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March Madness 2012 Home Party!

Friday, March 9th, 2012

With 68 teams competing, this single elimination tournament will determine the Men’s National Champion of NCAA Division College Basketball. Starting on March 11, 2012 with “Selection Sunday” the tournament is held for three weeks and will finish up with the National Championship game on April 2, 2012. March Madness 2012 is one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year, and according to Nielsen Ratings, an audience measurement system that began ratings systems for televisions in 1950, the NCAA college basketball tournament may be the highest in two decades.
Just last year, ratings increased more than 24% from 2010, which is the highest since 1991, and with the ‘show every game’ format it appears more people continue to watch, or are watching for the first time.

So, how do you celebrate and take part of March Madness 2012? Have a March Madness 2012 Home Party. Heck, have two or more. With three weeks of tournament play you’ll surely find many opportunities to share good times with friends and family.

A March Madness 2012 viewing party is easy and fun.

Here are some great tips to making your guests feel great.

  1. Decorate based on your guests’ favorite team. If everyone you invite is cheering for the same team, then get the team colors, banners, pennants, posters and flags. Encourage everyone to show spirit and dress in their team colors. If the crowd is mixed, then decorate in a more general way by using basketball images and themes so that there’s no home court advantage. After all, even if you want one team to win you don’t want friends to feel unwelcome in your home, right?
  2. Make sure you can view the game easily with great seating. If you don’t feel you have the right seating you can always rent furniture for the day or even for the full three weeks. Especially if you’re having more than one March Madness 2012 party. Of course, the most obvious part of the get together is that your television needs to be in working condition. If you need to purchase an NCAA College Basketball Tournament package, then do so before hand. Not the day of the game.
  3. Your guests are going to be hungry, as there’s nothing like sports to build up an appetite. The food you serve has got to be small and plentiful, and on good tough plastic or sturdy paper dishes. Food such as small slider beef and turkey burgers, chicken wings, nachos and dip, and pizza is always a great choice.
  4. In most cases, there will be alcohol served, but be a responsible host and have other options for guests who either don’t drink or who are being designated drivers and offer soda, juices, and lemonade. Most non-drinkers and designated drivers are responsible enough to bring their own non-alcoholic beverages, but be a perfect host anyway.

Here is the NCAA March Madness 2012 Tournament Schedule:

Selection Sunday………………. March 11
National Bracket Day………… March 12
First Four………………………….. March 13-14
Second Round……………………. March 15-16
Third Round……………………… March 17-18
Sweet 16 ……………………………..March 22-23
Elite 8 …………………………………March 24-25
Final Four …………………………..March 31
National Championship…….. April 2

Hot Furniture Trends of 2012

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

As March thunders into the year 2012, many areas of the country, and the world are seeing their first winter snow storm, while other areas like San Diego, LA, Riverside and other Southern California locations continue to have some of the best weather conditions. One of the many reasons living in Southern California is fantastic is that a lot of furniture can be used both inside and outside, well to a degree. You’ll still need shading as you don’t want your furniture to become sun-bleached.

But, what are some of the Hot Furniture Trends of 2012? Well, sectionals for one. Sectionals have changed and can be designed as small furniture to fit some of the toughest spaces in city apartments. They are durable and fashion forward with both leather and fabric coverings. It’s amazing that what was once a behemoth piece of furniture has now become one of the hot furniture trends for 2012. To add to the trend, accent apartment furniture is making a huge splash as well. Accent apartment furniture that is stand-alone, adds extra storage space, and also has flexibility allowing it to be placed in different rooms. These accent pieces can add wonderful character to your home.

Many of us have been holding back on making major decisions, and now that the economy is moving in a positive direction, we are able to feed our need to redecorate, or even begin a makeover. From accent chairs and ottomans to small tables, shelves, and drawer chests the overall design can range from exotic to antique.

Making a huge furniture purchase can still be a daunting task though, and although many of us are in a better financial situation, we still could be a bit battle worn. Our suggestion is to take this chance to rent your living room furniture, apartment furniture, or even dorm furniture. The purpose is to see if you like the designs. There’s nothing worse than ordering that couch and then finding out it doesn’t fit, or it just looks better in the showroom then in your home. In addition, if you don’t like the rental furniture, you can return it, and try something new. Our free delivery will help you save money!


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