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Furnish Your New Pad The Quick and Affordable Way After Moving Out of the Dorms

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Living the college lifestyle can be fun and exciting; but it can also be rough and unglamourous sometimes. Something the college counselors and recruiters don’t tell you about is the thousands of dollars you’ll be in debt by the time you graduate and how often you’ll be eating Spaghetti-O’s and ramen noodles just to save some money. Well, believe it or not, it’s possible to furnish your new pad the quick and affordable way when you use Signature Furniture Rental!

But it’s OK, you’re making an investment in your future, right? Until you graduate and land the job of your dreams, you’re probably going to be nickle and diming it just to get by. So, now that you are moving out of the dorms and into a place of your own, have you given any thought as to how you will furnish your apartment?

Furniture rental is the perfect solution for college students in need of affordable furniture. It offers a fast solution with exceptional delivery services and is more affordable than trying to buy furniture with hefty interest rates and credit checks. You will even have the option to change out your furniture pieces as you choose. Whether you are going to be living alone or with roommates, furniture rental offers flexibility and affordability that you all will be able to agree on. And with furniture rental there is no obligation to purchase so there is no stress or huge debt looming over your head – your school loans are all the debt you need to worry about right now!

Focus on your studies, rather than your bills, this semester and make the easy choice – furniture rental San Diego!

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Furniture Solutions You Both Can Agree On

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

So, you two have finally decided to take your relationship to the next step and move in together, huh? Congratulations! Now comes the fun part – deciding whose furniture gets to stay and whose has to go. It is possible to find furniture solutions you can both agree on.

Starting fresh is always the best option for new couples moving in together. She probably hates the idea of your old brown recliner next to her white, flowery-patterned sofa. And you know better than to tell her how you really feel about that bedroom set of hers – so start out new! Selling all the old furniture the two of you have acquired over the years will make you a pretty penny – maybe even enough to buy that ring she’s been dreaming of? (No pressure, of course!)

leather brown recliner
Furniture rental San Diego is a great option for couples who are just getting used to the idea of living together and aren’t sure of how their tastes will mix and match when decorating the new love nest. Because furniture rental is temporary, rather than permanent, the two of you can change your mind and your decor as often as you like. It is a much more affordable option than purchasing brand new furniture as well. Once you find that harmonious compromise between both of your tastes, you will be home, sweet, home!
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Furniture Options For Your Business Made Easy – No Matter The Size Of Your Company

Monday, September 12th, 2011

Whether you are a small business owner looking to furnish your office space or your company is rapidly expanding and you are in need of more office furniture fast, rental furniture is a great option. Don’t make a risky investment in pricey office furniture when you’re not even sure how long your office will be in its current location. We can make furniture options for your business made easy. How?

luxury office furniture

Renting furniture, rather than buying, is great for business owners who are in short term office leases or who are in the beginning stages of their business. Renting gives you the flexibility you need with no binding contracts or expensive interest rates to pay. When you don’t know how quickly your company is going to expand and whether or not you will outgrow your current space in a few months, purchasing office furniture just isn’t the best option.

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Companies with a high growth rate may need to expand to a larger space, making rental furniture optimal versus buying the wrong amount or the wrong size furniture to fit in the new office. Renting furniture for your company has several perks such as no large, up-front fees and you and can wait to purchase the perfect office furniture once your company is established and stable.

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Don’t go to a huge furniture warehouse to purchase the first thing the salesperson recommends to you. Instead, try furniture rental in San Diego and choose from a variety of conference room tables and chairs, desks, workstations, and accessories to fit your company’s specific needs.

How to Inexpensively Furnish Your New Home

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

So you are finally getting a place of your own and moving out of Mom and Dad’s house? Congratulations! We have furniture solutions for all situations and budgets. Here are some tips on how to inexpensively furnish your new home:

First off, we really hope you’re going to leave behind that race car bed you have been sleeping in with your feet hanging off the end since your were five years old, right? Yes, we HIGHLY recommend it. But how will you ever afford to buy yourself a brand-new, “big kid” bed, you ask? Furniture rental, of course!

Whether you are moving out to go to school, or because you got a job in another city, we’re guessing you probably don’t have a stockpile of furniture ready to fill your new house. Furniture rental is the perfect option for college students and young people alike.

Don’t resort to furniture made out of cardboard boxes!

Rental furniture is more affordable with no huge upfront costs, as opposed to buying brand new furniture with outrageous interest rates. And since you have never lived on your own before, do you even know what style of furniture you like? It would be a shame to rush out and buy the first thing you saw only to decide you didn’t like it. Instead, take your time and rent a few options to see what styles suit you. You can rent furniture to fit your lifestyle; whether it be in a studious dorm or a swanky bachelor/bachelorette pad, furniture rental simply gives you more options.

dorm room design
And, not to be pessimistic, but what if for some unforeseen reason it doesn’t work out and you end up moving back home? Or more ideally, into a new house with friends who already have a sweet couch? With rental furniture, you are under no obligation to keep your furniture – that’s the beauty of renting it!

Furniture rental in San Diego is available for people in all walks of life with all kinds of budgets; just choose what works best for you!

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