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A couple of things that set us aside from other Furniture Rental Companies:
We specialize in working with Corporate Housing companies, and we have a lengthy track record of demonstrated consistency.  To us consistency is not just the shade of the furniture, but response time, flexibility, straight forward pricing.  We strive to work with YOU and your client’s needs or time frame, rather than on ours.  We love to say “Yes!”
Our delivery service is second to none, with the opportunity for you to see in real-time the status of your unit.  We take pictures while in the unit before and after delivery and set up for you to see EXACTLY what your client will see when they arrive for their stay.  This added benefit not only impresses your guests, but is a time/cost saving advantage for you.  You don’t need to send out someone to walk the unit, and inspect, because with our eye for beauty and detail, we take care of it for you.
Your units walls will be dressed with beautiful artwork, art that is modern, unique, exceptionally matted, and with top of the line quality frames.  This is just one of the added touches that Signature Furniture adds for your clients.  Not only making their stay a comfortable one, but a truly unique housing experience.
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