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Top 5 San Diego Restaurants with Great Decor

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

San Diego may be a mecca for craft beer but this town also has plenty of options when it comes to great food. From authentic Mexican food in Old Town to tasty Italian in Little Italy, San Diego seems to have a great mix of cuisine but what about decor? Dining is more than just food after all; it’s a combination of atmosphere, food, drinks and your dining party. We personally love when a restaurant has great furniture, lighting and decor because it can create a warm environment to escape to after a long day.

So we’re listing our Top 5 San Diego restaurants with great decor that invite you to enjoy a meal while taking in the surrounding beauty.

5. The Red Door

Casual and inviting, this restaurant and wine bar in Mission Hills is named for its signature red door at the front. Inside is a cottage themed setting with white or wicker chairs and decorative tables. We love Red Door for its cozy atmosphere but their dinner menu is another reason to visit. From their Duck Confit Shepherd’s Pie to the Scallop Risotto with white truffles and self grown vegetables, Red Door starts our list off in comfortable fashion.

4. Bankers Hill

Built on a slope in Banker’s Hill (where else?), the owners of MARKET in Del Mar and other successful ventures opened this creative bar and restaurant in 2010. Featuring a live succulent mosaic, windows floor to ceiling and a dark interior with lots of wood architecture, Bankers Hill is a great spot for date night that intrigues and soothes. There’s something about this place that’s vibrant but also calm enough for a romantic evening. Patrons will find close seating with great food like their BH Burger and Heirloom Tomato Salad.

3. Cucina Urbana

Number 3 on our list is pretty much next door to Bankers Hill in the same named neighborhood. Cucina Urbana, a beautiful and airy restaurant with a wood-fired oven as the centerpiece, is a special place to relax and have some wine while admiring the chandeliers and giant mural. Cucina Urbana’s sister location Cucina Enoteca in Irvine actually sells their furniture online so you can eat while you shop. We love the San Diego location next to Balboa Park and you can find us admiring the art over a slice of Margherita.

2. Searsucker

Searsucker Restaurant Decor

In a large open room in the middle of Downtown San Diego, Searsucker is chef Brian Malarkey’s trendy restaurant complete with sofas and rugs making it look like a furniture showroom that serves cocktails. Art hangs from every wall, abstract lighting hangs from the ceiling and brick walls house this new establishment. It’s fun to see and even more fun to eat here.

1. Vin De Syrah

Vin De Syrah Bar

Okay so maybe this isn’t a restaurant per say but it is a wine parlor that offers charcuterie boards and small bites. The point is Vin De Syrah in Downtown is an amazing spectacle decor-wise with its Alice in Wonderland themed interior. You can enjoy a glass of pinot noir in a chair twice your size or sit beside an ivy wall with umbrellas hanging from the ceiling. Even getting in the place is fun with a garden wall hiding the handle and a camera showing everyone trying to get through. Visit Syrah during the week however since this place can get crowded on the weekends.

Patio Furniture Tips For Your Memorial Day BBQ

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Memorial Day is this coming Monday and that means it’s time to grill! The weather will be nice (at least for us in San Diego) and there’s no better time to enjoy the outdoors than on a day of the week you would normally be working. So dust off your patio furniture and barbecue because it’s time to cover the essentials to a successful Memorial Day BBQ.

Beach Patio Furniture for Memorial Day 2012

Every outdoor party starts with drinks, whether they’re alcoholic or not, and this means party goers need a place to set their drink down. Try using a large patio table to hold all of your food and utensils but make room for the ice and cups too so that people can walk up to a centerpiece that will spark conversation. After they sit down, you’ll want end tables for their drinks (with coasters if you move inside furniture outside). If you don’t feel like moving furniture around, try putting large pieces such as stone or crates at the ends of your seating for a fun way to tie a patio together.

Another essential to a patio party is seating. Are you going to put everyone in plastic chairs or are you going to have patio sofas? Whatever your setup, make sure attendees are comfortable and sitting facing each other. We like to place something in the middle of chairs like a fireplace for when it gets cold at night. This is a great way to get people to talk to each other and invite others to the conversation. Pro-Tip: A fire can distract people from wondering why it’s taking so long to cook those burgers!

Grill Burgers for a Memorial Day BBQ

After everyone is comfortable and has a drink in their hand, it’s time to eat and you’ll want to make sure everyone has a place to set their plate down! Big tables or crates in the middle (if you don’t have a fire there!) are great for encouraging people to eat around each other instead of standing around holding their paper plate with one hand and a burger in the other. We’ve seen plenty of different items act as a table outside so feel free to get creative.

Whatever your situation this Memorial Day weekend just be sure not to burn those burgers. Nobody likes hockey pucks!

Treat Your Furniture Like Art – How To Incorporate Key Design Tips

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Artists know how to use space, focal points and other design characteristics to create a piece that draws the eye to where they want it to go. Great art often leads the viewer while creating a balance to the overall work. Home stagers, interior designers and skilled home owners can achieve this too with furniture as the canvas used to paint their next masterpiece in a new or redesigned home. Learn how to incorporate key design tips to get a look you’ll love.

Use Furniture As Art to Decorate Your Home

Source: The Furnishing World


Taking a clue from professional home stagers, our first tip is to use lighting around the home to showcase focal points and create a beautiful environment. The Las Vegas Review Journal recently posted a great article on how to think of lighting as art for your home. In the post, interior designer Laurie Smith recommends finding a furniture piece you love and building a room around it using creative lighting. This concept is interesting since lighting often falls to the end of decorating your home but using it in the beginning stages of design can transform the home.


Another great tip taken from art is to use the concept of balance around the home. For example, a common trick designers use is to place knickknacks around the room is units of 1, 3 or 5. This is more pleasing to the eye and can be spread out over a single piece of furniture. If you’re renting furniture from us and have one of our Camden or Hyde Park packages, try placing items on the dresser or coffee table to tie in balance.

What great tips do you have for treating furniture like art? We’d love to hear some of your favorite ideas in the comments!