here in San Diego, we love enjoying the sun or escaping to the beaches but we know it’s important to come home to something you can relax on. That’s why we offer great rental furniture throughout Southern California that’s not only comfortable but also affordable. If you’re looking to fill your new rental home or apartment quick, check out some of our residential furniture options or feel free to take the time to build your own!